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Today, most of the people prefer to buy things online. From a pen drive to expensive luxury items, one can find everything on the internet. But while surfing for online shopping, most of the people like to talk with the business or sales representative, to make a correct buy and avoid further inconvenience. Do you know that almost 83% of the total number of potential customers would require customer assistance while making an online purchase?

And there are almost 45% of customers, who will cancel their plan to purchase goods online, only because they don’t find any customer support quickly to give answer to their doubts related to the product purchase. It is an obvious fact that the businesses that interact with their potential customers have an increase in their sales and generate more revenue as compared to the other businesses. Thus, it’s important to not lose customers only because of the assistance reason. This may cost a heavy loss to the business and for the small business this loss is inevitable.

To provide assistance to the customers online, the WordPress plug-in of Tagove can help you a great way. It makes the people or the potential customers to interact with the business sales representatives online at the real time. That provides convenience and support to the customer while purchasing and they get a great experience of service. This will also make the trust and faith of the customers on the company and they become regular loyal customers.

With the Tagove’s new WordPress plug-in, the visitors on the business website can easily make a direct conversation, with the help of a widget. They can also manage different multiple conversations by using the online dashboard feature. The key features that the Tagove’s live chat option provides are as follows:

Mobile Optimized:
Mobile optimized feature in the widget provide flexibility and convenience to the potential customers. Now the customers can easily chat with the business representatives, with their mobile phones easily. They are not required to add any special device or use their laptops to do a chat. Without any lag, with mobile phones the visitors can convey their query and get the solution, easily. The WordPress plug-in will optimize the mobile phones for the chat widget; and allow you to make a smooth conversation.

Proactive Chat:
This feature enables the representative to talk with more than a single person at a time. This will provide reliable service to the customers and they don’t have to wait for so long to make the conversation with the representative. If there is a little delay in the service then the potential customer will change his mind and avoid the purchase due to any reason. Thus, this proactive feature helps the business representative to have more than one conversation at a time. This will also reduce the cost of business by avoid hiring of more number of employees to handle a large number of potential customers.

With the proactive chat feature, one can increase the chances of more sales and customer engagements. In this feature, triggers are used that makes the representative to automatically reach each visitor. This will reduce the time consumption of switching from one client to other and help in a fast conversation.

Advanced Analytics:
This is a very crucial feature that the Tagove’s new WordPress plug-in will provide. This helps the business marketing strategy team to make proper strategies for the future on the basis of data and statics, collected by the advanced analytics tool of Tagove’s Plug-in. With this feature, one can easily know the visitor’s flow, its usage patterns, and make you know the points that are needed to improve. This will help in managing the things more properly and increase the sales of products for the company.

Live Video Chat:
The system is specifically designed to cater the need of a business to have an effective means of communication with their customers without the need for both of them to be at the same place. You can fully interact with your customers as if you are talking with them personally. We using WebRTC and Flash Technology for video chat to support all the browser and platform.

Live Voice Call:
Live voice chat is another means of communication. Here we don’t need the phone to dial the number and go thought with different different option. Our unique live phone call support application allows you to remove your video chats into a simple voice chat with your customers.

Co Browsing Software:
Our co browsing software help to customer when they face the issue with placing an order, using SaaS software then your customer would simply do the Live video chat with co browsing feature with the customer care to show the error he or she is facing, and the same can be done by the customer care to demonstrate the solution. Our Co Browsing Software works without install any third party software and its work instantly.

Screen Share – Most customers aren’t tech experts so they may need additional support. Our screen-sharing feature is very effective as it allows your agents to gain temporary access to your customers’ computer and guide them through the process. It’s seamless and fluent and provides a full HD experience for both parties with just a click of a button.

Live Call Recording – Our voice and video recording feature let’s you record your calls in real time. Agent can always use this features to get live feedback. Some of our customers using this feature to train their agents on customer queries.

What makes Tagove as one of the best choice for the live chat?

Tagove provides reliable live chat to the people all across the world at the most affordable prices. It has different versions for the business and personal use. This Tagove’s live chat option will provide a user friendly dashboard that will make one aware of all the user activities and manage the live chats. We provide live chat software and assistance 24 x 7 hours, from the well trained experts of the industry. The services of live chat are widely available in more than 40 languages. Tagove use the HTML5 dashboard which is quite easy to understand and even a non- technical person can handle it. The software can easily integrate with the prominent software’s such as UserVoice, vTiger, Highrise, Batchbook, Salesforce, Zendesk, and many more others.

To install the Tagove’s live chat wordpress plug-in, one has to just configure the plug-in and its installation is done. This plug-in will work best with the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox 2, internet explorer 6, Safari and Google Chrome. After installation you should check that any firewall will not restrict its functioning. As in case, if the plug-in is not working well then you should take help of your server administrator. This plug-in is totally free but to use it for the business purpose, one has to spend a nominal amount for the paid version. There are many advantages of the paid version as compared with the free version.

Thus, the Tagove’s all new WordPress live chat Plug-in can solve most of your business problems and make it easy for you to do business. It is recommended to get the paid version for good experience. For the trial version, you have to just make an inquiry at the official website of the Tagove. Our representative will provide the free trial version as soon as possible. Adopt the Tagove’s all new wordpress plug-in to make your business run smoother and get maximum profit. Book your order now for the live chat wordpress plug-in.

Should you need any assistance, feel free to chat with our customer advocates on http://www.tagove.com or email us at support@tagove.com

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  • Login screen
  • Integration has been done


  1. Install tagove either via the WordPress.org plugin directory, other download plugin then unzip the contents of tagove-wordpress.zip
  2. Move tagove-wordpress folder inside your wordpress’s ‘wp-content/plugins’ folder
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. You will now see Tagove menus in your wordpress admin section, open that tagove menu
  5. Login to your tagove account and then you are done!


I don’t have an account, where to register for new account

You can register for new tagove account at tagove.com

How to remove or uninstall tagove plugin

Its simply as you install, go to wordpress plugins section, find tagove plugin click ‘Deactivate’ then click ‘Uninstall’

How can i chat with my customers?

Once you’ve installed Jetpack, you access everything at app.tagove.com


Very good plugin

I really like this plugin .. actually its simple to install and their services better then others… bec they provide video and voice call and also free… can’t believe. but love it.

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