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tibit — pocket change for the internet

Collect tips and micropayments for your content. Put customisable ‘tib’ buttons across your site, simply and quickly, with no sign-up required!


tibs are a new and original way to monetise your site by collecting ‘pocket change’ size microdonations and payments.

You can receive tibs as:

  • tips and gestures of appreciation from your visitors,
  • payments to unlock content,
  • fundraising for charities or other worthy causes you support

Using our WordPress plugin

No signup or registration whatsoever is required to collect micropayments and/or microdonations through tibit. Simply configure the plugin with your bitcoin address - getting one is easy! Links to get one in just a couple of minutes, and more information, can be found at our collect tibs page.

Our WordPress plugin lets you quickly add customisable tib buttons across your site - using shortcodes or as a widget. Buttons are interactive and acknowledge the visitors tib, and are available with or without a counter, which can be site-wide, widget-specific, or post-specific.

How tibbing works

Users — we call them ‘tibbers’ — pre-set a personal tib amount in GBP, EUR or USD. They choose a value small enough that they can be spent ‘without a second’s thought’, but large enough to be meaningful when tipping.

tibs are purchased in bundles of 10 or more, using Visa or MasterCard. When a tibber comes to your site, giving you a tib is just a simple click. They do not need to have, or know anything about, bitcoin.

To see it working, click a link for a site that has already implemented tibbing below. Every new tibber gets two free tibs, so it won’t cost you anything to try. You will need to get a tibit account to spend tibs, but you can register using a social media account in two clicks.

It’s easier and quicker than throwing a few coins into a busker’s hat, and tibs can be spent anywhere there is a tib button (or link). Supporting the sites and content a user appreciates becomes an enjoyable and frictionless experience. It’s monetization that makes the payer happy!

To get a more complete feel for tibit and tibbing, please visit our interactive demo for blogging and journalism

tibit gets just £0.02 of each tib spent, and forwards the balance to your bitcoin address, typically every few days.

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 8 months ago
Active Installs: 20+


5 out of 5 stars


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