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September 3, 2016
I was skeptical at first before I installed it because it only gave me a chat box option location for the site. However, after it was installed (being not compatible), my comment area looked very nice and the the little news feed popped out from the side when scrolling down. It was great. I didn't find any errors except for the popup on mobile would not close because I could not locate it. Other than that, super fun. HOWEVER, this plugin only gets three stars from me because of the following issues. 1. Not only can I moderate other people's comments, I have to approve anything I post if I want the moderation option enabled. Weird. I am the admin. 2. There's a little button above the comments that says something like, "more like this?" This little button opens your newsfeed. Instead of expecting to see your own site's comments and activity, the newsfeed is not exclusive to your own site, but it pulls news from other sites that are in the category that you chose. Therefore, there is no way to moderate what content pops up on the feed and the feed has the potential to take people away from your site. It would be better to manually approve who could show up in that feed. How about the option of NO ONE but your content and comments to keep people on your site longer? 🙂 3. Anybody can change their user name, image, or upload images at any time. Yes, the image uploads and links can be moderated, but there are some restrictions lacking here. I would like the users to have some predictability. Otherwise, people get snarky because they can comment anonymously. This plugin should consider social commenting. 4. The settings are on a separate website, not on the WordPress interface. So every time you want to moderate, you need to go to the website. Spot.IM is pretty cool, but it would be awesome if it had more controls. It looks beautiful on a website, even mine, which was not compatible with the plugin. I just wish they would do more with it so it could be the This commenting idea is spot-on and could be the new thing if they would add better features.
September 3, 2016
Gave it a try. Contacted support via email due to an issue with integrating it to WordPress. Received an email confirmation that issue was received but never got feedback.
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