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This plugin is made to spice up your pages with cards from Magic The Gathering.
When you talk about a card in a blogpost it is always nice to display it, now you can easily do that without having to find pictures and create links etc, just type the name in one of the available tags!

It is originally created for thepaupercube.com


[scryimg]cardname:set[/scryimg] results in a picture of the card (set is not required)
[scrylink]cardname:set[/scrylink] results in a link to the card on scryfall with an image of the card on hover
[p1p1cube column=”2″]http://example.com/mycube.csv[/p1p1cube] will generate 15 cards from the X (where X in this example is 2) column of a csv file (Column B in a google spreadsheet f.ex). In order for this to work, the link between the tags need to be a direct link to a published CSV file.
[p1p1deck]gishath:ghost quarter:grunn, the lonely king:serra angel:cancel[/p1p1deck] – Make a list of cardimages by typing in the names of cards separated by :
[mtgimg backside=”https://url-to-an-image.com/image.png”]https://url-to-an-image.com/image.png[/mtgimg] – requires an image url between the tags. Can take a second image and use as the backside on f.ex a flipcards.
[mtglink url=”https://url-to.link” name=”Displayed name”]https://url-to-an-image.com/image.png[/mtglink] – requires an image url between the tags, a name as parameter and a url as parameter. Can take a second image and use as the backside on f.ex flipcards.

Additional Info

  • This plugin is using the Scryfall API (http://www.scryfall.com) for card data and images. Data is not modified and can be found and viewed in full on Scryfall.com. Scryfall TOS: https://scryfall.com/docs/terms


  • Thanks to Adam at thepaupercube.com for using, testing and providing feedback


  • Displayed cards
  • Hovering with the cursor over one card will zoom it


Just download and activate the plugin and start using the tags in your pages. No additional configuration or setup needed.

Contributors & Developers

“Utilities for MTG” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Fixed display of double faced cards, they are now displayed as a single image and when clicked it will show the backside of the card.
  • Fixed a bug where the name matcher was too forgiving and let everything with similair names through.


  • Added caching if cardnames end with a set tag so if there are more than 1 card from a certain set on a page, the page should load faster since the set is cached and it can take cards from the cache instead.


  • Fixed loading times of p1p1cube.
  • Added new tag [p1p1deck] – Make a list of predefined card images by typing names of cards between the tags, separated by colon (:).


  • Changed name of tag scrycardpack to p1p1cube.


  • Fixed a way to target certain printings by adding “:set” after the cardname in the link and image tags.
  • Added two new tags [mtgimg] and [mtglink], these look the same as the scryfall tags to users but can take parameters to create links and images from any pictures or urls.


  • Changed the tagname of [scrypauperpack] to [scrycardpack]
  • [scrycardpack] takes inputs such as column and url like: [scrycardpack column=”2″]http://example.com/mycube.csv[/scrycardpack] It needs a CSV file publicly available on the internet for it to work and the link needs to be a direct link.


  • Added “Example Pack” functionality for thepaupercube.com by using [scrypauperpack]. This picks out 15 random cards from the pauper cube list. The list of cards are located in the cardlist.txt file (Copy pasted NAME column from ‘https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12iQhC4bHqFW7hEWxPBjyC8yBDehFZ0_4DkqzyA8EL3o’).


  • Added support for double sided cards.
  • Changed so cardzoom is on top of text.
  • Fixed a bug where an apostrophe (‘) would break the search.


  • Changed name of css class in order to avoid overrides.
  • Hover image on link is now under the link.
  • The link tag doesn’t break