This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Link/Obfuscate Telephone Numbers


This plugin will convert telephone numbers to callable links if the user is on
a smartphone. If the user is not on a smartphone you can either give them custom text/format or leave the telephone number in plain text. The text/link telephone number is then obfuscated to
reduce the risk of spambots intercepting your number.

It is also now possible to use the shortcode
[link_obfscate_telephone tel=”???”]
[link_and_obfuscate_telephone_number tel=”???”]

The following options are avaiable:

  • Add custom link text such as “Call Me!”
  • Add custom text for non-smartphone user (eg. different format)
  • Add a custom general CSS class to the output (eg class=”telephone number”)
  • Add a class for mobile only devices (eg class=”mobile_device”)
  • Add a class for no mobile devices (eg class=”non_mobile_devices”)
  • Turn the link feature off so that just plain telephone numbers are displayed
  • Turn the HTML_entities option on or off
  • Turn noscript on or off
  • Add a custom noscript message

This plugin is based upon and a re-write of the plugin at


  • This shows how the plugin affects numbers on a non-mobile device in the plaintext format (custom non_mobile_text screenshot to follow).
  • this shows how the plugin affects numbers on a mobile device.
  • This shows the result of clicking on either of the links in the previous mobile screen.
  • This shows the resulting HTML from both the non-mobile device.


To use this plugin you can:
1. Upload the plugin folder to your “wp-content/plugins/” folder
1. Search from within the plugin screen in your admin pages for “Link/Obfuscate Telephone Numbers”
You should then activate the plugin from within the plugin admin screen

To use the plugin place the shortcode [link_and_obfuscate_telephone_number] or
[link_obfuscte_teleophone] where you want your code to appear. Inside the shortcode should be a minimum
of a “tel” tag containing the telephone number you wish to act upon. Other options available are:

  • tel –> The number to you want to action
  • link –> enter link=”0″ to disable links
  • debug –> debug=”1″ will output debugging information
  • link_text –> Will change the link text eg link=”Call Me”
  • non_mobile_text –> display different text/a different format to the user eg non_mobile_text= “+44 (0) 1226 123456”
  • css_class –> Surround the output in a custom class
  • mobile_css_class –> Apply a custom class to mobile only devices
  • non_mobile_css_class –> Apply a custom class to to non mobile devices
  • use_noscript_fallback –> Turn off the message
  • noscript_message –> customise the noscript message

Simple example

[link_and_obfuscate_telephone_number tel="1234567890"]

As an example you could use:

    link_text="Call Me"
    non_mobile_text="+44 (0) 01226 1234567"
    noscript_message="JS not enabled"]

You may or may not be able to write the shortcode in the multiline format depending on your system configuration.
If you are unable to then simply list the shortcode attributes on a single line


Why should I obfuscate telephone numbers?

Telephone numbers are as succeptable to spambots as emails are and it makes
perfect sense to obfuscate telephone numbers if you are obfuscating email

Why create links on smartphones?

Modern Smartphones are capable of recognising tel: links that can take the
referenced telephone number and place a call to it, therefore saving you the
trouble of writing a telephone number down on one screen to switch to the
dialler and enter it in there.


September 13, 2016
There's a typo in the shortcode, should be (add the "u"): [link_obfuscate_telephone tel="???"] I don't understand how to use the additional features but this solved my problem of phone numbers not being clickable on mobile. In some places my theme overwrites the typical blue clickable mobile numbers with black. I am trying to use Mobile_css_class to force it back to blue but I can't figure out how to do it.
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Contributors & Developers

“Link/Obfuscate Telephone Numbers” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added mobile_css_class and non_mobile_css_class to the previous entry


  • Added class property that wraps the output to allow styling of links or text


  • Tested on WordPress version 3.7
  • Added non_mobile_text attribute to display a custom message or a custom format to non smartphone users


  • Much better debugging facilities


  • Copied readme description over to php file


  • Upgraded code to enable the use of a more verbose or less verbose shortcode
  • Added example to short description so that it’s obvious how to use it from the plugin page on readme page
  • Made clear in readme that it cannot be a multi-line code


  • Plugin accepted to WordPress Plugin Directory so this is verion 1.0


  • Upgraded to deccent folder structure and set to upgradable format
  • Re-wrote readme file