This plugin enables you to automatically advertise products from which are specifically related to…

WarkenSoft Productions 1,000+ active installs Tested with 3.1.4 Updated 6 years ago

Prosperent Suite

Make Money on Your Blog with a Full Shop, Product Inserts, and Direct-to-Merchant Links from…

Prosperent Brandon 1,000+ active installs Updated 2 months ago


A simple yet advanced, intuitive, easy-to-use and complete currency converter plugin with a beautiful unique…

Firman Wandayandi 900+ active installs Tested with 3.3.2 Updated 5 years ago

Open Currency Converter

Convert currencies within the text of a post or page.

David Artiss 900+ active installs Tested with 4.8.1 Updated 3 weeks ago

Amazon Product Feeder

Amazon Product Feeder is a WordPress plugin which will help you to create amazon product…

Susanta K Beura 600+ active installs Tested with 4.0.18 Updated 3 years ago

Show Stock Quotes by 99 Robots

Display up to 20 stock quotes per portfolio. Each widget instance is considered a portfolio,…

99 Robots 500+ active installs Tested with 4.8.0 Updated 2 months ago

Donation Widget

More than just a button – includes progress meter & photo – available in 3…

GoFundMe 400+ active installs Tested with 3.0.5 Updated 7 years ago WordPress Plugin

Monetize your site with, this plugin able to convert your links to, no…

Internet Marketing Dojo 200+ active installs Tested with 4.5.9 Updated 1 year ago

WordPress PayPal Donation

This plugin adds a PayPal donation button to posts and/or theme.

Thomas Stachl, Alberto Buschettu 100+ active installs Tested with 2.8.4 Updated 8 years ago

VigLink SpotLight By ShortCode

Adding VigLink Spotlight to your site enhances your content by showcasing the products discussed on…

Susanta K Beura 100+ active installs Tested with 4.0.18 Updated 3 years ago

U.S. Debt Clock Widget

This plugin creates a widget displaying the most recently available amount of the U.S. National…

Chris Hardie 100+ active installs Tested with 4.7.5 Updated 5 months ago

WP Invoices Ultimate

Simple to use invoicing system that can intergrate with Paypal. Very simple, very flexble.

Lee Mason 90+ active installs Tested with 3.3.2 Updated 5 years ago