This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

UnPointZero Slider


UnPointZero slider is a plugin that display a slideshow for your news or pages !

It’s fully customizable with CSS and scale automatically images to the right size.
Different sliding effects available.

You can set a basic slider with arrows navigation, number navigation, or advanced with thumbnails (see screenshots).

Please if you promote the slider, link to this page instead of the WordPress plugin page.

More information @
If you need help to install / setup, contact-us @

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Coming features : Responsive slider – Parallax slider

Some websites using UnPointZero slider



  • Classic style without thumbnails.
  • Navigation with numbers
  • Slider preview ( you can manage all the elements easily by editing the css file and some options on administration page.


I’ve lost my option when upgrading to 3.4
  • Please just go to slider options last tab “Update to 3.4” and click the upgrade button.
Can I use my own CSS file ?
  • Yes, just add your rules on a file named “upzslider-style.css” on your theme directory.
The slider does not appear when I include it with do_shortcode WordPress function on my template.
  • Please make sure you’ve add usingphp=true on your shortcode like this : [upzslider usingphp=true]
The slider does not display correct image size.
  • Before sending us a bug report about thumbnails sizes PLEASE try to regenerate your thumbnails with the regenerate thumbnails plugin available @
How to add images to the slider ?
  • First of all, this is not a simple image slider, it’s a post/page/custom post type slider. To add a slide, you’ve to set a “featured image” on your post/page/custom post type.



  • Corrected parallax bug, now when you navigate everything slides correctly.
  • Added option on “Other options” to use custom meta to display title & description. With this you can have different post (title/description) & slide (title/description).


  • New option saving system. This will be more clean on your database :).
  • Corrected “add custom slides”, you can add up to 5 custom slides now.
  • Added the first parallax option. You can add slide options for title and description. More features coming.


  • Corrected some path problems (thanks to ollybach)
  • Now you can overwrite the css file by using your own. just add your rules on a file named “upz-style.css” on your theme folder (thanks to ollybach)
  • Corrected some CSS “bugs”. Added the “upzslider” class to all selector to avoid conflicts.
  • Fix some resizing problems


  • Small fix for chrome auto-resizing problems.


  • Corrected some bugs (shortcode, custom post type…)
  • Added bubbles navigation (Slider style => Advanced CSS/JS settings => Navigation type
  • Advanced options for advanced users/developers only : Support custom meta for thumbs and post order

  • Display problem solved. If you’re using do_shortcode() method, please add ‘usingphp=true’ argument on shortcode

  • Going back to 3.1.7… Correcting shortcode bugs on next version.


  • Corrected slider bug when using PHP integration. If you’re using do_shortcode() method, please add ‘usingphp=true’ argument on shortcode


  • Corrected a bug with plugin positioning when using the shortcode. Thanks to tanner m !


  • Corrected a bug with .load() event on internet explorer 6+.
  • corrected a bug when mouseover option checked and links on thumb checked.


  • Corrected bug when using thumbnails. Description box should now dislay correctly.


  • New fonction added : Activate links to post or page on thumbnails (only if thumbnails on of course ;)). You’ll find this option on “Other options” tab !

  • Corrected small bug with links. Update only if you’ve problems


  • Updated role method, using now user roles & rights to manage the administrator rights (thanks to Morten)


  • Corrected bug caused by ‘disable links’ options. All should works fine now =).


  • Corrected another WP Url bug. Thanks to Denis Platonov again ;).


  • Corrected internet explorer save options bug
  • Added “disable links” on “Other options” to disable links to posts/pages if you want
  • Corrected bug for WordPress own directory users (thanks to Denis Platonov)
  • Other minor bugfix

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