Spreaker Shortcode


The Spreaker shortcode plugin is an easy way to embed Spreaker audio player into your WordPress blog. It works for any Spreaker episode, show, or user. Once you install this plugin, it will work on all of your blog posts.

A simple example:

[spreaker type=player resource="episode_id=3331356"]

More Options

Spreaker shortcode requires the resource play. It can be only of the following:

  • resource="episode_id=X": id of the episode to embed.
  • resource="show_id=X": id of the show, whose latest episode should be displayed.
  • resource="user_id=X": id of the user, whose latest episode should be displayed.

The plugin also supports the following optional parameters:

  • width: player’s width – can be in % or px (ie. 100% or 400px).
  • height: player’s height – can be in % or px (ie. 100% or 400px).
  • theme: player’s UI theme. Supported themes are: light (default) and dark.
  • cover: HTTPS url of an image to display as player’s background.
  • playlist: configures how the playlist should be built. It can be playlist="false" to disable the playlist, playlist="user" to display all user’s episodes in the playlist or playlist="show" to display all show’s episodes in the playlist. The default behavious depends on resource.
  • playlist-continuous: enables or disables the playlist continuous playback. When true it continuously plays all episodes in the playlist until the end.
  • playlist-loop: enables or disables loop playlist playback when continuous playback is enabled. When true and playlist continuous playback is enabled as well, it will loop the playlist continuously (defaults to false).
  • playlist-autoupdate: enables or disables the playlist autoupdate, when a new episode is published. This feature is enabled by default.
  • autoplay: enables or disables the autoplay. When true it automatically starts playing when the player loads. Autoplay doesn’t work on most mobile browsers. Defaults to false.
  • live-autoplay: when true and a new LIVE is onair, the player will start playing automatically, no matter if autoplay is disabled or the player is already playing another episode (defaults to false).
  • chapters-image: enables or disables the display of chapters images in the player (defaults to true).

How to get the shortcode

Play any track on www.spreaker.com and then click on the share button in the player (bottom-right corner): you can customize the appearance of the player and get the shortcode to copy and paste to your WordPress blog.


If you need further help, please contact us at help.spreaker.com.


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Contributors & Developers

“Spreaker Shortcode” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Removed the support for the old embedded player (no more supported by Spreaker). If a widget has been included with the old shortcode syntax, it’s now automatically converted to the new embedded player.


  • Added chapters-image attribute support for the new Spreaker’s player


  • Added live-autoplay attribute support for the new Spreaker’s player


  • FIX: the plugin should display the old (mini) embedded player when type attribute is missing, in order to avoid breaking backward compatibility


  • Translated the plugin in Spanish and Italian


  • Added playlist-loop attribute support for the new Spreaker’s player


  • Added playlist-autoupdate attribute support for the new Spreaker’s player


  • Added support for the new Spreaker’s player


  • Tested with WordPress 4.5.3


  • FIX: the plugin now supports sharing of user’s latest episode via user_id param


  • FIX: the plugin now supports both HTTP and HTTPS WordPress websites
  • Tested with WordPress 4.4


  • Tested with WordPress 4.3.1


  • Tested with WordPress 4.1
  • Added banner and icon
  • Updated description


  • Updated the link to spreaker support forum


  • Added coupon support


  • First Release