Ask your supporters to treat you to a cup of coffee, pint of beer or some other simple treat. It is a more creative way to ask for donations via PayPal.

You can use this as:

  • Template tag get_coffee()/the_coffee()
  • Shortcode [coffee]/[tiny_coffee]
  • Sidebar widget
  • Hash-activated modal screen (domain.com#coffee)

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  • Inside a post/page
  • In sidebar of Twenty Fourteen theme
  • As a modal view (domain.com#coffee)


Doesn't work


Clearly hasn't been updated and just plain doesn't work in any reasonable form. No documentation to figure out how to make the icons or currency display properly, and bugs out when it goes through to paypal.

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fixed FontAwesome version check WP Cron task
updated FontAwesome version to 4.7.0


updated FontAwesome version to 4.3.0;
added methods to update FontAwesome version automatically when it is released;


Modified JavaScript to better handle the hash-activated modal dialog – contributed by Neil Foster (@mokummusic);
Added a tinycoffee_options filter that can be used to modify all options that are used to build the tinyCoffee form and request to PayPal;
Cleaned up a notice in the widget;


Removed a stray TAB symbol


Add option for default amount of cups


Remove modal header bottom border


code cleanup, courtesy of Dzikri Aziz (kucrut)


widget related bug fixes, courtesy of Dzikri Aziz (kucrut)


Initial release

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