txt.me – Omnichannel Live Chat, Chat Triggers, Incoming and Outgoing Email, Integration with WhatsApp


txt.me – omnichannel customer support live chat for WordPress
Fast and easy to use, fully customizable widget works for any WordPress website.
Install txt.me chatbox on your WordPress website in just a few clicks.

  • Cross-browser customizable widget
  • Unlimited history
  • Outgoing email to offline visitors
  • Incoming email from offline visitors
  • Documents/Images as attachments
  • Send screenshots
  • No new chats for old conversations
  • Customer reviews

What is Omnichannel software?
With regular live chats, your website’s visitors can interact with your customer support team through the chatbox installed on your website.
The inconvenience begins when the visitor closes the browser window, and you lose any contact with them.
With txt.me, you can still send replies, and the system will automatically route the answers using the most appropriate from the available channels. It might be email, Whatsapp, or any other one. The same works in the other direction when the customer replies.

How is it different from Multichannel?
The difference between omnichannel and multichannel is that in omnichannel, all the messages from different communication channels are seamlessly integrated into one uninterrupted conversation.
In a multichannel, you would get different conversations with the same client for other channels(live chat, email, Whatsapp).

Live chat for WordPress websites

Nowadays, there is a growing dependency between real-time online support provided by real people, and sales, as well as customer satisfaction.

Place a txt.me live chat on your WordPress website to provide valuable support and advice to your visitors. Lend them a shoulder at the moment when they need it most, help them overcome all doubts and become your happy returning customers!

Our goal is to maximize your online sales channel conversion rate. That is why we have created a convenient live chat app that helps you keep your visitors engaged across all websites you run (you can create multiple widgets under one login), Our simple admin panel helps you create, customize, and manage these tools.

It’s completely free, and no, we will never bother you with spam or ads.

txt.me keeps you connected with your visitors wherever you are: at the office, at home, or on the go, using your computer or your mobile.

txt.me works great with all popular browsers.

Stay connected using our iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX apps.

Why use txt.me?
Thousands of companies provide real-time support and advice to their visitors using txt.me. txt.me allows you to start the conversation at the moment when they really need it. This saves lots of leads that would otherwise leave the page with unanswered questions.
WordPress websites support txt.me widgets, they look perfect in all settings.

How much is it?
This application by txt.me is 100% free of charge.

Our users get real-time support 24×7. Simply go to txt.me, open the live chat and start a new chat.
We also read email, so don’t hesitate to contact us at support@txt.me.

Got no account? Register with txt.me for free here.


Here is how you install txt.me chat widget on your WordPress website:

Step 0

Create a free txt.me account here.

Step 1 (three alternatives)

  • Clone this repository into your Plugins directory
  • You can also download the .zip file and unpack in your plugins directory
  • Install and activate the free plugin from the WordPress directory.

Step 2

Go to Settings -> “txt.me”, login to your txt.me account, and select the widget you need.

Step 3

The widget can be modified through the txt.me admin panel.

That’s it!


Can I place the widget on specific pages of the website?

Yes. Selection is available in the Plugin settings.

Use the visibility options to specify the pages you need it on.

Can I use several operators with one account?

As many as you need!. Go to the Operators section and create entries for all your operators.

How can I customize the widget outlook?

Using your admin panel, you can create any number of custom widgets. You can modify the widget, content, border style, color schemes, position, fonts, etc.

Do you offer free plans?

txt.me is completely free of charge for the website owners.

How can I contact the support team?

You can select between our live chat and email. We work around the clock daily and provide support in real time.


July 14, 2021
There is nothing I dislike more than a company that is not transparent about its prices. There is nothing wrong with charging your customers, but you need to be honest about it. You clearly stated that your plugin is 100% free and that we can have unlimited operators. It's a flat-out lie. The free version can have only 1 operator and there is no e-mail option. Only if I pay €300 a year can I have more than 1 operator and get the chat sent to the customers via e-mail.
July 5, 2021
I highly recommend installing this live chat! The free version is great but the paid version offers even more for the success of your online business. txt.me is easy to install on any website. You can create multiple widgets under one login
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