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The Swiftype Search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search with a better, more relevant search engine. It also gives you detailed insight into what your users are searching for, so you know which keywords to target when customizing your search engine results. The Swiftype search plugin is WordPress VIP-approved and already used on huge sites. The search plugin is complemented by our dashboard, full-featured developer API, and powerful analytics. Manage search results with drag and drop and see the changes reflected instantly.

The base ranking algorithm is based on industry best-practices for search and provides more relevant results by default, but we also allow for any result set to be fully customized via our drag-and-drop interface for result reordering. To make customizations you simply create a Swiftype account and install the Swiftype Search plugin. You can then login to our dashboard to customize results and read through detailed search analytics. See the short demo video below for more details.

Do you have a mobile app displaying content from your WordPress site? Swiftype’s mobile SDKs make it simple to add powerful search to your mobile apps. Combine our WordPress plugin with our mobile SDKs to create the same search experience on your site and in your app.


  • Search runs on our powerful servers – it doesn’t bog down your site, even if you have hundreds of thousands of posts.
  • Works with your theme’s search.php template – drop in the Swiftype search plugin and it just works.
  • Fast typeahead autocomplete search suggestions based on titles, tags, and author names.
  • Search results automatically update when you save, delete, or change search content.
  • Re-order search results with drag-and-drop from your Swiftype Dashboard.
  • Impactful search analytics help you understand your users.

Advanced Customization

  • Modify what types of posts and categories are searched or weight fields like title more heavily by adding a filter.
  • Change the autocomplete behavior with JavaScript.

Read our WordPress search customization tutorial for details.

WP-CLI Support

Swiftype Search supports WP-CLI.

To see the available commands type wp swiftype in your WordPress install directory.

The CLI is particularly useful if you have a large number of posts (more than 10,000) because it can synchronize posts with Swiftype more quickly by controlling the indexing batch size. Also, the CLI provides an option to destructively reindex the contents of your WordPress site which will be faster if you have a large number of deleted posts or simply want to start fresh.

To index your WordPress site with the CLI, make sure you have WP-CLI installed and configure the plugin with your API key and search engine. Then run:

wp swiftype sync

To index more content at once, increase the batch size:

wp swiftype sync --index-batch-size=100

In general, using a larger batch size will be faster. However, the size of the batch you can use is determined by how large your posts are on average.

Modifying search parameters

The Swiftype Search plugin provides a filter called swiftype_search_params that allows you to modify the search parameters before they are sent to Swiftype.

For example, to add a filter so only pages are returned by the search results, you can add the following to your functions.php file:

function swiftype_search_params_filter( $params ) {
    $params['filters[posts][object_type]'] = array( 'page' );

    return $params;

add_filter( 'swiftype_search_params', 'swiftype_search_params_filter', 8, 1 );

For more details, check out our WordPress customization tutorial and the Swiftype Search API documentation.

Modifying the query string

The Swiftype Search plugin provides a filter called swiftype_search_query_string that makes it easier to modify the query string before it is sent to Swiftype.

For example, to add a term to every query string, you can add the following to your functions.php file:

function swiftype_search_query_filter( $query ) {
    return $query . ' ThisWillAlwaysBeInEveryQuery';

add_filter( 'swiftype_search_query_string', 'swiftype_search_query_filter', 8, 1 );

You can use this filter to pre-process queries before they are executed.

Adding Faceted Search Results

The Swiftype Search plugin provides the swiftype_render_facets theme function to allow you to easily add faceting to your search results page. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Add a swiftype_search_params_filter function to your theme’s functions.php file that adds facet parameters to the search.

    The version below will facet on tags and category:

    function swiftype_search_params_filter( $params ) {
        $params['facets[posts]'] = array( 'tags', 'category' );
        return $params;
    add_filter( 'swiftype_search_params', 'swiftype_search_params_filter', 8, 1 );
  2. Add a swiftype_render_facets() call to your search.php template. This is what actually renders the facets. You should place it where you want the facets to be rendered:

    <?php swiftype_render_facets(); ?>
  3. (Optional) Style the facets using CSS. You can target div.st-facets for your CSS rules to only affect the content inside the facets container.


  • Detailed, real-time analytics show you what your users are searching for, click on, and even what they are having trouble finding.
  • Result controls let you customize everything – reorder results, remove bad results, and add custom results.1. The Swiftype search analytics dashboard. Here you see your Top Queries, Top Content by Click-throughs, Top Queries with No Result, and Search Trends over time.


  1. Go to http://swiftype.com and sign up for an account. (Be sure to validate your account via the confirmation email we send.)
  2. After logging in to Swiftype, go to the Account Settings screen and get your API key.
  3. Install the Swiftype Search WordPress plugin in your WordPress dashboard.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  5. Go to the Swiftype Search plugin page and enter your Swiftype API key on the first screen.
  6. Name your search engine, following the instructions on the screen.
  7. Build your search index by clicking the “Synchronize with Swiftype” button.

See the Demo video for additional details, or email support@swiftype.com if you are having trouble.


If your questions are not answered here, check our Q&A forum, or email support@swiftype.com for help.

Where do I sign up for a Swiftype search account?

Sign up for an account at http://swiftype.com. Plans start at $299.

Why don’t search results in the Swiftype Dashboard match what’s displayed on my site?

This is usually caused by your theme not using query_posts properly and affecting search as a result. Fortunately, it is easy to fix the search results.

Does Swiftype search support WordPress Multisite?

You can install the plugin for each site with its own search engine, but we don’t have a way yet to index an entire Multisite network yet. But stay tuned!


Costly, doesn’t search pages

HUGE WEAKNESS: It doesn't search your pages. The search functionality is creates doesn't search your pages. It only searches your posts. SECOND WEAKNESS: Swiftype is NOT FREE. It is COSTLY. You are paying a third party to run a server to search your website and create "relevant" search from the data it obtains from your website. And if it gets the relevance wrong, you have to manually correct it on their website. This is tedious work. The minimal cost is $79 a month and goes up the searches and documents are used on your website. BASIC COST OF SWIFTYPE: STANDARD Search Account: Your site is crawled once every 3 days - so any updates won't show up for 3 days. $79 PER MONTH for 5k documents, 50k searches, 1 engine + $25 per additional 5k documents + $25 per additional 50k searches + $50 per additional engine --- PRO Search Accouint: Your site is crawled every 12 hours - so any updates won't show up for 12 hours. $199 PER MONTH for 10k documents, 100k searches, 1 engine + $25 per additional 5k documents + $25 per additional 50k searches + $100 per additional engine ---

Potential Horrible Aftertaste Alert!

Super plugin, no doubt on that score. Seems to lack many of the features (image, excerpt etc) of the other 'instant search' engines, but that shouldn't matter as usually these features are outweighed by costs. Except in the case apparently of Swiftype, who for some inane reason are charging DOUBLE the amount of other engines. I did find an engine earlier that were offering a free plan, complete with images and excepts, which I won't mention here for fear of being tarred a headhunter, but no matter how adept Swiftype is, they will lose out every time to these new companies coming along. I think they call it - 'power to the people' - yes?

Ужасный плагин !

Доброго времени суток, тестировал для своего сайта плагины для поиска, этот плагин сразу запросил API, зарегистрировался без проблем, только как оказалось этот плагин бесплатный на 14 дней, дальше нужно приобретать его, самый дешевый вариант 299 доларов, однако зачем мне приобретать на сайт визитку где посещаемость в месяц 20 человек ? По стоимости больше чем сам некоммерческий проект. Каждый разработчик зарабатывает как может и сам выбирает путь, но политика этого плагина мне не понравилась.

Too expensive

I'm sure Swiftype is a good service but I think it's overpriced. Their PRO plan is good for nothing as all the goodies are for the Business plan which will cost you 249 $ per month I pay that much for my VPS.
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  • Bugfix for Issue #34: Removed undefined variable $retries.
  • Bugfix for Issue #35: Removed use of deprecated create_function method.


  • Export JS changes to min files.


  • Added option to override renderFunction.


  • Added documentation.
  • Added a public function for developers.


  • Made deletion message clear that we only delete trashed posts.


  • Minor updates


  • Made compatible with WordPress 4.1.


  • Refactor public search api to allow for integration options with other plugins.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.1.


  • Fix error that caused some titles in the autocomplete dropdown to display as “undefined”.


  • Add swiftype_render_facets theme function to support faceting on the search results page.


  • Tested with WordPress 4.0.


  • WP-CLI commands. If you use WP-CLI, you can now use the command line to index your content much faster. Great for large sites. Type wp swiftype in your WordPress directory for details.
  • Add swiftype_search_query_string filter to make modifying the query easier. Thanks to Paul Morrison for the patch.


  • Streamline script concatenation.


  • Skip NULL documents in indexing API request. You can use the swiftype_document_builder filter to exclude documents from the search engine by returning NULL.
  • Remove development files from the released version of the plugin for smaller download size.


  • Fix an issue that caused the plugin to repeatedly check for API authorization in the WordPress admin.


  • Faster assets using our CDN.


  • Better support for WordPress 3.8.


  • Allow editors and contributors to update posts in index.


  • Allow JavaScript functions for autocomplete dropdown configuration.
  • Add theme functions for accessing Swiftype search results and total number of results.
  • Add unit tests to the plugin.


  • Add support for tracking search result clicks. Now you’ll be able see top clicked content in the Swiftype Dashboard.
  • Fix an issue displaying search results when a deleted post hasn’t been deleted from Swiftype.


  • Add support for customizing functional boosts and number of items returned by the autocomplete, as well as disabling the autocomplete entirely
  • Handle thumbnail URLs that fail to load


  • Work around SSL verification issue on some systems


  • Added a filter to the end of document creation to allow for additional fields to be indexed.
  • Moving all api calls to https


  • Remove API calls on set engine screen


  • Allow customization of autocomplete through JavaScript variables


  • Rename category filter search widget


  • Improved synchronization of posts with Swiftype


  • Support for indexing custom post types
  • Improved synchronization of posts with Swiftype


Initial release.