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Universal Chat


Take your site with you, everywhere.

See who visits you, anytime.

Convert them to happy customers. Instantly.

Universal allows you to chat with your online customers from your mobile while they visit your website. You don’t have to hire a support center to monitor your website 24/7 or worry about not being able to respond to clients; with Universal you can take your site with you, everywhere.

Universal is installed on your Telegram Messenger. Telegram offers a wide variety of apps and platforms and Universal works with them all, so you can use any interface that you like.

Not just a LiveChat Service

Universal is not just about a LiveChat extension to your website. It is tightly integrated with Piwik in order to offer real-time analytics:

  • You will instantly know when somebody is on your site. You can see where they are from, how they found you and what they are interested in
  • You can define goals, so you can engage at the right time. For instance if they visit a specific product, or if they stay for a long while on your site, you will know it is the right time to engage
  • You can call the customers – you dont need to wait for them to call you.
  • Increase trust. You are much more reliable and customers feel safer when they know you are there and they can call you easily
  • Get more leads. Research showed that Universal offered 20x more lead generation than any Contact us page, and we could connect to customers that were impossible without a LiveChat solution.
  • Decrease your costs. LiveChat costs ca. 40% less than phone. Also, you don’t need to hire a dedicated staff – with Universal you can take your website with you anywhere you go.

Features of Universal Chat

Get Started For Free!

No time limit. No hidden fees. Add Universal Chat to your website and get started today!

The free plan has everything you need to get your business running.

Based on Telegram

No need to install any software – control everything through your Telegram account! Get notifications and messages and respond to clients without leaving the platform you use every day!

Support Center

The Business Plan enables you to setup group chats – you can have several operators on the watch to deal with the increasing number of visitors. Operators can easily pass customers to other operators, and the visitor will not notice a thing!

A 24/7 LiveChat Solution

Universal enables website-mobile communications – visitors can call you from the livechat system on the website while you can send the responses from your phone. This means you can reduce offline hours and offer customer service without hiring an extensive service support staff. You can now take care of your clients – anytime, from anywhere.

Know What’s Happening on Your Site

Universal gives you the pulse of your website in real-time. Not only can you talk to your clients, but you can also see the visitors online, the pages they are visiting and the source where they came from, allowing you to step in efficiently to convert them to customers

Proactive Chats

With Universal, you don’t have to wait for the visitors to call you – you can call them! Universal can alert you when users stay for too long on your website or when they visit certain pages, and you can step in to maximize the conversion rate.

Offline Messages

Leave messages for your visitors which they can read when they get back! This is a great approach to customize your site for your visitors and ensure they come back to you.

Piwik Integration

Piwik is a great website analytics tool which offers you real-time information about your currently online visitors. Universal integrates with Piwik, allowing you to get full visitor profile: which country they are from, how they found your website and what pages they are visiting.

Custom Visitor Alerts

Want to know when customers visit a specific page or a specific product so you can engage with them? Piwik allows you to define “Goals”, and Universal makes full use of this feature. Define goals in Piwik, and Universal will alert you on your Telegram as soon as they are triggered!

Improve Your Efficiency

Universal gives you constant, real-time reports. As such, you can easily learn:

  • Which pages are visited most? And which pages are not working well?
  • What are the most successful products?
  • Which issues need to be improved?
  • Are there any bugs, non-functioning parts or missing links on your website?

The Best Solution For Mobile Phones

Smartphones have a small display size by nature. This calls for solutions customized for phones to respond to user expectations. Universal allows customers to gracefully take their conversation to Facebook Messenger or Telegram if they prefer that to the web interface.

Facebook Messenger

If your visitors have Facebook Messenger installed, then calling you from there is just a tap away. Users can call you via the Messenger app, and you would get the messages on your Telegram! You are also able to reply to them from Telegram!

Telegram Connection

If your visitors have Telegram installed, then calling you from there is just a tap away. They can either call you directly on your channel, or Universal can alert you and send you the visitor’s name. This scenario is useful if you have several operators who should be notified.

Dedicate Operators

Universal allows you to assign different operators to different web pages! This means you can have a one operator for the Products section, and a different operator for the Services section, effectively allowing you to improve customer service by assigning dedicated work force


Worried about spam? Universal allows you to blacklist user IPs. Don’t worry – we also offer an un-blacklisting command.

Blacklisting can also be used on your own account to exclude your IP – so no false alerts are sent to operators when you are checking on your own website.

Offline and Online

For those who cannot offer 24/7 support – no worries. Take the chat offline with a single command and bring it back in the same way. Your visitors will see a notice that you are offline and typically wont expect responses from you, but they can leave their messages anyway.


  • A visitor on the website
  • Telegram desktop of the Operator
  • Telegram on iPhone - Operator
  • Telegram on Android - Operator
  • Telegram on Windows Phone - Operator


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/universal-chat directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Register for a free account
  4. Setup your Telegram
  5. Copy your Html Widget Code to the plugin


For the latest FAQ, visit our website

Installation Instructions

This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working:

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/universal-chat directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Register for a free account
  4. Setup your Telegram
  5. Copy your Html Widget Code to the plugin
What are Operators?

Operators are individual Telegram accounts. Typically, each of your team members has a separate Telegram account. The business plan allows you to share your chat management with up to 9 operators.

What are Channels?

Every communication to your visitors requires a communication channel – that is what allows you to distinguish them. If five users try to communicate with you, then you would need 5 different channels to respoond to each of them.

Universal automatically manages the channels for you, and frees channels as soon as a user leaves the website. If a channel is booked, Universal will seamlessly switch to a new channel and let you work with that user on Telegram. If all channels are occupied, the user will receive a notice about it, and is put on hold until a channel is freed. When that is done, the waiting user is automatically sent to the freed channel.

What are Analytics Alerts?

Universal allows you to setup analytics goals to track the success of your website. Whenever a customer visits a page, Universal will match the visit to your defined criteria and will alert you if any of those are met. Alerts are sent under the following conditions:
1. The user is not already chatting with you – there is no point sending alerts in that case
2. At least one free channel exists. “Suggestions” are sent in one of your free channels, and allow you to choose which alerts to respond to.

Which Plan is good for me?

If you rarely have online visitors willing to chat with you, then the Free Plan which offers you a single channel should suffice for you. This would mean though, that whenever you are chatting with someone, the next person who wants to chat for you has to wait for you to get finished, and also no alerts are sent during that period.
To offer several communication channels to your visitors and always have an eye on your site’s analytics, upgrade to the Business Plan.

I have only five operators. Can I only have 5 groups?

No! You can have 9 groups with your current five operators and there is no problem with that.
Just create a new group, add all operators to it, and add UniversalAgent6Bot to the sixth group. Then create a new group with all operators, and add UniversalAgent7Bot to it etc.
So, if we name your operators Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, then the groups will look like this:

  • Group 6: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent6Bot
  • Group 7: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent7Bot
  • Group 8: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent8Bot
  • Group 9: Alice, Bart, Charlie, David and Eric, UniversalAgent9Bot
    As you see, the number of groups is not limited to the number of operators. You could also have only two operators but 9 groups, (eg. you, your friend and one of the Universal bots)
I changed my icon but the icon inside the chat is not changed?

There are two places you setup pictures:

  1. For the icon below the page, you can upload a picture from the “Customize” page
  2. For the icon inside the chat, you must change the operator picture from the Operators page
    This system is allowing you to set different names and pictures for each operator.
Do I have to use my real name and picture?

This is not a requirement and you can use a generic picture and name for all operators in case you want to remain anonymous.
However, it is adviced to use real names and pictures as it will create a better user experience and customers will trust you more.


February 5, 2017
Telegram itself is a great platform for communication. I think this solution is the fastest way we can interact with our website visitors and see what they're looking for and helping them.
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