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Turn your WordPress website into a sales machine using flexible payment plan options, frictionless checkout, custom thank you pages, and more!

If you’re selling online programs and other digital products from your WordPress site, it’s time you had an eCommerce plugin that works with you instead of against you. Meet Studiocart, a powerful sales flow creator that helps you sell digital products, programs, events, or services from your site –– exactly the way YOU want to sell them. Whether you’re a health coach or consultant, business newbie or seasoned entrepreneur, now you can create a shopping cart experience designed for digital products right from your own WordPress dashboard.


  • Selling Online Courses
  • Selling Services
  • Selling Retreat Spots
  • Selling Info Products
  • Selling Memberships
  • Selling Event Tickets
  • Selling any kind of virtual product!


See the features that make Studiocart the Best eCommerce WordPress Plugin for Selling Digital Products.

  • One-page Checkout:
    Your customers won’t have to click through unnecessary cart pages to buy your product. Remove friction by showcasing your product and displaying an order form on the same page.

  • Product Launch Automation:
    If you have a limited amount of spots to sell, or your product is only on sale during a certain window of time, Studiocart will help you automate your launch. Schedule your cart open dates, or manually turn your checkout page on and off with one click. Shut down your checkout page after a certain amount of sales and redirect cart closed visitors to a waitlist page. No matter what your sales scenario is, you have full control.

  • One-time payments, installment plans and subscriptions:
    Easily setup multiple pay options for a product and increase conversions by letting customers choose the payment plan that works best for their budget.

  • Automatically Add Buyers to a Mailing List:
    Some shopping cart plugins make you add all buyers to the same list no matter what product they buy – if they even allow you to add buyers to a mailing list at all. Studiocart lets you choose what mailing list or tag to add a buyer to on a per product basis.

  • Custom Thank You Pages:
    Your buyer’s journey doesn’t end after checkout. With Studiocart and our custom thank you page feature, you can guide your new customer on their next steps.

  • Ready to Import Templates:
    Choose from a variety of high converting checkout page templates.

  • Embed an order form anywhere
    Say goodbye to rigid checkout page templates and use the included shortcode to embed an order form anywhere on your website. Design a seamless checkout experience by using Elementor or your favorite page builder to build the perfect checkout page.

  • Conversion Tested Checkout:
    Finally get rid of required address fields for virtual or intangible products that don’t need shipping. Studiocart replaces your complicated checkout process with an optimized checkout that instantly increases conversions, making you more money.

Why is Studiocart such a game-changer?

  • Shopping Cart Platforms are Expensive — Most shopping cart platforms carry a hefty monthly fee from $47 – $200. With Studiocart you can get the same control and powerful features they offer for free.

  • eCommerce Plugins and Shopping Cart Platforms Are Complicated — Most eCommerce solutions are frustrating to use when you sell virtual products and don’t need a traditional product catalog. They’re bloated with a bunch of features you’ll never use while missing the functionality you need most. Who has time for that? With Studiocart’s intuitive interface, the features you need are easy to find and right at your fingertips. No addons necessary.

  • Shopping Cart Platforms Are Closed — Perhaps the worst part of using other eCommerce tools is they are based on a closed platform that limits you in every way. Studiocart is open and sits on top of WordPress.

  • Shopping Cart Platforms Lock You In — We believe in using a platform where everything is on your domain, and you control all your data. Studiocart puts you in control and in the driver’s seat.

Who Can Benefit From Studiocart?

Studiocart eCommerce Plugin is perfect for:

✔ Course Creators
✔ Coaches
✔ Consultants
✔ Event Planners
✔ Service Providers
✔ Retreat Organizers
✔ Anyone who sells their skills, knowledge or expertise!


  • Create beautiful, branded checkout pages that eliminate distractions and increase conversions.
  • Embed an order form anywhere on your website.
  • Schedule when your order page is accessible and select what visitors see when the cart is closed.
  • Setup multiple pay options for a product including one-time payments, installment plans and ongoing subscriptions.
  • Easily configure what happens after an order is placed with a few clicks.


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Studiocart->Settings screen to configure the plugin


What payment processors can I use with Studiopress?

Studiocart only works with Stripe at the moment but we’ll be adding Paypal soon.

Does Studiopress work in my language?

Studiocart only works in English, but we will be making it translatable in an upcoming release.

What integrations are available?

Studiocart works with Mailchimp and Convertkit with more integrations to be added soon!

I have a question not listed here?

Email us at info@ncstudio.co


July 8, 2020
A friend of mine said my site was pretty dull, but I didn't want to have to learn CSS or start over with templates and what have you. She recommended I try out this plug in and I have to admit - yeah, my site was pretty dull compared to what I made with this! It allowed me to create product pages easily and even allows me to set up sales. And it has built in Stripe support which makes receiving payments a non-hassle. The premium version has coupons and some other stuff that I might have to check out once I get more serious with my site.
April 26, 2020
I used this plugin to set up a checkout page for my paid consultation service and it literally took me minutes. I was also able to set it up so that it sends the order details to my appointment scheduler after a purchase. This makes booking an appointment easy and seamless for my customers and automates everything for me. I also love that there's only one page involved. No clunky, unnecessary shopping cart pages or buttons that I would have had to spend a bunch of time figuring out how to remove. In the past, I would have spent hours hunting for additional plugins or writing custom code to accomplish all of these things. So I'm super pleased with how quick and easy this was to set up and how well everything worked.
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Change limit on MC tags to 100
Add pay plan selection to integrations
Bug Fix: Add step=“any” to price fields
Bug Fix: Incorrect formatting of order total on checkout page
Bug Fix: Update subscription next bill date after subsequent charges


  • Removes Stripe scripts on non-checkout pages
  • Plugin internationalization


  • First Release