Theme Blvd Sliders


When using a Theme Blvd theme, this plugin gives you slick interface to build custom, responsive sliders that can then be incorporated throughout your website via shortcode or custom layouts.

Quick Feature Overview

  • WordPress admin interface to create custom sliders.
  • An element added to the Layout Builder to include a custom slider.
  • An element added to the Layout Builder to include a slider generated from posts (with Theme Blvd framework v2.2.1+).
  • A shortcode for inserting custom sliders into pages and posts – [slider id="your-slider"]
  • A shortcode for inserting sliders generated from posts (with Theme Blvd framework v2.2.1+) – [post_slider category="foo"] [post_slider tag="bar"]
  • Sliders are responsive and will scale to fit their surrounding container.
  • Three slider types included by default for custom sliders – Flexslider, Nivo, and Roundabout
  • Slider types are extendable through Theme Blvd framework API. – View Docs

NOTE: For this plugin to do anything, you must have a theme with Theme Blvd framework v2.2+ activated.



  • Improvement: Use add_menu_page instead of add_object_page, which was deprecated in WordPress 4.5.


  • GlotPress compatibility (for 2015 release).
  • Minor security fix.


  • Fixed image alignment issues on “Standard” slider type that occurred from of previous update.


  • Fixes for themes with Theme Blvd Framework 2.5+
  • Removed “3D Carousel” slider type for themes with Theme Blvd Framework 2.5+


  • Added support for thumbnail navigation with Bootstrap Carousel (requires Theme Blvd framework v2.4.2+).


  • Admin style updates for WordPress 3.8 (requires Theme Blvd framework v2.4+).
  • Added “Bootstrap Carousel” slider type.
  • Fixed 3D Carousel slider’s navigation for FontAwesome 4.
  • Added filter themeblvd_nivo_image to image output of Nivo type sliders.


Added filters onto slider headline, description, and button text.


  • Admin jQuery improvements for 1.9 – Converted all .live() to .on()


  • Fixed bug with Slider Manager not showing currently selected image crop size properly.


  • Fixed Slider Manager UI bug with switching “Media Display” and “Slide Elements” not adjusting correctly.


  • Fixed “category” parameter not working with [post_slider] shortcode.


  • Improved and moved Sliders API functionality to plugin.
  • Minor improvements to admin javascript.
  • Added themeblvd_sliders_post_type_args filter on registered tb_sliders post type’s $args.
  • Added compatibility for Portfolios plugin with Post Slider. With this plugin activated you can use “portfolio” and “portfolio_tag” parameters with [post_slider].


  • Fixed non-working nav_standard, nav_arrows, and pause_play options of [post_slider] shortcode.


  • Added filter on slides array when displaying sliders.
  • Adjusted category and tag parameters for [post_slider] shortcode.
  • Changed slide description/button area to use div’s and not paragraph tags.
  • Added wp auto formatting to slide description. Can turn off by filtering “themeblvd_standard_slider_desc” to false.
  • Added “themeblvd_standard_slider_button” filter to parameters feed into themeblvd_button when displaying buttons in sliders.


  • Fixed bug with “custom” type slides not saving.
  • Added support for “Post Slider” element.
  • Added [post_slider] shortcode.
  • Added support for minor admin UI improvements in Theme Blvd framework v2.2.1 update.


  • Added “clearfix” class for staged images in slides.
  • Changed <span> in slide description to <div> for markup validation.


  • This is the first release.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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