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Task Scheduler

Provides a task management system.

Do you have specific tasks which need to run at your desired time? Do you use WordPress as a proxy to generate data from external sources? As WordPress has evolved into a phase of application platforms, a more enhanced task management system needed to emerge.

Currently, with WP Cron, if you register, for example, 1000 tasks to run immediately and one of them stalls, it affects all the other actions preventing them from being loaded at the scheduled time. Also, the scheduled tasks won't be triggered if there is no visitor on the site. The goal of this plugin is to resolve such issues and become the perfect solution for WordPress powered back-end application servers to provide full-brown API functionalities.

What it does

  • (optional) creates periodic background access to the site.
  • triggers tasks registered by the site owner at desired time or interval.

Built-in Actions

  • Delete Posts - Performs bulk deletion of posts based on the post type, post statuses, taxonomy, and taxonomy terms.
  • Send Email - Sends email to specified email addresses.

Custom Action Modules


This is designed to be fully extensible and developers can add custom modules including actions and occurrence types.

Some of the possibilities of custom modules include bulk post status change (post expiration), compress files in a certain directory and send it as an email attachment, clean up transients etc.

If you need a custom module, let us know it!

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.2
Last Updated: 2015-5-12
Active Installs: 70+


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