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January 19, 2017
Great plug in. Does exactly what I need it to do. Nothing super fancy...but has all the necessary bells and whistles. I am currently using the free version and like it better in many ways than a competitor's offering that was paid only. Also received quick response from support...which is important for any plug in. Thank you
September 22, 2016
Great Plugin with all features survey may need. All useful features are free. Survey looks great on both mobile and desktop. And plugin has fast and professional support. Thanks !
September 3, 2016
I was testing a survey form on my site, navigated away from the site and edited the form and then came back and refreshed the page to see the change. I could no longer access my site from my Internet connection even though it showed when I viewed it from a separate connection. I checked with others, the site was up for a while, then no longer available and so on. I contacted Ben Werner who replied, explained to me that it wasn't possible that the plugin was responsible (I am still not convinced!!) and stayed with me until the issue was resolved. It took a few hours. and he was there the entire time, checking on the site code, checking on me, trying to offer helpful advice. In fact, I could finally solve the problem following Ben's advice when my hosting provider's support staff was ...never mind, there's no way I can explain what they were doing using civil language. I am never going to use Ignitefeedback again. That much is certain. But the point here is, any plugin can cause a problem. Not much of a rartiy, that. Just because something does not work for me doesn't mean it is worthless. In any case, it is possible that the plugin was there at the wrong time and wrong site! Maybe something else caused the issue. Whatever it might be, when problems happen you look for support. And I got support, and more. I call that a Five Star experience. I don't care that the plugin did not (apparently) work for me, I am still going to happily give it a five star rating just for the kind of support Ben Werner provided. Thanks again Ben 🙂
September 3, 2016
Installed fast and setup fine. You create the questions on their website which is an easy task but what is not clear is that their paid plans are tiered based upon number of responses. If you are doing a proper survey 25 responses is pathetic and invalid (the free plan). The only useful plan is $400 per month. The "hoobyist" is $25 per month and gives you a whopping 250 responses (still not statistically enough). Being said if my clients had the budget and really wanted to survey their visitors in an attractive way this tool would work. As-is the free version is a waste of your time. They really need to make it more clear in the FAQ and/ or description.
September 3, 2016
The plugin works great aside from the fact that I can't change it's width to make it look better on my website. Aside from that, it's an easy to use system that takes little work to put up a poll on a blog.
September 3, 2016
We've been seeing an increasingly high bounce-rate on our site and I'm going to finally find out why. Even better, we're going to find out without spending a bunch of money (or any money). Thanks for the free plan, it makes life so much better for many of us!
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