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Stackable is a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use page builder blocks for Gutenberg – the new WordPress editor. Stackable gives you the capability to build awesome front pages and landing pages.

Stackable provides more functionality and design options for your site. We’ve come up with a collection of cool blocks that will make website building a breeze. We made sure our blocks look great even in small devices, so feel free to mix different blocks together and customize their styles to suit your design needs.

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  • Feature Grid block
  • Call to Action Block
  • Icon List block
  • Image Box block
  • Pricing Box block


Upgrading Notce

Note: v1.x is not backward compatible with lower versions, upgrading will most likely weird out your existing blocks. If that happens, you’ll need to redo some of your blocks.

Minimum Requirements

You’ll need the Gutenberg plugin or WordPress version 5.0+ for this to work.


What is Gutenberg? Why WordPress 5.0?

Gutenberg is what the cool kids call the new content editor which will come out soon in WordPress 5.0.

The new content editor replaces the old text editor, and it gives you a more visual way of creating your content.

With WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg, you build your pages using blocks, and Stackable provides you with lots of cool ones.

What are blocks?

Blocks are the new shortcodes in WordPress 5.0 / Gutenberg.

They’re the basic elements that you add into your content to build your pages, like buttons, cards, videos, etc.

Stackable gives you lots of awesome blocks for you to create awesome landing pages and front pages.

Can I use this add-on for other page builders I’m using?

Nope. Stackable only works with Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor.


Adding some spice to Gutenberg

Stackable is great for building attractive and useful pages. So far I have used the Feature and Call to Action blocks, and I am very impressed with the results.


Has everything I need for blog article. Makes it really easy to pull off content without thinking about the intricacies of creating something from scratch. Easy to Use and Easy to set-up.

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Read the news update
* New: Image Box block can now support 1-4 columns and now has better user experience
* New: Video Popup’s color can now be changed
* New: Moved the background image picker for the Video Popup
* New: Team Member block now has placeholder images instead of an ‘Upload Button’
* New: Feature Grid block now has placeholder images
* New: Feature block now has a placeholder image
* New: Card block now has a placeholder image
* New: Testimonial block now has a placeholder image
* Change: Testimonial block layout was changed
* Fixed: Ensure the video popup block’s close button doesn’t have a background


  • Fixed: Header block background image migration


Read the news update
* New: Count-up block can now have 1 to 4 columns
* New: Count-up block can now be resized to wide and full-width
* New: Count-up block can now have backgrounds
* New: Adjacent full-width blocks are margin-less in the editor
* New: Blockquote block can now be resized to wide and full-width
* New: Blockquote block can now have backgrounds
* New: Call-to-Action block can now have background images & background image tints
* New: Feature block can now have background images & background image tints
* New: Header block now has a fixed background
* Changed: Standardized background settings for the Header block
* Fixed: Card image goes past container in mobile
* Fixed: Better responsiveness for Icon List block, it now collapses from 3 to 2 columns on mobile
* Fixed: Image box is too wide in mobile
* Fixed: Better handling for wide and full widths


  • Fixed: Smaller box padding for smaller screens
  • Fixed: Better responsive styles for the feature grid block
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.0 beta support – invalid script and style dependencies
  • Fixed: WordPress 5.0 beta support – headers already sent errors
  • Fixed: Custom classnames are now applied correctly
  • Fixed: Standardized all Button inspector settings
  • Fixed: Converted all column options to a slider
  • Fixed: URL fields are sometimes too wide
  • Fixed: Video Popup block now accepts YouTube & Vimeo URLs instead of only IDs
  • Fixed: Freemius Opt-in first before the welcome screen
  • Changed: Added support forum and rating areas in the welcome screen


  • New: Feature block
  • New: Feature Grid block
  • New: Icon List block
  • Changed: Tweaked left/right padding for medium & large buttons to make them look better.
  • Fixed: Adjusted deprecated type prop in MediaUpload for Gutenberg 4.2
  • Fixed: Scripts are now cache busted
  • Fixed: Gutenberg 4.0 compatibility for detecting empty text


  • Fixed: Missing images for the welcome screen


  • New: Welcome Screen
  • Fixed: Image box block did not show any link fields
  • Fixed: Header block did not follow text alignment
  • Changed: Block icon colors


  • Fixed: Box background color can overwrite some background styles


  • New: Added default color / primary color support for future Stackable theme
  • Fixed: Better box shadow color for non-white body backgrounds
  • Fixed: Boxes now have a white background


  • Fixed: Inline formatting toolbars now show up properly across all blocks
  • Fixed: Possible fix for buggy saving of button labels – RichText edit methods now use RichText.Content save methods.
  • Fixed: Pricing box button urls are the same for every column
  • Fixed: Margin bottom of expand block’s more text


  • Fixed: Button background setting doesn’t get applied.


  • Note: v1.0 is not backward compatible with lower versions, upgrading will most likely weird out your existing blocks. If that happens, you’ll need to redo some of your blocks.
  • New: Standardized styles across all blocks
  • New: Added full-width option for buttons
  • New: Added wide width and full width for CTA and Header blocks
  • Updated: Revamped style of blockquote and pullquote
  • Updated: Tweaked column styles for blocks with 1-3 columns


  • Updated: Rearranged and used color panels for all color settings


  • New: Grouped together all Stackable blocks
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.7.0
  • Updated: Freemius SDK


  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 3.1.0
  • Fixed: Button line-height with Gutenberg 3.1.0
  • Updated: Freemius SDK


  • New: Card Block
  • New: Pricing Block
  • New: Header Block
  • Fixed: Stackable block icons did not show in Gutenberg 2.6.0


  • Fixed: Notification block warnings
  • Fixed: Testimonial block warnings
  • Fixed: Count Up block icon


  • New: Image box block
  • New: Count up block
  • New: Video Popup block
  • Fixed: Compatibility with Gutenberg 2.4.0
  • Fixed: Removed “0” displayed in Number box when editing


  • New: Expand block
  • New: Number box
  • Fixed: Formatting buttons now appear again in blockquote, button, ghost button and pullquote, call-to-action, notification, team member
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues and changes with Gutenberg 2.2


  • First release