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Travel Search by ©Travelgrove provides a one-step travel search engine, that allows your users to search and compare flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages from a large scale of providers, including the biggest US travel companies, travel agents, aggregators and special negotiators.

Using this WordPress Travel plugin, you can create, customize and add travel search boxes anywhere on your sites, thus generating commissions with Travelgrove’s Affiliate program (registration needed).

What the “Travel Search” plugin can offer:

  • to the visitors of your site: a travel search box helping them find the best rates for their travel needs.
  • to you: a new source of income and added value to your travel-related website.
  • to Travelgrove affiliates: an easy way to implement a travel search box.
  • to us (Travelgrove): to guarantee more visibility to our travel partners.

Online Demo

See the Travel Search boxes in action on the plugin’s official page here.

Start earning money with Travelgrove today

Install the plugin, register to Travelgrove and start earning money today by blogging about your favorite travel deals or travel destinations, discount cheap flights you find on the net or bargain hotel room rates. Tell your fellow travelers where and when to travel, and provide our box as the searching platform, thus making everyone satisfied.


  • Plugin's Demo page inside the WordPress admin interface
  • Insert button inside WordPress visual editor
  • Travel Search box on the post page
  • Pop-up box inside WordPress visual editor
  • Travel Search box inside the post in WordPress visual editor
  • Plugin's settings page inside the WordPress admin interface


How much money can a Travelgrove Affiliate earn

The commission earned by an affiliate in a month varies from one affiliate to the other and is a factor of volume, traffic quality, conversion rate and booking rate. In the past, we have had affiliates generating anywhere from a few dollars to many thousand dollars a month.


Travelgrove affiliate fake


I have sent more than a three email to, but never answered ! There is nothing to know about how they will pay out my commissions.. So do not use affiliate program, untill it is not cleared before

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  • Metasearch for hotels added
  • no url on searchboxes


  • Window opener class updated | chrome popup handling changed


  • Hotel searchbox can get as default value other than cities with airport as well


  • Some Notice-level errors were fixed


  • Cruise search implemented
  • UI bugs regarding Compare button fixed
  • Better JS/CSS compression


  • jQuery compatibility issue fixed on blogs w/o jQuery
  • popup window issues in Chrome fixed
  • backend compatibility issues w/ WP 3.9 fixed


  • z-index issue with calendar on edit layer fixed
  • popup blocker handling for chrome and IE was extended


  • CSS conficts at the searchbox fixed;
  • socket operational mode added where allow_url_open is turned off;
  • JS conflicts with CSS3-MediaQueries-JS fixed;
  • IE compatibility issue fixed;


  • Searchboxes can be loaded asynchroniously via JavaScript


  • Main JS file of the plugin made jQuery noConflict-mode compatible
  • noConflict-mode option has been added to settings for blogs with more instances of jQuery
  • Minor bug has been fixed in the color picker
  • Wording optimized on the boxes, compare button
  • Loading image visual bug has been fixed


  • Minor bug fixed while saving the settings via FTP – no error message were shown if no password was given.
  • Internal tracking variable made hookable.
  • Edit/Delete buttons’ minor bug inside the editorial interface has been fixed.
  • Auto-suggestion airport dropdown visual bug has been fixed.
  • Alignment option added to the boxes so they can be aligned to the left, to the right, to the center or not aligned inside a post content.
  • On the popup div, on the editor page, the bug regarding the click event has been fixed.
  • Minor CSS conflicts has been fixed.
  • Facebook Like Button and Google Plus One Button for added on the plugin settings page.


  • Widget Implementation has been added via “tgsbWidget.class.php”
  • Minor CSS conflicts have been fixed
  • Min-width for dynamic box has been added
  • Cache-buster timestamp has been added to custom CSS; last saving time appears now as a parameter for the given CSS file.


  • CSS file update switched to WP Filesystem API. If the PHP user has no permission to write the customization file, the user is asked to enter their FTP access in order to write the file via FTP.
  • Shortcode Generator has been added to the settings page; thus the required shortcode for a box can be copy-pasted into any theme template file much easier.
  • Flags has fixed for Hotels tab -> dynamic city dropdown; so now the flag of the United Kingdom will appear before “London” in the list, just like for the airports.
  • Autosuggestion dropdown JS position bug has been fixed.
  • Background color and border color CSS conflicts for the tabs have been fixed by adding “!important” to the CSS rules.
  • A new rule for label colors has been introduced, thus now that’s also customizable.
  • Shortcode Generation JS bug in IE7 has been fixed.
  • Ajax URL for the thickbox that appears when the editor button is clicked has been normalized; bug appeared in WordPress 3.0.


  • Changes only in plugin source header (PHP comments) and readme.txt file; correcting conflicts with GNU General Public Licence, V2.


  • Initial public release.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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