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Surprisingly there is no plugin available to allow users to subscribe for posts on a wordpress website based on category.
A subscriber for one category might not want to receive posts of another category. This plugin will help you to do that.
Once a subscriber is added for a particular category, he/she will receive emails as soon as a post is published in that category.

** Features **

  1. Add Subscribers for their desired category
  2. Use Widget or Short Code to display Subscriber Form
  3. Add the Subscribers manually, or upload in batch from a CSV file.
  4. Email will be sent to all subscribers as soon as a post is published in that category

How To Use

  1. Go To Daily Tips In Side Menu
  2. Create List of Tips by :
    a. Uploading a CSV file of List of Tips

    The Format of CSV File must be as below :
    The First line must be headers as it is ignored while uploading.
    From the second line, the data should begin in following order :
    Tip Text,Display Date,Display Day,Group Name,Display Yearly.
    Tip Text : The Actual Statement to be displayed.
    Display Date : Any Specific Date in format YYYY-MM-DD when you want to display the Tip.
    Display Day : Day of week (number format) on which the Tip Should Come. (1 = Sunday ,2 = Monday , 3 = Tuesday, 4 = Wednessday …7 = Saturday)
    Group Name : Name Of Group. By Default this is Tip. You can assign a Group to a Tip and can display the tips Group wise.
    Please Note:Display Day is ignored if Display Date is mentioned.
    b. Adding the tips one by one using the Enter Manual Data
    Enter the Tip Text
    You can also enter the text in HTML Format
    Display Date (optional) ** in format YYYY-MM-DD
    Select **Display Day (optional)

    Select Repeat Yearly? (optional) to repeat the tip on same date every year
    Select Group Name to divide the tips in several Groups
    and press Submit

  3. To Display The tips, you have two ways:
    a. Use Widget . Mention The Group Name of the Tips you want to display.
    b. Use Short Code [stdailytip group=””] e.g.[stdailytip group=”Tip”]
    c. Developers may also use the PHP Code
    < ?php
    if (function_exists('add_daily_tip')) { print add_daily_tip('’); }
    Replace with Tip or any other Group Name you want to display
  4. The Added Tips will be shown in the table Below
  5. You can also edit or Delete the Tip using the Edit and Delete button
  6. If Display Date and Display Day are not specified, the tip that is not shown yet (or the oldest shown tip) will be displayed
  7. If you have specified a Display Date , the tip will be displayed only on that particular date
  8. If Display Date is not specified and Display Day is specified, the tip will only be shown on that date
  9. We have not used any styling for Daily Tip. So that it can merge easily in your website.
    To Apply CSS. Use following classes.
    a. tip_container – The main div that contains daily tip, has this class.
    b. tip_text – the div that contains tip_text.
    c. tip_last_shown – div that contains Last Shown Date
    d. tip_title – the div that contains tip_title.
    e. tip_date – the div that contains date.
  10. For Developers.
    Use following code in your template php files
    < ?php
    if (function_exists('add_daily_tip')) {
    print add_daily_tip('’);


  1. Download the Plugin using the Install Plugins
    Upload folder st-category-email-subscribe to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the \’Plugins\’ menu in WordPress
  3. Add Subscribers in St Category Email Subscribe > Subscribers (See How to use in Other Notes)
  4. Place [st_category_subscribe_form] in your page/post where you want to display the subscriber form
  5. You may also use the Widget : Category Email Subscribe Form to display subscriber form


No support

6 months ago I had an error in importing a CSV file and the author asked me to send him the file to determine the error, which I did. No response even after multiple queries. I suspect that the error is due to a “,” in the text but that hasn’t been confirmed either. 5 months ago the author said an improvement to allow weekly instead of daily tips would be worked on but nothing has happened.

widget problem

hi there,
I use this plugin in some websites.
it has some problem in the widgets.
it must echo $before_widget and $after_widget.
I fixed this in my sites. but I prefer to update this plugin and after updating it goes with that problem.
its good to add this codes into widgets.

St Daily Tip

I was having a problem w/version 3.0 of this plugin. When I contacted the author about the problem, within the next 2 days there was an update that fixed it. I give the plugin 5*.

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Contributors & Developers

“St Category Email Subscribe” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Corrected Errors


  • Allow multiple categories selection


  • French Translation Added


  • Bug Fix in Admin Panel


  • Bug Fix in Widget


  • Translate ready