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Are you tired of slowing your eCommerce website with an unexpectedly large number of plugins? NOT ANYMORE!

Grab the Ultimate Store Kit plugin for eCommerce Elementor and build unique online shop websites in minutes. Using this plugin, you can create personalized store product pages, landing pages, featured product pages, and several other features, including tags, badges, wishlists, buttons, and so forth.

Ultimate Store Kit for Elementor plugin has been developed to give web developers and designers an effortless way of creating amazing eCommerce websites. With the Ultimate Store Kit for Elementor, there is no need to have a long list of plugins slowing your website down.
The plugin comes with all necessary elements that you may require while building an eCommerce website on WordPress – Product Grid/List, Product Carousel, Product Category Grid, Product Accordion, Product Image Accordion, Product Table, Product Slider, Product Review Grid, and so on. The Ultimate Store Kit for Elementor also gives control over the design elements by letting users change colors and font sizes as per their needs!

Get Ultimate Store Kit Plugin to πŸ’«

  • Build efficient and faster eCommerce websites with no extra loads on the site
  • Flexible, responsive, and creative web interfaces to display products with engaging product layouts
  • Save up to 80% of web development time
  • Built with green codes to boost your site performance further
  • Smartly combines Elementor and WooCommerce plugin features to power up the next-gen eCommerce business

With the Ultimate Store Kit plugin, you can create and customize eCommerce websites with product grids, carousels, sliders, accordions, lists, and tables. The widgets are made to deliver your product info with swiftness and style while packed with cool animations, mirror images on hover, attractive product badges, stock status, and a mini cart.

What makes Ultimate Store Kit ahead of its competitors πŸ’‘

  • Super fast and super responsive layout
  • Lots of grid, carousel, & slider widgets
  • NEW product badge equipped automatically
  • Double image per product on display
  • Smooth transitions unlike any other
  • 24/7 expert support team baking the plugin

Make your online business go higher using just one tool, the Ultimate Store Kit for Elementor.

Who should benefit from Ultimate Store Kit addons plugin πŸŽ‡

All eCommerce web developers can use the Ultimate Store Kit addon to bring more mobility to your business. Especially, web designers and developers can harvest the full potential of the plugin for creating eCommerce websites, business websites, product portfolio websites, startups, large-scale business sites, and more.

Why pick the Ultimate Store Kit? πŸ’Ž

The plugin is highly compatible with WordPress Elementor and WooCommerce, having zero impact on the site. The plugin does not collide with any core and optional functionalities of WordPress, Elementor, and WooCommerce; instead combines with them to produce maximum efficiency.

Ultimate Store Kit is the perfect tool for web designers who want customized storefronts instead of plain-looking online shops. There are more than a million and one reasons to choose Ultimate Store Kit for your website, including the dynamic features, faster loading speed, minimal data consumption, and ultra responsiveness.

There is no reason to install multiple WooCommerce plugins, just Ultimate Store Kit is enough.


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Free Widgets for Lifetime: πŸ”₯

Static πŸŒ…

  1. Brand Grid – The Brand Grid widget makes it possible to display your branding partners and associates with an explicit grid interface combined with advanced animations, hover effects, and a unique content delivery idea for your eCommerce web store. Perfect for branding products too.
  2. Brand Carousel – The Brand Carousel widget is the perfect tool for displaying your business brand partners on your eCommerce web front with a lucrative interface with carousel animations to attract more visitors into your business. Boost your business with the perfect display tool for WordPress
  3. Featured Box – With the Featured Box widget, you can display your eCommerce store products in a wide banner along with a meta title, title, product image, and a read more button so users can learn more. The hover background animations make it ideal for displaying store products
  4. Info List – Using the Info List widget, you can create a dynamic product list with a fully customizable interface containing title, icon, description, and media (if necessary) to provide a detailed introduction to the viewers on your eCommerce website. Minimalistic and efficient

WooCommerce 🚾

  1. Add To Cart – The Add To Cart button is a necessary feature for an eCommerce website to let the users select and manage the products they wish to purchase. Ultimate Store Kit provides customizable Add To Cart buttons so you can create unique cart buttons with suitable styles that go along with the products
  2. Florence Carousel – The Florence Carousel widget is a minimal yet impactful product carousel to build a tasteful WooCommerce featured product page by utilizing the clean and eye-catchy product layout, seamless transitions, and dual image on hover feature; a better chance to convert more visitors into customers.
  3. Florence Grid – The Florence grid widget for WooCommerce is a dynamic product grid with a minimalistic product view that offers dual image transition on hover along with the product rating and add-to-cart button. The grid is fully compatible with Elementor to provide seamless product onboarding functionalities.
  4. Glossy Carousel – The Glossy Carousel widget takes the product visualization to the next step by bringing in a slider-type simulation for your eCommerce website product gallery to showcase your products with cozy animations and double image transitions. A great tool for product showcase
  5. Glossy Grid – The Glossy Grid widget combines visual effects such as double image transition and add-to-cart reveal buttons to display product specific controls over a grid layout on your WooCommerce website whether it’s the landing page, or product gallery, or featured product section.
  6. Heaven Slider – For a classy online shop, it’s best to put up a noise-less banner in the page’s hero section to highlight your most wanted products. With the Heaven Slider widget, it becomes very easy to show your product image, name, price tag, add-to-cart button, and thumbs of all the featured products with enough white spacing. The right kind of interface that you are looking for.
  7. Mentor Slider – Setting up an online WordPress Store to feature your brand products is a dream project. As much as say, the Mentor Slider by Ultimate Store Kit can make the dream happen by letting you take advantage of its ergonomic slider interface to display featured products uniquely. Mentor is built for adding taste, class, and authority to your online business.
  8. Mini Cart – The Mini Cart feature allows you to display an icon on your eCommerce website where users can access their shopping carts and see the number of products they’ve selected to purchase. With our mini cart widget, you can create customized cart icons with lots of customization options
  9. Product Accordion – Save your space and make product hunting enjoyable by using the Product Accordion widget by Ultimate Store Kit. The accordion widget lets you onboard your online shop products along with the product description, add-to-cart button, and badges within the accordion
  10. Product Category – The eCommerce Product Category widget is used for displaying your online shop goods by their corresponding category in your WordPress shopping site. Best for designing product archive page to show all available product categories along with the number of products for sale
  11. Product Image Accordion – The Product Image Accordion displays product images inside a compact accordion window that stretches the image whenever a user hovers over the image. The hover effect triggers the add-to-cart, favorite, and quick view buttons with a popping animation effect
  12. Product List – Using the Product List widget, you can display eCommerce products within your online shop to grab the attention of visitors. The widget provides a minimalistic layout that only focuses on the product along with highlighting colorful product badges on the list
  13. Product Reviews – Consumer reviews have great importance for your eCommerce store in order to spread the business with a positive vibe. Use our Product Reviews widget to display customer reviews along with the user rating, purchase item information, and interactive designs for more attention
  14. Product Review Carousel – When your eCommerce store contains a large variety of products for sale, you definitely need our Product Review Carousel to onboard and display your shop products beautifully and boost user experience. The widget lets you customize the gallery interface however and whenever you like.
  15. Product Table – The Product Table widget by Ultimate Store Kit provides a refreshing table layout to onboard your online store products with thumb images, SEO titles, categories, ratings, prices, quantity, preview, and add-to-cart button. Makes it easier for users to navigate products through search consoles
  16. Shiny Carousel – Creating a stunning product showcase can be easy as pie if you had the Shiny Carousel widget by Ultimate Store Kit. It is an attractive sliding product gallery that lets you display product images along with new product badge, discounts, add-to-cart, favorite button, and rating
  17. Shiny Grid – Using the Shiny Grid widget, you can display a spicing product gallery with a flipping transition effect that pops up every time users hover over any product and reveals a funky add-to-cart button along with the favorite button and rating of the specific product in your eCommerce website
  18. Showcase Slider – Your online shop is incomplete without the Showcase Slider widget for eCommerce. This is a distinct slider tool providing a large canvas for displaying your featured product with half-revealed products on each side and eye-catchy slider animations for more user engagement.
  19. Sub Category – By using the Sub Category widget, you can display your eCommerce shop products in sub categories with special animation effects to make them more visually appealing. Using this widget, you can customize your product gallery to better suit your business and boost user experience
  20. Sub Category Caousel – The Sub Category Carousel widget features a carousel layout to display your product subcategories alongside your entire product lineup so that your visitors can see all the products without getting lost in the numbers. Make it useful by letting your visitors experience it for themselves.

Easy Digital Downloads πŸ’²

  1. EDD Beauty Carousel – Using the EDD Beauty Carousel widget for WordPress, you can design the perfect eCommerce store pages to display your top-selling products in a carousel slider layout and amaze your visitors into peeking a second look at your products as well as boost engagement and ROI
  2. EDD Beauty Grid – EDD Beauty Grid is the perfect widget to onboard and display your eCommerce store products with a classy design and interactive hover animations to make them more engaging. Best for showing your featured products or displaying new arrivals on your landing page
  3. EDD Category Carousel – You can easily display your eCommerce products by categories in a dynamic carousel window using the EDD Category Carousel widget. You can customize the widget to your liking by adding custom images, queries, navigations, and lots more. Simple yet powerful tool for your store
  4. EDD Category Grid – For integrating EDD with Ultimate Store Kit, the EDD Category Grid displays your products in a well-arranged grid format, making them easy to see and navigate. The widget offers lots of customization options for further personalizing the grid appearance.
  5. EDD Classic Carousel – If you are using the EDD Classic Carousel widget, you can design your eCommerce store product gallery or featured product slider with a classy design to revive the brand image similar to your physical store inside your online store. This widget is easy to use and flexible to adjust to your store’s specific needs.
  6. EDD Classic Grid – With the Classic Grid for EDD, your online store can be smartly transformed into a classic brand while using advanced tools to make your store as functional as ever. The widget allows you to easily customize your store’s interface based on your preferences.
  7. EDD Standard Carousel – With the EDD Standard Carousel widget, your eCommerce website is equipped with an average yet powerful product slider that can be customized to pull out the appearance of your shop along with a fancy hover animation to add a touch of class to your standard product pages.
  8. EDD Standard Grid – EDD Standard Grid by Ultimate Store Kit for WordPress makes it easy to create a standard eCommerce product grid. Featuring a wide variety of customization options, the widget enables you to quickly create a customized product gallery according to your specifications
  9. EDD Trendy Carousel – The EDD Trending Carousel provides a refreshing product slider interface to onboard your eCommerce store products for display. With customizable hover animations, the carousel products show the product details and purchase button when hovered
  10. EDD Trendy Grid – EDD Trendy Grid displays your eCommerce product gallery in a well-organized grid formation, with a minimum amount of product information displayed on the grid and hidden buttons visible upon hovering. The hover animation used in the widget makes it highly user interactive.

More widgets & extensions are coming soon…

Common Issues and Solutions: 🐣

  1. Elementor editor fails to load
    Ans. It is due to your server PHP setting. You can increase PHP memory limit from wp-config.php file or php.ini file
    View Documentation

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This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.


  1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Start use it by go to elementor editor.


Is your plugin compatible with latest WordPress update?

  • Yes. Ultimate Store Kit is tested with the latest version update of WordPress and it is compatible with the platform.

Do you provide documentation?

  • We provide documentation for each of our products/plugins/widgets to help users to better utilize the tools.

What are the benefits of your plugin?

  • Ultimate Store Kit is the perfect online store design tool that combines multiple web designing features into one plugin. Using this tool, you can utilize online store platforms like WooCommerce, EDD, and Download Monitor to shape your business as you want.

Does your plugin work with my theme?

  • Ultimate Store Kit is designed to work with major WordPress themes and is compatible with all themes made for WordPress Elementor.

How can I import my products from the existing EDD/WooCommerce/Digital Downloads store?

  • You don’t have to import anything. Ultimate Store Kit doesn’t use a separate platform to store your shop data. Rather, it reads the store data from your existing store in WordPress automatically.

Is Ultimate Store Kit an eCommerce platform?

  • No. Ultimate Store Kit is not a new eCommerce platform but a support plugin for existing platforms on WordPress and works for design purposes.

Where can I request new features?

  • Please contact our support team through email or LiveChat in case you need to request new features for our product. Our team will connect with you within 24 hours.

Do I need Elementor Pro to use Ultimate Store Kit?

  • There is no need for Elementor Pro because Ultimate Store Kit works with both the free and pro versions of Elementor page builder plugin.

Where can I see the Wishlist after I click the Wishlist button?

  • After adding any product to the wishlist, you can find the wishlist when you log into the store and click on the My Account menu to reveal the user dashboard.

How can I shift to Pro plugin?

  • Visit BdThemes.com to buy a plugin license or see the current page for the licensing option to buy and shift to Pro plugin of Ultimate Store Kit.


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1.2.0 [22th August 2022]


  • Mentor slider widget added

1.1.0 [11th August 2022]


  • Heaven slider widget added

1.0.2 [26th June 2022]


  • Query Builder Assets improvement


  • Mini Cart issue fixed.

1.0.1 [05th June 2022]


  • Wishlist issue Fixed.
  • Mini Cart widget styling issue fixed.

1.0.0 [Initial Release]