Tree Sitemap (Pages, Posts & Categories list)


Using this plugin you can view your pages & posts in a tree-view in just one click ๐Ÿ™‚

Vertical Tree Features

  • Dynamically create your website tree for all posts & categories
  • Posts and categories displayed hierarchically
  • Display all pages, posts and categories
  • Display the Custom Post Types
  • Display the taxonomies
  • Possibility to customize the way it will be displayed through the admin panel
  • Possibility to exclude pages, posts, categories
  • Ability to add/edit nodes
  • Ability to duplicate tree
  • Ability to exclude any post or category
  • Ability to hide/show nodes
  • Ability to add links and images
  • Ajax loading
  • Fully customized and easy to use
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for re-organisation of elements

Horizontal Tree Features:

  • Option for create multiple tree view
  • Dynamically create your website tree for all posts & categories
  • Show/hide a particular branch of the tree by clicking on the show hide icon
  • Highlight a particular branch of the tree by clicking on the highlight icon
  • Draw lines between nodes with animation on page load event
  • Fully customized and easy to understand
  • Option for add multiple field in node
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for re-organisation of elements
  • Ajax based add, edit, delete functionality
  • Full support and complete documentation


  • sitemap tree
  • edit node
  • tree option
  • Horizontal tree view
  • manage trees


  1. remove the old package (the demo version)
  2. Download the package.
  3. Extract the contents of .zip folder to wp-content/plugins/ folder or upload it using your pligins page > add new > upload
  4. Activate the Plugin.
  5. Go to your main menu > Tree Website Map.



August 6, 2020
No documentation available. The plugin doesn't build the page tree as it claims it does, it only considers posts and projects. assistance is present but ineffective.
December 22, 2019
I've been searching for years for a vertical "tree structure" system (like in Windows folders and files), in vain. And yesterday, after trying "tree" in search: miracle! This is exactly what I was looking for! We are all used to sort things in "tree-like" structure, like in Windows file browser. And even the Nature itself seems "organized" like that. I can use this plugin for various things, especially to make a structured visual presentation of our organizations and sites, with external links. It can be very useful also to help people on a contact page, to address them to various services or persons. It's very easy and fast to use. As an admin, but also as a final user. One of the best things is that it will show the branches (or nodes) with the same initial status as the one left in the admin settings. This way, I can choose to develop (expand) some important branches, by default, so everyone will see them, and to leave some other ones collapsed, to be opened only for some cases, by the users. This way, I can show a tree with a reasonable size, even for an organization with hundreds of nodes. So the web users are not "lost" or "afraid" at first sight. And they can decide to click some nodes (with the very handy little icon "+"), by curiosity. It can be almost like an adventure for them:-) And also I love when it is displaying, because when the page loads, you can see all the tree "growing" (quickly), it's like magic ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to use it also as a sort of "decision tree" in our contact page (or "orientation" page). People click their situation (if they are autistics, parents, researchers, volunteers, providers, etc) and then the various branches matching their needs, and at the end of the branches they see the "solution(s)" (which typically should be linked to the appropriate website(s), but which can also be some text (advice) if there is no website. It can be used also in order to make sorts of "troubleshooting guides": people navigate logically in order to find their solutions and answers, instead of reading boring texts or manuals. It can be used also as organized FAQs. (But in such case, there would be a need for some additional "description" text for each "link".) The fact that it is visual and easy to browse and expand-collapse (instead of having to navigate through buttons or links) is very useful and makes the difference with the other systems. You can have a true "dimensional" idea of an organization, instead of having to recreate it mentally according to some links, buttons etc. I really love this plugin! P.S. : And I forgot to mention that the support is very kind and fast ! ๐Ÿ™‚
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Contributors & Developers

“Tree Sitemap (Pages, Posts & Categories list)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



1. Bug fixing in shortcode with the new wp editor

1. Bug fixin in the vertical tree

1. uploadin missing page

1. adding our CP plugins page
2. Bug fixing in horizontal map

1. Bug fixing in node title, adding stripslashes to solve backslash issue

1. Bug fixing in map links (node URL was not working)

1. automatically adding new pages to tree


  1. fix responsive problem in css
  2. Adding new options in vertical tree
  3. Interface Enhancements

1. Bug fixing creating trees
2. fix css issues

1. Bug fixing in duplicate tree
2. fix responsive issues

1. Bug fixing in vertical tree css
2. adding the ability to duplicate tree

1. Bug fixing in vertical tree
2. Adding new feature to auto add new pages without re-creating the tree
3. add new option for font size
4. use responsive container
5. add the ability to hide/show nodes

Bug fixing in horizontal tree

Bug fixing in css
Bug fixing in functions page
Bug fixing in vertical tree
Bug fixing in vertical tree
Enable Drag-and-drop functionality for re-organisation of elements
Adding new nodes inside the tree
Bug fixing in vertical tree
Bugs fixing
fixing saving issue
1. Bug Fixing in the plugin menu
1. Initial version