Stylesheet Per Page


Adds a custom stylesheet/s all of the pages on your WordPress install with options to check for the existence of the stylesheet before adding.

Allows for adding IE specific stylesheets all the way back to version 6. Just enable in the plugin options and add the stylesheets to your theme directory.

Stylesheet Per Page now allows adding of an iOS specific stylesheet. Simply enable in the plugin options and add the stylesheet to your theme directory.

This plugin supports use with custom post types, category, and tag pages.


How do I activate IE stylesheets?

To activate stylesheets enable the option in the plugin options and create css files with the following naming convention:
ie.css (overrides for all IE versions), ie8.css (overrides for IE 8 and below), ie7.css (overrides for IE 7 and below), ie6.css (overrides for IE 6 and below).

How do I get Stylesheet Per Page to check for the files first before trying to include them?

Easy, just tick the option under the Stylesheet Per Page admin options under found under the Settings menu.

How do I enable an iOS stylesheet?

To activate an iOS specific stylsheet create ios.css and place it in your theme’s base directory or css subdirectory inside your theme’s base directory. You will also need to enable the checkbox in the plugin options.


  • 1.1.2

    • Adding user logged in/out stylesheets
  • 1.1.1 Fixing warnings

    • Fixing some warnings on array checks that show up if user hasn’t saved settings yet
  • 1.1 Added Home and Front Page stylesheets

    • home.css and front-page.css now work to override default homepage styles
  • 1.0 Added Tag, Category and Archive CSS files

    • Officially versioned as 1.0 as it’s been pretty stable
    • Added tag.css and tag-[tag_name].css for tag pages
    • Added category.css and category-[category_name].css for category pages
    • Added archive.css for archive pages
    • When not selecting check for files first, now printing out files under css directory as well
  • 0.6 Added IE8 stylesheet capabilities since IE9 was released

    • Added ability to add ie8.css file to cater for IE8 quirkyness
    • Tidied up installation instructions a bit
  • 0.5 Added iOS specific stylesheet support and fixed option handling

    • Fixed option handling to use a single option for easy handling throughout the plugin
    • Added an iOS option for optionally printing ios.css for iOS devices.
  • 0.4 Fixing a bug with stylesheet generation on custom post types

    • Bug fix for sheets with no name appearing when using with custom post types
  • 0.3 Adding support for IE specific stylesheets

    • Added new functionality to allow optional generation of IE specific sheets
  • 0.2 Initial code revisions

    • Structured the code better
    • Added a menu for the options page
    • Improved commenting
    • Added option to not print the stylesheet if the file doesn’t exist
  • 0.1 Initial version

    • Add a stylesheet for every page

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