This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

TMF Gallery


Note: This version is a development version. So not every feature is implemented and it’s possible that it have many bugs.

When you have a feature request, found a bug or have some problem with this plugin, write this into the wordpress plugin support forum.

Important Links

TODO for next version

  • automatic resize on events (remove, add, edit image formats)
  • manuell upload of other image formats (sizes)
  • Gallery details
  • Gallery management for files
  • File view/edit incl. image format views

Upcoming features

  • Support for Image object
    • EXIF support
    • cron-job for mass resize action (WordPress-PseudoCron)
    • AJAX-Upload, directory import(good for images with a great size)
    • automatic resize or manuell upload of other image formats (sizes)
    • See status (and changeable) of every image (creating status of the different image formats, …)
  • Support for Video object
    • Meta data support
  • Support for Music object
    • ID3 support
  • Add translations


  • Setting menu
  • Manage Gallery menu


Please post any question you have into the wordpress plugin forum.



  • Gallery view under “Manage Medias” is now working
  • List view under “Manage Medias” is now working
  • paging on page “Manage Medias”


  • Add functions for creation of thumbnails (resize, crop, …)
  • Add “PHPThumb” library for image modification (Link and Details on the “About” page)
  • Add image format management (TODO: Delete image formate)
  • Create on upload all added image formats


  • Removed description column


  • Add status to the upload queue (flash upload)
  • Some bugfixes and small changes
  • Add gallery select widget on the “add media” and “manage medias” page
  • Add DB-Update-Syntax (For Plugin-Update)


  • Better output of debug messages
  • File now saving (No creation of virtual file in DB)
  • Creation of virtual file object
  • Add initial value for options


  • Add nice style for progress elements
  • Add some small changes


  • Flash upload is now working
  • Add some settings for the flash upload (debug, queue limit, …)


  • Add medias upload (At the moment it will not send or execute any event. I don’t find the problem)
  • Add panel “Used Libraries” to the about page.
  • And some small changes


  • Merge the gallery and list view into one metabox
  • Add test layout for gallery view (set the number of items you would see in the settings first)


  • Testlayout for List view


  • Add some panels for the media page
  • Change some ajax calls to json-response


  • Move the Javascript-code in seperate files and cleaning the code
  • Gallery description is now optional
  • Add Exception-Handling in Ajax functions


  • Added support for move galleries under a different galleries (over ajax), it is not perfect at the moment.


  • Fixed problem with the activation hook (table installation)
  • better look for the gallery management. jQuery effects (show and hide with delay)


  • Add, Edit, Delete Gallery (over Ajax)
  • Temporary removed the TinyMCE Editor for the Gallery description


  • Update plugin description
  • Add two screenshots


  • Add Feature to create, edit and delete galleries (only layout for the moment)
  • Add menus for media and about
  • Support WP 3.0.1


  • Complete rewrite of the code for a better handling
  • Settings working, also the image format settings


  • Added some options and some layout elements
  • Removed the Watermark metabox. I will create it leater in a extra plugin (extend this plugin)
  • Add check for existenz of php moduls EXIF, Image (GD), ImageMagick
  • Add switch for the views (I only allow to display one view, performence reason)


  • Add admin icons for menu


  • Add installation script (DB create and so on)
  • Add tables (incl. activate hook implementation)
  • Add methods do create/manage galleries (Dump version)


  • Add ‘Save’ Feature to every Metabox I used for this plugin. So you can define a own view for ‘Management Galleries’.
  • Add some other view options


  • Add layout elements for ‘Manage Galleries’ and ‘Add Images’


  • Add Settings options, implemented with the default meta box feature of wordpress (also the screen option feature). But at the moment the saving does not working.


  • This version is a initial release

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