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This plugin adds a testimonials custom post type to your WordPress website to manage your customers testimonial. It should work out-of-the-box with any WordPress themes because it support widget and shortcode to display the testimonials.

Please read usage instructions page to read more on how to use it.

It has built-in meta boxes to add more data to the testimonials:

  • Author name
  • Author avatar uploader
  • Author website name
  • Author website url


We DO NOT provide any css style for the plugin, so it give you more flexibility to styling the testimonials style. We only provide the css selectors to guide you, please read it here.

Plugin Info

Shortcode Usage

To display the testimonials in your content you can use the following shortcode:


To add arguments to this, please use any of the following arguments:

  • limit = “1” (limit the testimonials to show)
  • column = “1” (testimonials per row, it adds unique css class to allow you styling it)
  • css_class = “” (custom uniqeu class)
  • before = “” (html or text before the testimonials)
  • after = “” (html or text after the testimonials)

    Shortcode Usage Examples

    Display 4 testimonials with 4 columns

    [tj-testimonial limit=”4″ column=”4″]

Display custom HTML before the testimonials

[tj-testimonial before="<h1>Testimonials</h1>"]

Widget Usage

Please go to Appearance → Widgets and you should see Testimonial widget. Drag it and drop to the sidebar.

CSS Selectors

.tjtsc-testimonial {
    // testimonials wrapper

.testimonial-column-... {
    // testimonial column, the dot(...) automatically generated from the column arguments in the shortcode

.tjtsc-testimonial ul {
    // testimonial list style

.tjtsc-testimonial li {
    // testimonial list style

.tjtsc-testimonial p {
    // testimonial content

.tjtsc-testimonial img {
    // testimonial avatar

.tjtsc-testimonial cite {
    // testimonial name, website name and website url


  • Meta boxes
  • Widget
  • Testimonials screen


Can I use this plugin without purchasing Theme Junkie themes?

Yes, this plugin was developed to support all themes.

Why was this plugin created?

Because we will move all custom post types in our themes to a plugins.


0.1 – 4/30/2014

  • Initial Release

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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