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How cool would it be to have your favourite Spotify musics, playlists and albums fully integrated with your wordpress website?! We did it with the usual TechGasp high quality, now your can show off your spotify stuff inside the comfort of your WordPress.

Spotify Master for WordPress allows you to display in your template widget areas musics, playlists and albums of the cool and “booming” music network Spotify. Once again, this is an error free extension that makes no use of javascript. Coded in html5 you will have fast page load times and no conflicts.

Works great inside your pages and posts with our shortcode framework. Read more below and check screenshots page.

Both the widget and the shortcode framework are fully mobile responsive, a must for any professional website.

spotify music for wordpress

IMPORTANT: Errors and conflicts free. NO JAVASCRIPT or AJAX

LITE Version Contains

  • Display, change or hide Widget Title
  • Spotify Buttons Widget (Connect to Profile Button)

ADVANCED Version Contains

  • Display, change or hide Widget Title
  • Fully Mobile Responsive
  • Spotify Buttons Widget (Connect to Profile Button)
  • Spotify Basic Player Widget (Fast page load times, designed for Single Musics)
  • Spotify Advanced Player Widget (Single Musics, Playlists, Albums)
  • Spotify Discography Widget (Playable Artist Discography)
  • Spotify Dashboard Widget

  • TechGasp Shortcode Framework v5

  • Universal Shortcode for all pages and posts, same Shortcode applies to all pages and posts. Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page or post. Option to automatically only show the shortcode in Posts and not Pages. Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content.
  • Individual Shortcode for each page or post, individual customized shortcode per page or post
  • Shortcodes allow you to professionally display your plugin inside pages and posts maintaining fast page load times and excellent Google SEO
  • Advanced Version Link


  • Right of the page, sidebar widget
  • Inside the post. With shortcode framework v5
  • Demo Link

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  • For professional wordpress websites
  • Tested for fast page load times and SEO
  • Errors and conflicts free. NO JAVASCRIPT or AJAX
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  • Widget With Spotify Player (track) + Spotify Profile Button.
  • Widget With Spotify Player (Album) + Spotify Profile Button.
  • Widget With Spotify Player (track) + Spotify Profile Button.
  • Widget With Spotify Player (track in small widget position) + Spotify Profile Button.
  • Spotify Play Widget. User Display.
  • Widget inside pages and posts. Shortcode framework implementation. Spotify Player + Profile Button inside a page.
  • Widget With Spotify Artist Discography.
  • Administrator Dashboard Widget.


Issues with buttons display
  • Please update to latest version. Up-to-date API’s are available
Where are the Players?
Insert Shortcode in Pages or Posts
  • Advanced Version Add-ons contain the shortcode framework v5
  • Includes the universal shortcode that can be applied to all pages or posts.
  • Includes the infinite, re-usable individual shortcodes that can be used in any page or post.
  • Advanced Version Link
What’s this Shortcode Framework v5
  • It’s a framework developed by TechGasp and built upon wordpress marvellous resources.
  • Allows users to quickly and easily display plugins or widgets inside their pages and posts.
  • It’s available in all TechGasp advanced version plugins. Lite versions plugins do not include shortcode framework v5
  • About Shortcode Framework v5
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GREAT SUPPORT! Paid version wonderful


I'm using WordPress 4.6.1... It was immediately clear that I was going to need the paid version to do what I wanted to do... so I went ahead and bought it. (It's the same for most GOOD plug-ins out there including my Facebook plugin and Youtube plugins... so I didn't have a problem with that.) Support is absolutely FANTASTIC. I spent all day writing with the guys back and forth and they actually did not stop until my problem was resolved. THAT level of support is something that I don't mind paying for. I wish these guys all the luck in the world and much love.

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  • Fixing wpdb call when creating shortlinks inside posts and pages


  • Tweaking WordPress Multisite options versus Single Sites
  • Adding Support Data Export button in base plugin page. Users can easily export website data to attached to support tickets
  • Changing to https in all TechGasp button links
  • Upgrading the updater API


  • Fixed output if URI is Missing
  • Fixed Spotify Play Widget CoverArt


  • Fixed output generated before Headers sent


  • Fixed unexpected ‘&&’ (T_BOOLEAN_AND) for some wordpress setups


  • CAUTION!!! Version 4 shortcodes are not upgradable to version 5. By upgrading you will have re-create your shortcodes. Visit our website to check the new features packed into TechGasp Framework 5.
  • Widgets and other API improvements
  • TechGasp Framework 5.0
  • Updater upgrade
  • Shortcodes re-designed to framework 5
  • Infinite re-usable shortcodes per pages and posts
  • WordPress 4.5.3
  • PHP 7 Ready


  • WordPress 4.5.3
  • Widgets and other API improvements


  • WordPress 4.5.x
  • Several Updates


  • WordPress 4.4.1

  • Adding new widget, Spotify Master Play
  • Integrating new Spotify API into widgets and shortcodes

  • Adding individual shortcode support for custom post types

  • WordPress 4.3.1

  • Adding better support for https calls

  • Replacing WP_WIGDET with __contruct

  • WordPress 4.3

  • WordPress 4.2.3
  • Removing name global

  • Includes several important fixes and speed-up’s
  • New pre-installation flight
  • New text-domain because of updater

  • WordPress 4.2 ready
  • Fixing Warning

  • Getting all widget titles network ready

  • Tweaking the Updater

  • Adding Network Warnings and help texts
  • Adding Spotify Discography Widget

  • Fixing uninstall, plugin deletion on wordpress network and multi-sites

  • Fixing Shortcodes
  • Fixing Widgets
  • General clean-up and speed boost


  • WordPress multi-site or wordpress network ready
  • New screenshots and images


  • New Spotify API
  • Totally redesigned button according to new API


  • Added automatic deletion of site_transients


  • TechGasp Plugin Framework v3 Improvements and Upgrades
  • New Universal Shortcode Options:
  • Option to Automatically add the shortcode to all pages and posts or manually add the pre-built shortcode individually per page and post
  • Option to Automatically only show the shortcode in Posts, not Pages
  • Option to Automatically show the shortcode After the Title or After the Content
  • Improved TechGasp Mobile Responsiveness
  • Code clean up and speed up
  • Fixed a couple of warnings
  • Improved Updater


  • New TechGasp Plugin Framework
  • New Plugin Menu
  • New Administrator Page
  • New Universal Shortcode that can be combined with Individual Shortcodes in Pages and Posts
  • Adding index SEC
  • New Spotify API, much easier to use
  • New Widgets


  • Fixes issue with button display


  • WordPress 3.8 Ready
  • Minor tweaks related to new stock buttons


  • Faster Background Updater


  • Changing directory calls to support Multi-Domains wordpress installations


  • Implementing New Shortcode Framework v2. Shortcode box will now be available when editing a page or a post
  • Added new Spotify Profile Button


  • Implementing advanced updater


  • Patching strict standards in WP_DEBUG mode


  • Fixed typo


  • Fixed blockquote issue


  • Adding a new transparent Spotify Button
  • Adding admin_notices


  • Stable Release
  • Adding Shortcode Framework, advanced version only
  • Added option to display or hide widget title
  • Adding more screenshots


  • Beta release
  • Adding Buttons
  • Start coding

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