Subpage as Expandible Text Shortcode


Intended users: editors, authors, contributors

This plugin will allow you to display the content of subpages as expandable links.

Simply add [subpages_expand] to any parent page. The titles of each of the subpages will be displayed there as clickable links. When the user clicks the link, it will expand, displaying the content of that child page.

Clicking the title again will collapse the content.


  • Shortcode in parent post

  • Public view showing each subpage's title with one expanded


If you have a single file (ending in “.zip”), then use the Upload method. If you have multiple files, use the Files method. If you’re installing from WordPress directly, just hit the big ‘Install Plugin’ button.


  1. From the plugins, add new screen, choose upload
  2. Navigate to where the .zip file is located and select it
  3. Make sure to activate the plugin once it is installed


  1. Upload the entire directory (not just the files) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


Q. Does this work on posts?

A. No, only on pages

Q. I added the shortcode and nothing happened!

A1. Make sure you spelled it correctly

A2. Make sure you added the shortcode to a page, not a post.

A3. Make sure your page has sub-pages.

A4. Verify that your parent page and all child pages are published (not draft or pending)

Q. My page has more than one subpage, but only one is showing up! When I click the link the other subpages are in the text that appears.

A. You have an HTML error in one of your pages. If you have mismatched div tags, the child pages after that can get “trapped” in the first child’s content.

Q. Error 324 (net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE)

A. This error usually occurs when you try to have this shortcode on a child page.
You cannot nest this shortcode (i.e., have it on a parent page and one of the child pages).

Q. It takes a long time for the page to display.

A. The time it takes for the page to display is the time it takes for all of the subpages’ content to
load. If you have subpages with lots of content (or javascript that loads in content), it will take time for
WordPress to load that page.

Contributors & Developers

“Subpage as Expandible Text Shortcode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


1.15 Verified it works on WP 4.6.1

1.13 Added support for WP 4.5

1.11 Button only appears on page editor now (shortcode doesn’t work on posts, so there’s no reason to show it there) – tested up to 4.3

1.10 Added button to page editor * Added l10n support to button

1.09a Not all child page links were displaying. Added additional FAQs that came up.

1.09 Fixed “Undefined variable: content” bug; cleaned up code

1.07 Fixed bug where shortcodes in the child pages weren’t rendering

1.05a Corrected spelling/grammar errors in documentation (no functionality change)

1.05 Fixed issue with missing subpages

1.03 Expanded readme with information about an issue; added screenshots to zip

1.01 Released with a debug fix, some formatting for the titles and code cleanup

0.90 CSS change to title cursor

0.70 Initial