This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart


The Professional WordPress eCommerce Plugin. Use it as shopping cart, catalog or framework.

You can extend its functionality with plugins and themes to customize your store exactly in same way that you do with WordPress. It is compatible with many existing plugins in the WordPress repository.

100% WordPress, eCommerce naturally flexible & Scalable. Powerful backend tools to make your site, store or shop Easyly and Useful

Universal theme compatibility, making it compatible also with all WordPress themes

eCommerce 100% WordPress, naturaly flexible & Scalable

  • Native integration with WordPress since conception of TheCartPress.
  • New WordPress user roles: Customer and Merchant.
  • WordPress (MU) network compatibility.
  • Powerful backend tools to make your Store Easy and Useful.
  • Use it as a complete ecommerce solution, as a catalog or as a framework.
  • WordPress dashboard adapted to an eCommerce use.

International Sales

  • Multicurrency, flexible and custom price formats.
  • International weight units.
  • International taxes.
    • Prices with or without taxes. Rules for taxes. Flexibility and power.
  • Payment and Shipping methods filter by buyer country.
    • Restrict Countries for shipping and payment.
  • Multilanguage eCommerce.
  • TheCartPress is compatible with all major multilanguage plugins. We have tested successfully with WPML (WordPress multilingual plugin) and qTranslate.

Physical and downloadable products

  • New WordPress custom post type for products: tcp_product.
  • Create as many saleable post type as you need to structure different types of stores and take advance of WordPress template hierarchy to customize the design/layout. Custom saleable post types are ideal for stores with very different products in nature (megastores, etc.).
  • Auto embed media player for audio products.

Complex Products and Catalog Structures

  • Grouped products with excerpt, content, images, author, date, comments, cross content, etc.
  • Simple products with price, stock, sku, excerpt, content, images, author, date, comments, cross content, attributes, etc.
  • Product variations with price, stock, sku, excerpt, content, images, author, date, comments, etc.
  • Attributes.
    • “n” levels of attributes for simple products.
    • Attribute sets: Group your attributes and optimize the work of the merchant assigning a set of attributes for each product.
    • Dynamic options: Product variations based on product attributes.
  • Buy options format for attributes (extending).
  • Default taxonomies for the products: Category, supplier and tag.
  • Custom taxonomies to sort your products.
  • Classic or Layered navigation to filter the catalog by taxonomies (plugin).

Marketing highlights

  • Search Engine Friendly URL’s. Custom permalinks for product archives, single product and taxonomy pages.
  • Free Shipping Option.
  • Discounts.
  • Coupons.
  • Recently Viewed Products.
  • Cross-sells and cros-content in many ways.
    • Single product – Single products.
    • Single product – Single posts.
    • Single product – Product categories.
    • Single product – Post categories.
    • Category of product – Categories of products.
    • Category of product – Categories of posts.
    • Single post – Single posts.
    • Single post – Single products.
    • Single post – Post categories.
    • Single post – Product categories.
    • Category of post – Categories of Posts.
    • Category of post – Categories of Products.
  • Compatibility with more relevant SEO WordPress plugins: WordPress SEO (Yoast), All in one SEO pack, etc.

Customer Accounts Offering

  • New WordPress user role: Customer.
  • Customizable Order Emails.
  • Account Dashboard for customers.
  • Order status and history.
  • Downloadable area.
  • Address Book with unlimited addresses.
  • Default Billing and Shipping addresses.
  • Product Reviews submitted.

Product listing, Configurable loops

  • Use configurable TCP loops and custom WordPress loops to list your products.
  • Sort panel by: price, title, suggested, date, popular. Asc or Desc.
  • 2 default and configurable loops: Grid and Listing loops with options:
    • Number of columns.
    • Number of products.
    • See pagination.
    • See sort panel.
    • Order products by.
    • See Title.
    • See buy options.
    • See image.
    • See excerpt.
    • See content.
    • See taxonomies.
    • See utilities.
    • See author.
    • See custom areas.
  • Use custom and configurable loops, also in shortcode generator and widgets.

Full Catalog Browsing Offering

  • Filter by Product archives and Product taxonomies: Archive, Author, Date and taxonomies: Category, Supplier, Tag and custom taxonomies.
  • Widgets.
    • TCP Navigation Tree and TCP Navigation Cloud widgets: Product categories and Product custom taxonomies trees and clouds.
    • TCP Layered navigation. (plugin)
    • Product comments widget.
    • Product archives widget: yearly, monthly, weekly, daily.
    • Custom and configurable product and post type lists widget.
    • Last visited widget.
    • Related items in many ways. Cross-sales, Cross-contents. (see marketing section).
    • Product listing in configurable grid or list format. You can have as many loop templates as you need. The widgets and shortcodes let you choose the template loop and let you set the visibility of each of the elements when working with Tcp loops.
  • Shortcodes, insert configurable product lists when writing in the editor. See some shortcode examples in TheCartPerss Basic Demo. Also you can use your shortcodes in your in BUDDYPRESS installation.

Product Browsing Offering

  • WordPress native features.
  • Product Review/Comments.
  • Related Products.
  • Related Posts.
  • Improve your store with WordPress plugins: Send to a Friend, Social share, Lightbox for images, Video galleries, etc.

Catalog Management Offering

  • New WordPress user role: Merchant.
  • Prices with or without taxes. Tax Rates per product. Tax rules. Lot of flexibility in how taxes work.
  • Stock management.
  • Post Types generator: You can create as many salable WordPress “post types” as you need. Take advantage of the WordPress template hierarchy to customize your megastores.
  • Taxonomy Generator: Provides access to your products in many different ways. You can create as many taxonomies as you need to sort your products.
  • Custom fields generator for your products.
  • Selectable custom templates for single product pages and taxonomy pages.
  • Native WordPress Media Manager with featured image, automatic image resizing and watermarking.
  • WordPress galleries for products.
  • Custom permalinks for products and product attributes: products categories, products tags and products suppliers.
  • Approve, Respond and Delete Product Comments.
  • Disable Shopping cart setting: To use TheCartPress as a catalogue
  • Disable buy button for individual products.

Checkout Offering

  • Configurable checkout.
  • Checkout without account/Guest Checkout.
  • Checkout with account to use address book.
  • Create account at beginning of checkout.
  • In WordPress Network installations the plugin register the user as a subscriber in main site and as customer in shop site if they are differents.
  • Bind to accept the terms of the sale to proceed.
  • Custom multilanguage notices for payment methods in checkout steps, end checkout OK, end checkout KO and emails.
  • Custom multilanguage global notices for end checkout OK, end checkout KO and emails.

Shipping Offering

  • Shipping methods: Multiple Instances.
  • Shiping rates with or without taxes.
  • Ability to specify allowed destination countries per method.
  • Flat rate shipping per order amount.
  • Flat rate shipping per item.
  • Free Shipping.
  • Table rates for weight and destination.
  • Custom multilanguage notices for shipment methods in checkout steps, end checkout OK, end checkout KO and emails.
  • Extend.
    • TheCartPress Plugin repository
    • Develop your own plugin.
    • Or looking for a developer in the community.

Payment Offering

  • Payment methods: Multiple Instances.
  • Ability to specify allowed payment countries per method.
  • Saved Credit Card method for offline payments.
  • Bank Transfer.
  • Cash On delivery with extra cost: fixed or %.
  • PayPal.
  • Payment gateways plugins.
    • PayFlow Pro, PayFlow Link, BarclayCard, PayMate, PayWay, FreshBooks, Ceca and growing.
  • Extend.
    • TheCartPress Plugin repository
    • Develop your own plugin.
    • Or looking for a developer in the community.

+ Theme Compatibility

  • Flexibility:
    • Use configurable TCP loops in your templates.
    • Use default templates for eCommerce archive and product pages (based on Twentyeleven).
    • Make your theme from scratch.
  • Load default buy options style.
  • Load default shopping cart & checkout style.
  • Load default loop style.
  • Pages show at most ”x” products.
  • See buy options in content.
  • Align of buy options in content.
  • See price in content.
  • See image in content.
  • Image size in content.
  • Image align in content.
  • Image link in content.
  • See buy options in excerpt.
  • Align of buy options in excerpt.
  • See price in excerpt.
  • See image in excerpt.
  • Image size in excerpt.
  • Image align in excerpt.
  • Image link in excerpt.

WordrPress improvements, Powerful tools

TheCartPress integrate some tools to works with your products. This tools are useful also to work with all your post types: posts and other custom post types.

  • Widgets: TheCartPress widgets are useful to navigate all your post types.
  • Taxonomy generator: Sort all your post types in many different ways.
  • Shortcode generator: insert configurable post type lists (products, posts, etc) when writing in the editor. See some shortcode examples in TheCartPerss Basic Demo. Also you can use your shortcodes in your in BUDDYPRESS installation.
  • Custom Field generator for all your post types.
  • Post type generator: Create saleable or not saleable WordPress “custom post types”.
  • Template manager: Manage custom templates for all the WordPress post types. With priority over the wordpress template hierarchy.

Theme Constructors

You can create your themes for TheCartPress exactly in same way you create the themes for WordPress. TheCartPress is 100% integrated with WordPress.

  • Extend your theme adding some extra templates for eCommerce
    • Integrate easily the configurable tcp loop in your theme.
  • Take advance of WordPress template hierarchy to customize the design/layout
  • Template manager: Manage custom templates for all the WordPress post types.
  • TheCartPress puts at your disposal a large number of WordPress template tags.

Extending TheCartPress

  • Improve your store with standard WordPress plugins.
  • Take a look at TheCartPress plugin repository.
  • Creating TheCartPress plugins easily.

Developers:TheCartPress API / Actions and Filters

  • TheCartPress defines useful hooks for use in plugin development. Those functions has been defined in the same way WordPress has defined its Actions and Filters.

Unlimited features

  • TheCartPress is compatible with the WordPress plugins and you can create your own plugins, the limit is in your imagination!

More info and Community

TheCartPress Extend: plugins, themes and custom development
TheCartPress Demo
TheCartPress Site
Pluginsmaker Site


  • eCommerce example site TheCartPress Extend: plugins, themes and custom development
  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout
  • Product list
  • Back-end: Product list
  • Back-end: Product fields
  • Back-end: Media player skins
  • Back-end: Settings
  • Back-end: Dashboard


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload TheCartpress E-commerce plugin to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Re-save permalink settings



Up to WodPress 3.1

What is the plugin license?

This plugin is released under a GPL license.


January 10, 2017
For a long time some orders remain as unpaid although customer has made payment through paypal. This issue force us to review all pending orders and payments. No response from thecartpress site
December 29, 2016
no after payment support. no replies to support or help. does not work as advertised. cannot obtain any after sales support or help. now have to hire third party developer to iron-out problems with code. code is messy. the "company" that sells this plugin is a one-man-band company. avoid.
September 3, 2016
I have been looking for a shop-like WordPress plug-in to start a new project on Internet. I have tested a lot but just this one fits our necessities. Is quite powerful, well programmed, many options, secure. You can define almost every aspect of a shop with the advantage it is very configurable and easily customizable. On the other hand, the support is outstanding. The author is always willing to help you out with any problem or bug you can find and solve it in a blink of an eye. Every single plug-in, programs and other pieces of software are not bug-free. This is not an exception but the most important thing is that it is in constant development and improvement. Thanks!
Read all 28 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Fix an issue in ‘Under construction’ and improved user experience.
  • Fix little bug in ‘ShortCode Generator’ admin panel

  • Improving custom login: redirect_to issues
  • Currency convert: Paypal plugin for not supported currencies
  • UI Improvments in setting pages

  • Improving custom login: redirect_to issues

  • Improving custom login: support for private or draft pages

  • Improving custom login: checks and restores removes pages

  • Improving custom login support


  • Adding support for visual composer

  • Custom login support improvements


  • Fixed support for deprecated PHP language


  • Fixed support for old PHP version


  • New custom login pages

  • Languages issues fixed
  • German files (thanks to Jörg)

  • WordPRess 4.5 compatibility
  • New change Password panel

  • Fixed lost password issue
  • Adds “select2” in select list controls
  • Fixed Grouped products isssue with downloadable items

  • Complete Spanish translation

  • New template hierarchy for Buy button
  • Admin pages list: Quick view to Catalogue, Shopping and Checkout pages

  • Languages update (spanish translation)
  • Javascript bug
  • Sample products file, from


  • Reports: Sales and Best selleres top ten product
  • UI improvements (My downloads)
  • No Cost Payment, setting to set available only for admin user (testing purpouse)

  • French translation updates, thanks to Sophie (


  • Support WordPress 4.4


  • New countries: Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man
  • List tables: future private requirment


  • Sending emails issues
  • Table lists supports


  • Paypal ipn new requirements support
  • Language upgrade


  • Improvement removing products with no stock on searchs


  • Checkout, Billing and Shopping steps: fix issue when region id is required and no regions list
  • Stock manager: When only one unit (or units on stok are added to the shopping cart), hide the buy button and the units field
  • WP 4.3 support


  • Internal improvements in searchs


  • Fixed sent issues in advanced comunications
  • Adding more powerfull template configurations (Theme compatible: custom template for single pages)
  • Improvements in Comments and documentation
  • New filters: tcp_shopping_cart_get_total_for_shipping


  • Copy existing order to shopping cart
  • Address 2 fields not print

  • TopSellers is compatible with TCP Custom Values widget
  • Multisite language compability improvement
  • Security improvements
  • Lost Password page


  • New Notices (templates) to adding to emails for orders status (tcp_checkout_email-PENDING, tcp_checkout_email-PROCESSING, etc.)
  • French translation, thanks to Sophie (
  • Chezk translation

  • Calculate tax by row
  • Updated Czech translations, thanks to Jakub Kadečka

  • Taxonomies improvements (WP 4.0)
  • WPML integration improvements
  • Order Edit improvemetns (Save, send and return)


  • Delayed emails in Manage address, using “Send delayed email” button. To set the number of days to delay the email visit Settings panel
  • PayPal: Immediate Action Required – SSL 3.0 vulnerability (Dec 3, 2014)
  • New Setting: Only search products (There are themes that are not compatible with it)
  • Minor bug with tax decimals display in checkout

  • New Romanian translations, thanks to Mihaela (
  • Paypal bug with ssl version

  • Updated French translations, thanks to Sophie (
  • Updated Czech translations, thanks to Jakub Kadečka
  • Minor bugs fixed


  • Order Edit: One button to save, send and return to orders list
  • Theme Compatibility improvements
  • Minor bug in Custom taxonomy engine

  • Removed two deprecated functions
  • New Setting: allow/avoid to send purchase email to customer and merchant (first email)
  • New filters: adding attachments to customer/merchant emails, and more
  • Taxonomy tree: fix bug for dropdown mode with more than one taxonomy widgets on screen

  • Units: Quadratic meter
  • Custom taxonmy api improvements


  • Checkout: Notice is integrated into Cart
  • Checkout: ‘Retry checkout’ goes to Payment step by default
  • Mails and notices: “tcp_shopping_cart_bottom”
  • Shopping cart: new function “add_attributes”
  • Taxonomy management: allows set one taxonomy to more than one post type
  • Paypal: Supports adding cost to payments via Paypal
  • login shortcode: new attributes (login, register: display true/false)
  • Hooks: more hooks


  • Custom emails: Custom subject, with fields {billing_fistname}, etc.
  • PayPal: Support “Bussines email” different from “Primary PayPal email”
  • Discount detail in Order email and order admin panel
  • QTranslate: improvements

  • Sorting panel: Custom post types
  • My downloads: Network installations
  • Grouped products: Disabled ecommerce features
  • Dynamic options compatibility: “Image size in content” to display dynamic thumbnails
  • Shopping cart Widgets: Usability improvements

  • Filters: More filters (tcp_shopping_cart_row_price, tcp_checkout_cart_row_price)
  • Backend: New Toolbar
  • Last Visited bug fixed
  • Custom List widget: fixed an issue with stock + non-saleable post types
  • Advanced Menu: bug with html code

  • Custom Values: Downloadable product attributes
  • template functions: tcp_get_the_author_name and tcp_get_the_author_name_and_link
  • WP 3.8 support: UI Design for WP 3.8


  • My Account: New links and GUI Improvements
  • Post types configurations
  • Products example xml file
  • Catalogue settings: It didn’t display properly using previous PHP versions
  • New languages: Czech & Catalan
  • XML with Example products

  • Shortcodes/Widgets loops: See discount & See stock settings
  • Product type: External Affiliate products
  • CSS Styles: New buy button styles
  • Custom Post Types: Help messages in Themes Compatibility and Catalogue settings page


  • Product detail: fix hidden content is some themes
  • CardOffLine: fix a bug when using hidden card numbers (thanks to the community)
  • New look & feel
  • Orders List: new orders list in backend
  • Products List: new product list in backend
  • Activated screen: News and notices about new versions
  • Product detail: Thumbnail size setting (thanks to the community)

  • Issue with svn


  • SEPA support: Single Euro Payments Area
  • Custom Login: Allows to select any page as login page
  • UI Improvements: Tabs in product fields
  • Theme Compat: 100% compatibility with all WordPress themes
  • Shortcodes, widgets and archives support multidevices
  • Colored buy button
  • More hooks
  • Load translation file: Checks the languages folder inside the TheCartPress plugin first, and then the default WordPress languages folder.
  • Checkout: New address_2 field and reordering fields in Billing Box or Shipping Box.


  • New Translations updates German and Italian: thanks to the community
  • WishList styles
  • Address List: fix minor bug
  • Catalogue page: add it to default pages check-list
  • Custom Fields: UI improvements
  • Payment and Shipping method List: UI improvements
  • Payment and Shipping method Editor: UI improvements
  • Custom Post Type Engine: UI improvement
  • Checkout: Adding ‘tcp_’ prefix to steps
  • Login: Allowing to select any page for login
  • Stock: Fix minor bug
  • Menus UI Improvement
  • First Time Setup: UI Improvement
  • Author template Improvement

= 1.3.0
* Messages for “Auto Update” for premium plugins
* Admin top bar menu for eCommerce
* Payment methods list: New Icons, and direct links to manage Notices
* Checkout, Payments Box: Displays excerpt of the notices associated to each Payments
* Wish list: improvements
* Shipping cost UI improvements
* Fixed minor bug in retry checkout when using a notice in tcp_checkout_ko


  • Checkout: Shipping and Payment Methods boxes are able to be hidden if only one method is available (new setting)
  • Shipping cost minor bug fixed
  • Attribute List Widget improvements
  • Large shipping and billing fields
  • Download products: the last checkout page display links to downloads products for non registered users
  • Transference: allows two modes: two fields or four fields
  • Custom Templates issue: Templates of categories
  • Front-end support: Copy orders to shopping cart
  • Custom fields: Supports templates. Copy from themes-templates/tcp_custom_field.php to your theme, and modified it.
  • Full internationalization support

  • Custom Javascript: Allows to add Javascript
  • Template for email: tcp_print_order.php & tcp_shopping_cart_email.php


  • Author profile: widget and template function.
  • Improvements in Order management: New Order panel, notes and Emails manager.
  • Theme compatibility: Twentytwelve and Bootstrap
  • Custom Templates: Archives
  • Custom Values Widget: Powerful new widget to see custom fields, taxonomy and other data of the current Product or Post

  • Premium Plugins versioning
  • Addresses: pagination, Merchant can see all addresses
  • Minor bugs from previous version (Thanks to community)


  • Checkout, Shipping and Payment methods: Hide box if only one method is applicable
  • Checkout, Shipping and Payment methods: Display the selected method title in the box title
  • Checkout: Different URL for each step (for Adwords and Analytics), only if permalinks are active (Suggested in the community)
  • Brothers list: Multiple taxonomies, select which ones to use and the relation between them (AND or OR)
  • Brothers list: Sorting products improvements (Suggested in the community)
  • Custom fields: Improvements in the admin panel (Suggested in the community)
  • WPML support: slug (Suggested in the community)
  • BuddyPress support (Suggested in the community)
  • Login widget
  • Login, logout and registration improvements (+ TheCartPress Frontend plugin)
  • Price update: round prices
  • Stock: product out of stock if all options are out of stock
  • Custom fields: new File uploaded type
  • 100% WPML Integration: Payment and Shipping methods, Custom fields, etc.
  • New notice in Billing Box (in checkout)


  • Translated: Product names translated in Shopping cart and checkout
  • Plugins: “If applicable, display only this method”
  • PayPal, new property: redirect automatically (Suggested in the community)
  • Stock: Hide Buy button if no stock (Suggested in the community)
  • Plugins, getNotice: plugins API update
  • TCPRemboursement, Transference update to support getNotice
  • Orders: Update to support getNotice
  • Shortcodes: tcp_navigation_tree shortcode
  • Users login/register panels
  • Theme Compatibility: Archives, Single and Taxonomy templates
  • Theme Compatibility (2): buy button position: South, North or Both.
  • FreeProducts: Payment method for free products
  • Theme Compatibility: add single and taxonomy templates
  • Order edit, Order email: Display status label
  • Authorization and Capture, Authorization Only (Thanks to Douglas Bischoff)

  • Stock management update
  • Address editor: bug fixed
  • “Under Construccion”, “Maintance mode” mode
  • Downloadables products: bug fixed for unregisterd users
  • Product filter by type: bug fixed in back-end
  • class tcp-store in TheCartPress pages, taxonomy, archives or products pages

  • File mising


  • Low Stock email: Adding SKU
  • Checkout: Signin Box, allow to add/remove Guest or Login area
  • Styles: Some default css issues (Suggested in the community)
  • Checkout: Billing Box Ex (extended) some configuration issues (Suggested in the community)
  • Flate rate, shippig methods: Added a minimum amount (Suggested in the community)
  • Navigation Tree: Collapsable (Suggested in the community)
  • Stock: New stock management setting (thanks to the community)
  • Stock: Set stock -1 by default
  • Shortcodes: Order Panel (Suggested in the community)
  • Custom Styles: Allows to add CSS styles
  • Last Visited: Available for thecartpress no eCommerce (Suggested in the community)
  • Card off-line: Current month and year
  • CSS improvements: Less styles, better look
  • Less javascript, only when needed (Suggested in the community)
  • Thumbnails: Image for items with no thumbnail in back-end panels


  • Use Weight: Configure all the eCommerce to use or not weight values
  • Checkout, See tax detail: Allows to display the tax detail in tax column: tax amount (Tax detail%)
  • Loop for twentyten based on themes improvements
  • Login/Profile template tag


  • Ajax Chrome bug (thanks to the community)
  • Order eMail bug (thanks to the community)
  • Checkout setting: Send eMails to Merchant, when customers “click” in Purchase button


  • Ajax Chrome bug (thanks to the community)
  • Merchant not administrator (thanks to the community)
  • Order email (thanks to the community)
  • Checkout Editor: Checkout Cart with more settigns
  • Support New European eCommerce law (Agoust, 2012)


  • Shopping Cart template


  • Ajax eCommerce
  • Drag&Drop eCommerce
  • Settings: New design, Self-commented
  • Loop Settings: Create different configuration for each Post Type
  • Theme Compatibility: New design
  • Theme Compatibility: Create different configuration for each Post Type
  • Loop Settings: Create different configuration for each Post Type
  • Cross Settings list widget
  • Initial Stock: New Product field
  • PayPal for non supported currencies. Manually conversion or using Google API (refresh every 6 hours)
  • Last login: Monitorizing last login. New template tag “tcp_the_last_login”
  • Login form: New version for tcp_login_form
  • Order email: New format
  • Initial quantity: New Product field, allows to configure the units to display next to Buy button
  • Checkout Cart box: New setting to display or not the tax column
  • Custom Field: help info

  • Empty Shopping cart bug (thanks to the community)
  • Minor bugs

  • Stock: not activated setting for hidden out of stock products (thanks to the community)
  • Stock: Sort products by stock, in the Back-end
  • Price: Sort products by price, in the Back-end
  • UI Improvements: Checkout editor, Countries selecion (payment and shipping methods, and settings)


  • UI improvements: Product setup hides/displays fields depending the product type
  • Stock: fixed low stock mails issue and other minor bugs (thanks to the community)
  • Stock: setting for hidden out of stock products (thanks to the community)
  • Grouped: Image size and button to add to the cart fixed (thanks to the community)
  • Buy button: New filter to add more templates for the buy button. Useful for theme designers
  • Buy button: New Field in the Product Setup panel to set the buy button template to use
  • Buy button: New Setup panel to assign buy button template for Custom post type and product type
  • Languages: Portuguese translation (thanks to Ana)
  • Print Order template: customize your order prints and emails
  • Session: Session issue with other plugins
  • Dashboard, Sales chart: More options, Sales chart by month/day, by amount/n.orders

  • minor bugs (thanks to the community)


  • tcp_checkout_order_cart notices
  • Private/public widgets
  • “Buy button” templates: hierarchical!
  • International taxes (thanks to the community)
  • Loop settings are visible with ecommerce disabled
  • Non instanceable methods
  • Stock: new dashboard widget
  • Stock: send email with low stock items
  • Paypal: Payment types: Sale, Authorization, Order

  • minor bugs (thanks to the community)

  • minor bugs (thanks to the community)

  • Top Sellers widget
  • Taxonomy rewrite bug (thanks to the community)
  • CSS responsive styles

  • Notice: “tcp_shopping_cart_empty” is a new template to display a message in the Shopping Cart and Checkout pages (Suggested in the community)
  • Edit Products (saleable post types): SKU search in the backend (Suggested in the community)
  • Bug in tax definition
  • Hooks to add player skins


  • One Loop for all: shortcodes, widgets, template tags, all of them use the same loop, tcp-loop-grid.php.
  • Pagination support: All the loops, generated into TheCartPress, support pagination, including WP-PageNavi plugin
  • Sorting support: All the loops, generated into TheCartPress, support sorting
  • Security updates
  • New styles: More compatibles (for clear or dark themes) and for TwentyTen or Twentyeleven style themes
  • New templates: for TwentyTen or Twentyeleven based themes
  • Last Visited: Support for saleables post type
  • New API: Custom post type/taxonomy API
  • Shipping methods: New Local pick-up shipping method
  • Checkout Cart box: New setting to display or not the weight column


  • Redesign of the core: to make it smaller, to better support for future improvements
  • Shortcodes: now, they allow pagination, make your showcases in seconds
  • Dynamic Options: no-limits in levels of options, no-limits in catalogues
  • Checkout editor – Payment methods: allows to sort the different Payment methods
  • Checkout editor – Shipping methods: allows to sort the different Shipping methods


  • PayPal: New PayPal IPN (thanks to the community)
  • Transaction Payment notification (Suggested in the community)
  • Checkout: Improvements in Login form (Suggested in the community)
  • Edit orders: Fixed html issue
  • Navigation Tree: new property, Use description for title
  • Custom fields: Now, custom fields are for any type of post type.
  • Related list widget: New relations: post » categories of products, product » categories of products and product » categories of posts.
  • More hooks


  • UI enhancements – html5
  • More hooks
  • Usability improvements in product management


  • Dashboard improvements: last orders and graphical view of sales (Thanks to Joy)
  • Integrated Product Options into the core
  • Thumbnails in the front-end for options in simple/grouped products.
  • Fix layout issue between ‘buy button’, thumbnail and the content (or excerpt) (Thanks to community)
  • TCP Taxonomy Tree and TCP Taxonomy Clouds convert to TCP Navigation Tree and TCP Navigation Clouds
  • Separated menu for Payment and Shipping methods
  • Added more useful hooks for plugin development
  • Checkout address list: New title in address select options ( street + city)
  • Improvements in sorting products
  • Theme compatibility: Improvement usability


  • Added more useful hooks for plugin development
  • Support for any product type
  • Thumbnail support on admin panels


  • Allow to add multilingual plugins
  • wp_mail (Thanks to the community)
  • Plugins page: filter for the children of TheCartPress
  • Fixed tax settings bugs (Thanks to the community)
  • Payment/Shipping methods: Apply for downloadable products (Suggested in the community)
  • Speed improvements (2)
  • Custom fields admin page redesign
  • New template function: tcp_get_order_status
  • New filter: tcp_get_order_status
  • No error if Curl is not installed
  • Thumbnail support by default
  • Unified Shopping Carts
  • Postcode verification
  • PayPal payment gateway: shows summary or items in the paypal site (Thanks to Joy)
  • UI enhancements


  • User registration: The registration has been improved in the checkout process
  • Checkout editor
  • ‘Billing Options Extra’ box for checkout
  • Limit in tcp_shortcodes
  • Grid layout (by default) in widgets and tcp_shortcodes
  • Settings: Continue Shopping url (Suggested in the community)
  • Shipping Cost calculate by states/regions (Suggested in the community)
  • Name of Countries internationalisation (Suggested in the community)
  • tcp_checkout_validate_before_enter filter in Checkout (Thanks to the community)
  • Custom fields designer
  • Checkout improvement: Transaction id
  • Settings: Disable eCommerce. To use TheCartPress lika a Famework/API
  • Tax: fixed some bugs (Thanks to the community)
  • Ready for sell any saleable post type
  • html5 support
  • Widget TCP Archives: Custom post type support in Archives plugin
  • Custom templates
  • Custom Post types and custom taxonomies manager
  • Two menus: TheCartPress and TCPress tools
  • Brother list widget: support custom post type
  • Notice menu (tcp_template post type) (Suggested in the community)
  • Improvements in back-end products list (saleable lists)
  • Settings: Position of Buy button (north, south)
  • First time setup
  • Address table: Company tax id in address table (plus custom id and company id) (Suggested in the community)
  • New loop_tcp_grid: easyier to use, no-dependent theme
  • Credit card: store part of the credit card number (Suggested in the community)
  • New CSS styles


  • Simple Wish list (Suggested in the community)
  • Settings: Hide downloadable menu (Suggested in the community)
  • Settings: Products per page (Suggested in the community)
  • Settings: Currency layout (Suggested in the community)
  • Print order from order edit page (Suggested in the community)
  • FlateRate/ShippingCost instance names (Suggested in the community)
  • Tax!: International tax management (Suggested in the community)
  • BuyButton: You could make your own buy buttons (Suggested in the community)
  • New Chekout: Developed again. Now, it’s configurable.
  • Templates
  • Regions/states (Suggested in the community)
  • paymet method (Suggested in the community)
  • Number of decimals for the prices (Suggested in the community)
  • Hide if empty property in Shopping Cart (Summary) Widgets
  • Exclude for range prices: Allows to exclude a product from its parent range price
  • New ShortCode: tcp_price, to show the price of the current product
  • New CSS styles


  • Settings: Decimal point and thousands separator validation
  • Settings: Category and Tag base for products validation
  • Settings: Selected Countries to shipping and billing (Suggested in the community)
  • Assigned products admin: Set list order (Suggested in the community)
  • Checkout + shipping/payment methods: Apply more than one instance per checkout and named instances (Suggested in the community)
  • Checkout: styles (Thanks to the community)
  • Improvements in multilingual support. Now qTranslate is supported (Thanks to the community)
  • Checkout: Country list in current language (Suggested in the community)
  • Orders edit: Suspended orders could be deleted (Suggested in the community)
  • Orders edit: new links to send the order in an email to the customer (billing and shipping email) (Suggested in the community)
  • New settings: see image in content and/or in excerpt (plus size, alignment and link)
  • Added more useful hooks for plugin development
  • Currency symbol
  • Admin bar configuration (Suggested in the community)
  • Settings: What to do after add to the cart (Suggested in the community)


  • Improvements in Buy Button (less code)
  • CVC field, Card type and Cardholder in CC Offline (Suggested in the community)
  • Order editor: button to delete card data (Suggested in the community)
  • Plugin Auto-Checking
  • New Settings: Default Country, Decimal point and thousands separator (Suggested in the community)
  • New templates functions: tcp_number_format and tcp_input_number
  • Checkout improvements (hooks, other costs, validation) (Thanks to the community)
  • Added more useful hooks for plugin development
  • New field in Payment and Shipping methods: Active/Not active
  • TheCartPress Payment and Shipping methods editor: new column to see active/inactive methods
  • Send separate emails to customer and to merchant and when the pay has been done (Thanks to the community)
  • $thecartpress object available for plugin development
  • Checkout page is now child of Shopping cart page
  • Folder for localisation


  • Bug fixed (Thanks to the community)
  • Example themes ready for use


  • Post type Comments Widget
  • ShortCode generator
  • Bug fixed internal version updates
  • Improvements in multilingual support
  • Permalinks in categories/tags/suppliers of products (manageable from settings page)
  • Improvements in widgets ShoppingCart and ResumeShopping
  • Hide invisibles products in the list of products in admin (manageable from settings page) (required WP 3.1)
  • Added more useful hooks for plugin development


  • 7 digits for postal code
  • Visible products by default
  • Order field for products
  • Order panel (widget and function tag)
  • Improvements in Check-out
  • Selection of international organizations


  • Fixed non-visible post/product bug
  • Stock management setting: To enable stock management
  • Disable Shopping cart setting: To use TheCartPress as a catalogue (Suggested in the community)
  • More navigation and usability improvements in widgets
  • Loops in themes and in products lists widgets
  • Improvements in the default css file (for ready to use ecommerce)
  • Example theme: twentytenEcommerce (see themes-templates folder)
  • New payment methods: PayPal, Card off line.


  • Fixed non-visible products in the loops when suppliers taxonomy and product tags taxonomy
  • Stock management
  • More navigation and usability improvements in widgets


  • Supplier taxonomy redefined
  • The widget TCP Custom Post Type List has been divided into three widgets for a more intuitive use: TCP Last visited, TCP Related items, TCP Custom post type Lists
  • Some navigation and usability improvements in widgets
  • Fixed some minor general issues when activating
  • Fixed html format in checkout step one
  • Added shortcuts in shopping cart: Checkout, Empty cart and Continue shopping
  • Added classes in cols for the buy options table
  • Added useful hooks for plugin development
  • Fixed for some php versions: “Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in .plugins/thecartpress/TheCartPress.class.php on line 78”
  • Developed a child WordPress default theme for E-commerce: Twenty Ten E-Commerce Cart 1.0


First public version.