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Ultimate floating widgets plugin allows you to add floating widgets to your site. If your theme does not have a sidebar or wish not to have a sidebar but still have widgets then with this plugin you can add a floating sidebar with widgets in it.

This sidebar/widgets (widget box) will be in a collapsed state and users can expand it by clicking on a floating button. There are different types and positions for the widget box like “popup bubble” and “Flyout”

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🚀 Make widgets popup

  1. Create a floating sidebar (widget box)
  2. Configure it as a “Popup bubble” or a “Flyout” sidebar from plugin settings page.
  3. Add your WordPress widgets to it.
  4. Voila !
  5. You have your favorite widgets floating/sticking to the page corner/sides which users can click and open.

✨ Features

  • Display widgets in Popup/Flyout
  • Add any number of widgets to the popup.
  • Minimize and open widget boxes with a button.
  • Unlimited number of popups.
  • Multiple triggers
  • Customize with colors, size, icons, styles and more.
  • Options to hide the widget box in posts, pages, mobile devices.
  • Mobile ready and responsive
  • Automatic open/close on scrolling the page.
  • Supports all themes.

🎲 Use cases

  • A sticky contact form widget added to the corner of the page.
  • A floating feedback form widget.
  • Floating widgets like search box, gallery, recent posts.
  • Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/any social based widget can be added as a floating popup to the corner of the page.
  • Literally any widget you would like to stay everywhere !

PRO version

There is a PRO version where below advanced features are available to further enhance the popup widget experience.

  • Multiple columns – With multiple columns feature you can add widgets to multiple columns inside one widget box
  • On show and idle animation – Add an animation to the button when it is loaded on the page or when it is in idle state to grab user attention.
  • Advanced location rules – Create custom complex rules to insert the widget box only in specific pages as required
  • Visitor conditions – Target specific users and display the widget box only to them.

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Note: The plugin uses font-awesome icon font library to use as icons inside the buttons. You can also use custom image as icon.


  • Sidebar widgets in a Popup bubble.
  • Widgets in a flyout type sidebar.
  • Multiple popup bubble sidebars.
  • Multiple popup bubble sidebars placed in the corners of the page.
  • List of widget boxes created.
  • Widget box edit page.
  • All supported widget box settings.
  • Widgets placed in a floating sidebar.


  1. Extract the zipped file and upload the folder Ultimate floating widgets to to /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Open the admin page from the “Ultimate floating widgets” link in the navigation menu.


Can I add multiple floating widgets in a single page ?

Yes ! You can create multiple widget boxes and add your widgets to it and they will all be available in a single page with separate buttons to open each.

Does it work in all themes ?

Yes. The floating widgets use the same structure/style as used by your theme. So if your theme sidebar is made as a floating popup.

Can I show the widget box in the center of the page ?

No, that is not possible. Right now the widget boxes can be placed near the corners or to the sides of the window. You could use custom CSS (with flyout mode) to achieve the same but support for that would be beyond the scope of the plugin.

Are widget boxes mobile responsive ?

Yes, widget boxes are responsive to small screens. Even if you provide a larger width/height for the widget box when the screen size is less than 600px then widget box will automatically switch to full screen mode.

How to hide the widget on mobile devices ?

In Ultimate floating widgets settings page, go to the edit page of the widget box and switch to “Location rules” tab. Under this section select “On mobile devices alone”.

How to add custom CSS to alter the design of the popup/widget box ?

In widget box edit page, scroll down to “Widget template settings” and click to expand the section. In that section under “Additional CSS” option you can provide your custom CSS.

Please visit the plugin documentation page for complete list of FAQs.


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