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Inspired by the duotone effect employed in the Twotone theme, Twotone FX makes it easy to preview and apply a similar filter to any photo in your Media Library.

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How It works

Behind the scenes, a gradient map is generated representing values between the starting and ending colors selected for the filter. The photo is then converted to grayscale and each pixel is mapped to one of the colors in the gradient map based on its brightness.

Two methods for editing images are available to support different server environments:

  • ImageMagick is the preferred method and provides the best performance.
  • A GD Graphics Library implementation is provided as a fallback, however, it can be resource intensive and may exhaust memory on some shared hosts, especially when processing large photos.


  • Image editor with a section for adding a duotone effect to a photo.


Install like any other plugin. Refer to the Codex if you have any questions.

Accessing the Image Editor

Visit the Media Library at Media → Library in your admin panel.

If you’re using the default Grid Mode:

  1. Click an image to open the Attachment Details popup
  2. Click the Edit Image button below the image
  3. Scroll the right sidebar down to the Twotone Effect section

If you’re using the List Mode:

  1. Click an image to open the Edit Attachment screen
  2. Click the Edit Image button below the image
  3. Find the Twotone Effect section

It’s also possible to access the image editor in the Media Manager popup when editing any post or page.

Applying the Twotone Effect

The Twotone Effect section in the image editor consists of two color pickers and a button for applying the filter to the image to preview it before saving your changes.

The Starting Color replaces shadows in the image, so choosing a dark color usually produces the best results.

The Ending Color replaces highlights in the image. Choose a lighter color that contrasts with the starting color for the best results.

After choosing colors, preview the image by clicking the Apply button. If you don’t like the way the effect turned out, you can either use the Undo button on the image editor toolbar, or select different colors and apply them.

Your changes won’t be made permanent until you click the Save button.


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