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The Events Calendar Shortcode

Adds shortcode functionality to The Events Calendar Plugin (Free Version) by Modern Tribe.

This plugin adds a shortcode for use with The Events Calendar Plugin (by Modern Tribe).

With this plugin, just add the shortcode on a page to display a list of your events. For example to show next 8 events in the category festival:

[ecs-list-events cat="festival" limit="8"]

Shortcode Options:

  • Basic shortcode: [ecs-list-events]
  • cat - Represents single event category. [ecs-list-events cat='festival']. Use commas when you want multiple categories [ecs-list-events cat='festival, workshops']
  • limit - Total number of events to show. Default is 5. [ecs-list-events limit='3']
  • order - Order of the events to be shown. Value can be 'ASC' or 'DESC'. Default is 'ASC'. Order is based on event date. [ecs-list-events order='DESC']
  • date - To show or hide date. Value can be 'true' or 'false'. Default is true. [ecs-list-events eventdetails='false']
  • venue - To show or hide the venue. Value can be 'true' or 'false'. Default is false. [ecs-list-events venue='true']
  • excerpt - To show or hide the excerpt and set excerpt length. Default is false.
    • [ecs-list-events excerpt='true'] //displays excerpt with length 100
    • [ecs-list-events excerpt='300'] //displays excerpt with length 300
  • thumb - To show or hide thumbnail image. Default is false. [ecs-list-events thumb='true'] //displays post thumbnail in default thumbnail dimension from media settings.
  • You can use 2 other attributes: thumbwidth and thumbheight to customize the thumbnail size [ecs-list-events thumb='true' thumbwidth='150' thumbheight='150']
  • message - Message to show when there are no events. Defaults to 'There are no upcoming events at this time.'
  • viewall - Determines whether to show 'View all events' or not. Values can be 'true' or 'false'. Default to 'true' [ecs-list-events cat='festival' limit='3' order='DESC' viewall='false']
  • contentorder - Manage the order of content with commas. Default to title, thumbnail, excerpt, date, venue. [ecs-list-events cat='festival' limit='3' order='DESC' viewall='false' contentorder='title, thumbnail, excerpt, date, venue']
  • month - Show only specific Month. Type 'current' for displaying current month only [ecs-list-events cat='festival' month='2015-06']
  • past - Show Outdated Events. [ecs-list-events cat='festival' past='yes']
  • key - Order with Start Date [ecs-list-events cat='festival' key='start date']

Additional options in the pro version:

  • design - Shows improved design by default, or set to 'standard' for the regular one and 'compact' for a more compact listing
  • days - Specify how many days in the future, for example [ecs-list-events days="1"] for one day or [ecs-list-events days="7"] for one week
  • tag - Filter by one or more tags. Use commas when you want to filter by multiple tags.
  • id - Show a single event, useful for displaying details of the event on a blog post or page
  • description - Use the full description instead of the excerpt of an event in the listing
  • raw_description - Avoid filtering any HTML (spacing, links, bullet points, etc) in the description
  • raw_excerpt - Avoid filtering any HTML (spacing, links, etc) in the excerpt
  • year - Show only events for a specific year
  • offset - Skip a certain number of events from the beginning, useful for using multiple shortcodes on the same page (with ads in between) or splitting into columns
  • custom design - Create one or more of your own templates for use with the shortcode
  • hiderecurring - To only show the first instance of a recurring event, set to 'true'

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This plugin is not developed by or affiliated with The Events Calendar or Modern Tribe in any way.

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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