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StatPress Visitors

A fork of StatPress with 9 convenient OPTIONAL pages, including new Bot Spy, Visitor, Referrer and Yesterday pages.

StatPress Visitors (a highly improved fork of StatPress Reloaded) shows the real-time statistics on your blog. It corrects many programming errors of the original StatPress and StatPress Reloaded. It collects informations about visitors, spiders, search keywords, feeds, browsers, OS, etc.

This free plugin will no longer be updated. Too much aggression from people who want a plugin professional quality without paying a single penny convinced me to keep to myself my own work and not offer it for free to a community that does not recognize the value of work done.

I am very pleased to present the fantastic work of **Gawain** **Lynch** in this new version 1.5

StatPress Visitors features include:

  • [New in 1.5] GeoIP integration. Great job Gawain!
  • [New in 1.5] Dashboard widget. Great job Gawain!
  • [New in 1.5] Generate report pages for individual IP addresses with the ability to review and mark the records as a Spam Bot, or add to the banned IP address definition file. Great job Gawain!
  • [New in 1.5] New page "URL Monitoring" which shows all URLs requested that do not correspond to the posts and pages written by an author in order to deny access to intruders or hackers.

  • ALL search engines, spiders, RSS feeds, browsers and OS are represented by their logo. Internet domains and countries, are represented by their national flag. All icons, flags and logo display the correct name via a tooltip on mouse-over.

  • Bot Spy page has been added, showing which pages were indexed by search robots
  • Referrers page has been added, showing the referrers bringing traffic to your website.
  • Yesterday page shows the site traffic as of the previous day
  • Report Pages are now optional and can be enabled and disabled in the Options page. The can help busy sites by freeing up some memory as the pages aren't generated
  • The plugins administration subpages are no longer stored in RAM when a visitor visits the site, this frees up RAM unnecessarily consumed otherwise. The administration subpages are loaded into memory only if the Dashboard is visible. Thanks to xknown.
  • FULL PHP 5.4 compatibility

  • A new accounting method that significantly reduces the number of SQL queries in the main page by the use of the Set Theory

    • Graphs are generated in only 5 SQL queries making StatPress Visitors faster than all others fork of StatPress -- 2 seconds with a database of 45,000 rows, compared to more than 10 seconds using StatPress alternatives
    • The new accounting method allows the tracking of visitors, page views, search engines and RSS feeds for each page, giving an accurate view of traffic to your website!
  • See the number of unique visitors, page views, subscriptions to RSS feeds and search engines for each page and posts of your website for every day saved in the database by graphs of 7, 15, 21, 31 or 62 days depending on the option chosen

  • Visitor Spy page (log of visits) has been redesigned and now sorts the display starting with the most recent visit. This corrects an error of StatPress and StatPress Reloaded.

  • Options to set the number of IP addresses displayed on each page (20, 50 or 100) and the number of visits for each IP address (20, 50 or 100).

  • Visitors Spy and Bot Spy pages now have optimised SQL queries

    • Uses the natural index of the database table
    • They are made in only a single SQL query making StatPress Visitors more than 3 times faster than all other forks of StatPress!
  • Visitors, Views and Feeds pages show the traffic to your site for each page, on graphs of 7, 15, 21, 31 or 62 days from the largest to the smallest traffic.

  • Optionally ignore statistics collection for logged in users and bots

DB Table maintenance

StatPress Visitors can automatically delete older records to allowing insertion of newer records when your space is limited. In these case the data table is automatically optimised after the purging of old records.

StatPress Widget / StatPress_Print function

The widget is customisable. These are the available variables :

  • %today% - Today's date
  • %since% - Date of oldest record in the StatPress database table
  • %os% - Operating system of current visitor
  • %browser% - Browsers User Agent string of the current visitor
  • %ip% - IP address of the current visitor
  • %latesthits% - The 10 last pages read
  • %visitorsonline% - Number of visitors currently online
  • %usersonline% - Number of logged in users currently online
  • %todayvisitors% - Total number of visitors for today
  • %todaypageviews% - Total number of page views for today
  • %thistodayvisitors% - Today's total number of visitors for current page
  • %thistodaypageviews% - Today's total number of page views for current page

Warning: These variables can cause a break in service when the database is very large (> 200,000 lines) and should be avoided:

  • %totalvisitors% - Total number of visitors to date
  • %totalpageviews% - Total number of page views to date
  • %thistotalvisitors% - Total number of visitors for current page
  • %thistotalpageviews% - Total number of page views for current page
  • %toppost% - Most read (popular) post
  • %topbrowser% - Top browser
  • %topos% - Top operating system

You can add these values everywhere! StatPress offers a new PHP function StatPress_Print().

Put it in your template where you want the details to be displayed. Remember, as this is PHP, it needs to be surrounded by PHP tags!

Example: <?php StatPress_Print("This page has been viewed %thistodaypageviews% times today."); ?>

Ban IP addresses from StatPress Visitors logging

You can ban IP addresses, preventing them from being included in your stats by editing the file def/banips.dat in the StatPress Visitors plugins directory.

Update StatPress Definitions

You can choose the data to update in your database (browsers, OS, search engines and spiders). Text matches below are based on part string matches.

  • Browsers

The format for browsers (browser.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match -without all space caracters-] |

e.g. Chromium 15|Chrome/15|

  • Operating Systems

The format for operating systems (os.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match -without all space characters-] |

e.g. Linux Android|Android2.2.1|

  • Spiders

The format for spiders (spider.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match] |

e.g. Google|googlebot|

  • Spam bots

The format for spam bots (spambot.dat) is: [name] | [user agent text to match] |

e.g. Purebot Spam Bot|Purebot|

  • Search engines

The format for search engines (searchengine.dat) is: [name] | [domain url part] | [query search key text] | [query search key stop] | note: there is 4 pipes each line.

e.g. Google|www.google.|q||

So for a search engine who have a URL like Google : http://www.google.fr/search?q=statpress+visitors

From this example you can see that the domain part of the URL is "www.google.fr",
however as a number of search engines use regional domains, you need only enter the http://www.google. part.

Secondly, notice the "q=" in the URL, that is the query search key text.

note: in these case [stop] is empty.

Some few Search engine have a URL not like the Google URL but like this one : http://fr.eannu.com/benson_platinum.htm In the case the format for search engine is still: [name] | [domain url part] | [query search key text] | [query search key stop] |

e.g. Eannu|fr.eannu.com|fr.eannu.com/|.htm|

note: the query text is the text betwwen [query search key text] and [query search key stop]. Secondly, [domain url part] must be include in [query search key text], there is still 4 pipes | each line.

Update images

When image is name.png

  1. The name of the image is the first part of the corresponding line of the definition file in /daily-stat/def name|...|etc
  2. Write the name of the browser, the OS, the Search engine, the spider with lowercase
  3. Replace all the characters « space » by « _ » (underscore).
  4. Replace all characters « point » by "-" (dash). For example, if you added the name Safari Mobile 7.0 in the def/browser file, the filename of the image must be safari_mobile_7-0.png If you add the name Search.com in def/searchengine, the filename of the image must be Search-com.png

e.g. the definition of Safari Mobile 7.0 like: Safari Mobile 7.0|Version/| in def/browser correspond to the image safari_mobile_7-0.png in images/browser

note: the heigth of all the images is fixed to 16 pixels.

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.5.2
Last Updated: 2013-11-30
Active Installs: 20,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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