This plugin adds to WordPress the features of a complete helpdesk ticket system. Easy to configure and easy to use is our first priority.

This plugin is result of our 4+ years of experience with WP Support Plus Responsive Ticket System trusted by more than 10,000+ active users. This plugin is one step ahead in order to simplicity, functionality and extendability.

Shortcodes :

[supportcandy] - All In One support features for front-end. Page having this must be selected as support page in general setting of SupportCandy.
[wpsc_create_ticket] - Create ticket form. Can be used as contact form.

Core Features :

  • GDPR Compatible: This plugin is fully compatible with GDPR Law.
  • Unlimited Tickets: There is no limit of tickets can be created in free version.
  • Unlimited Agents: You can create any number of agents so that you can divide your workload of replying tickets.
  • Ajax functionality: Almost every functionality is Ajax based so that its operational speed is at its best.
  • Front-end & Backend interface for agents: There is no need to pay anything to give your agents ability to manage their tickets on front-end. Agent can simply access tickets from same page where users can. Lots of settings given to maintain agent view and customer view. For example, agent should see columns which customers should not see, agent filters and customer filters, default orderby for agents and customers, number of tickets agent & customer can see, etc.
  • Guest Tickets: Often users do not like to create an account to raise ticket. This is very important feature for many websites where sales comes from answering questions and you may loose potantial customers just beause some of them do not like to create account. Guest tickets is very powerful tool and most importantly, it is absolutely free.
  • File Attachments: Files can not only be attached to description of ticket but also you can create any number of custom fields of type attachment.
  • Responsive Design: It is designed to work on any possbile screen size so that you can operate anytime, anywhere. It is recommended to use full-width template for support page so that it will work smoothly.
  • HTML Editing of Tickets: Description is TinyMCE powered so that users get editor to explain things easily
  • Custom Fields: SupportCandy comes with 10 in-built custom field types – Text Field, Drop-Down, Checkboxes, Radio Button, Textarea, Date (calendar input), URL, Email, Number Only, File Attachments, etc.
  • Agent Only fields (Fields visible only to agents in ticket): These are custom fields for agents only. It is not available in ticket form but for agents use after ticket has been created.
  • Private Notes: It is available for agents to save private notes to ticket (not visible to customer). It can used as internal communication among agents in ticket.
  • Ticket Form: Customizable ticket form allows you design your ticket form as per your requirement. You can even add extra information about any field to explain more about the ticket field to the users.
  • Advanced Filter: You can filter almost anything in ticket list with its powerful advanced filter. You can save filters so that they are available just one click to apply on ticket list.
  • Email Notifications: Customizable email notification templates available for you to customize as per your requirement. You can make use of macro tags for ticket specific information which gets replaced dynamically. Also, you can set conditions (rules) to send email notifications if it is matched. Conditions include any custom field which has options such as status, category, priority; custom fields such as drop-down fields, radio button, Checkbox fields, etc.

Premium Add-Ons :

  • WooCommerce Integration – Adds Support Tab in My Account, Create Ticket from Product Page, Help button for orders, Customer can select order in ticket form, Agent can view customer orders.
  • Email Piping – Create or Reply ticket from comfort of email account. You can provide dedicated email address to your customers such as so that they can send email which get converted to ticket to manage further. There are two types of piping available, IMAP and Gmail.
  • Canned Reply – Allows your agent to save reply which can be used in any ticket. It requires couple of click to insert reply in description.
  • Assign Agent Rules – Set conditions to assign agent automatically when new ticket is created.
  • SLA (Service Lavel Agreement) – Calculate due date based on set of rules for tickets to match. Remaining time is shown in ticket list if added SLA field to ticket list.
  • Satisfction Survey – Send an email to rate ticket based on assigned agent performance. Optionally customer can provide feedback to ticket.
  • Automatic Close Tickets – Close tickets after x days of inactivity. Sending warning email before x days of closing.
  • Usergroup – Allow group of users to access each others ticket. Useful where your customer is an agency where multiple people can raise tickets and see tickets raised by other people in same agency.
  • Agentgoup – Allows you to assign ticket to group of agents so that any agent of the group has permission to view and manage ticket just like individually assigned ticket.
  • Schedule Tickets – Create recurring tickets every x days/months from custom start date.
  • Knowledgebase Integrations – Integrates popular knowledgebase plugins for wordpress with your helpdesk. This includes integrations of Knowledgebase by PressApps and WP Knowledgebase.
  • FAQ Integrations – Integrates popular FAQ plugins for wordpress with your helpdesk. This includes integrations of Ultimate FAQ and Arconix FAQ.
  • Export Tickets – Export tickets to CSV format so that you can use it for various purposes such as generate reports.

Examples areas of use :

  • Helpdesk
  • Technical Support
  • Trouble Ticket
  • Customer Relations
  • Software Release Lifecycle Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Company, Hotel or Real Estate Service-Desk
  • To-Do List Management

Available Translations :

  • French (France)
  • German (Germany)
  • Turkish (Turkey)
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Greek (Greece)
  • Italian (Italy)

It is translation ready. If you are translator, you can get free access of all premium add-ons for lifetime in exchange to translating it in your language if language is not available already. Lifetime access will depend until you continue translating future strings. If interested, please contact us via our support page.


  • Ticket list view
  • Create ticket
  • Open ticket view
  • Email Piping workflow (premium)
  • SLA genral settings (premium)
  • Add SLA Policy (premium)
  • SLA Policy List (premium)
  • Caneed Reply (premium)
  • Usergroups (premium)
  • Add assign agent rule (premium)
  • Assign agent rule list (premium)
  • Satisfction survey email (premium)
  • Satisfction survey feedback & rating shown in ticket (premium)
  • Satisfction survey settings (premium)
  • Agentgroups (premium)


This plugin is almost plug and play! Please follow few steps below:

  • Activate plugin
  • Create new page with shortcode [supportcandy]. We recommend using full-width template for this page so that it works as per your expectations.
  • Go to Support -> Settings -> General and select support page created above. Also review all other settings if you would like to change defaults.

Now your customers can create tickets from your support page. Your agents can also access tickets on same page or from back-end. Please contact us via our support page in case you need any help to get started.


Excellent Support/helpdesk plugin

This is an excellent support plugin by an experienced developer with good insight into what makes for well organized, designed and powerful set of features for a robust helpdesk plugin. Their support for the plugin is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Perfect Product for a fair Price!

I can say the product does exactly what i wanted and for a fair price!

Some information – please look at the opening hours – some people do need sleep! 🙂 that was my mistake I did not noticed that … SO my appologies for all the hard working People @ SupportCandy and a 6th star for Neha and Goraksh

Excellent Plugin!! The Best Support plugin for WordPress

I’m thoroughly impressed and incredibly happy with this plugin, It’s really easy to set up, intuitive, and very well presented. I’ve used JS Support and Awesome support, JS Support is slow, annoying slow. sometimes it doesn’t send customer replies or posts replies from customers. i just get a blank message. and again, it’s painfully slow and very bloated with useless features. Awesome support is fairly decent, but unreliable, and any useful features are locked down. sometimes i get email notifications and sometimes i don’t which can really unnecessarily stress my relationship with my subscribers.Setting up Awesome support is unnecessarily complicated to add sending and receiving email addresses. With Support candy thats is incredibly simplified. Support candy just works, is robust, customizable, and is very snappy and quick compared to the others, if it keeps serving me this well after a month, i’ll likely buy it. Thank you support candy for making a very useful free version! with out that, i likely would not have considered buying it. Great plugin!!

The Best Plug n Play Support Plugin

I was searching for several years a plugin like this. I never give up and suddenly I found SupportCandy. Like the name says: Support and sweet.
If you subscribe to a plan the support of the plugin is helping you and they listen to you. I had some suggestion and they put it on the updated version.
I’m using it now for one project but I have many ideas to use it out of the box.
Great stuff, plugin and service.
Thanks for developing such anice plugin.
Best regards

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V 1.1.1 (October 25, 2018)

  • New Feature : Setting to disable description attachments for guest ticket form.
  • Fix : Performance improvements.

V 1.1.0 (October 19, 2018)

  • New Feature : Permanent delete ticket feature
  • New Feature : Setting to manage ticket url visibility. Ticket URL can be set to require login to see ticket content.
  • New Feature : Log out button added on ticket list action bar.
  • Fix : Performance improvements.
  • Fix : Condition rules does not work for same ticket fields.
  • Fix : Deleted ticket should not be accesible via ticket url.
  • Fix : Unable to use $ sign in ticket notification emails.
  • Fix : Add image link button hides under pop-up in agent settings.
  • Fix : Ticket status does not change for awaiting agent reply status if user reply via ticket url page in guest mode.

V 1.0.9 (October 06, 2018)

  • Fix : Conflict with some Page-Builders while saving pages.

V 1.0.8 (October 01, 2018)

  • New Feature : GDPR Compatibility. Export personal data, ananymise ticket data for erase personal request, personal data retention, setting to set whether custom field is accept personal data, etc. Export and erase feature is available in core wordpress tool for GDPR.
  • New Feature : Show unresolved ticket count on dashboard menu “Support”.
  • New Feature : Apperance setting for advance filter.
  • Fix : Attachments are not sending in email notifications.
  • Fix : Unable to create ticket on French language site.
  • Fix : Ticket widgets are not showing in some cases.

V 1.0.7 (September 15, 2018)

  • New Feature : New shortcode [wpsc_create_ticket]
  • New Feature : User registration form.
  • New Feature : Open ticket widget re-order setting.
  • New Feature : Setting to disable rich text editor for guest users.
  • New Feature : Apperance setting for login & registration form.
  • Fix : Date filter not showing correct results.
  • Fix : Create ticket validation issue on Firefox browser.

V 1.0.6 (September 07, 2018)

  • New Feature : Apperance Setting added. Now you can change custom color combinations for SupportCandy features & pages.
  • New Feature : Term & Conditions checkbox in create ticket to force customer to agree your Terms & Conditions.
  • New Feature : GDPR consent as checkbox to let customer know that you are collecting private data. He must agree to your privacy policy to create a ticket.
  • New Feature : Setting to disable reply if ticket is closed.
  • New Feature : Multiple login options. You can choose login form from Default SupportCandy, WP Login or Custom login URL.
  • Fix : Image overflow in ticket reply issue fixed.
  • Fix : Not able to remove users from agent setting if agent is deleted from WP users section.
  • Fix : Few Translation strings.
  • Fix : Close button showing even if ticket is closed.
  • Fix : Conflict with Post Type Order plugin for ticket orders.

V 1.0.5 (August 31, 2018)

  • Fix : Warning: Illegal string offset ‘page’ on support page.

V 1.0.4 (August 28, 2018)

  • New Feature : Shortcode Argurment to load default ticket list or create ticket
  • New Feature : Auto-Refresh ticket list & Refresh button in individual ticket.
  • New Feature : Priority can be made available in create ticket for client to choose. ( Default: Disabled )
  • Fix : Ticket field rename issue
  • Fix : Garbage collection for unlinked attachments.
  • Fix : Ticket widget overflow issue.
  • Fix : Date type field issues
  • Fix : Attachment link issues
  • Fix : Email Notification default subject change.

V 1.0.3 (August 20, 2018)

  • Responsive issues fixed for many themes.

V 1.0.2 (August 18, 2018)

  • CSS issues fix.
  • Reply actions for agent view is splited to show separate buttons.

V 1.0.1 (August 17, 2018)

  • Date filter fix
  • Incorrect cron command fix

V 1.0.0 (August 15, 2018)

  • Initial release.