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“Split order for WooCommerce” plugin, splits an order into separate orders based on the different conditions set by the admin. This extension automatically split an order into multiple orders based on some product attributes or the number of items in the cart. The customer will receive different order ids for their ordered cart.
With different order ids, customers can view all the order ids in their Order History and track each item separately. The admin can generate separate invoices and shipments for each order id.

Use Cases of Split order for WooCommerce

A) Default Condition
When the condition is Default then the order is split irrespective of any attribute. Example: If an order has 4 products then the order is split into 4 different orders no matter what attribute is chosen.

B) Split if attribute exists
When we enable this option, order splits only if any product contains a selected attribute. If an attribute is assigned to any of the products and now we choose to place an order by adding the product having assigned attribute and along with that some other products, then our order will be split according to the number of products present in the order placed.

Like, if we have 6 products in order out of which two products have assigned attributes then the order will split in 6 different orders having different order ids. If none of the products in the order have the chosen attribute associated with them then the order won’t split at all.

Like, in our previous example if none of the product out of 6 products has the desired attribute associated with them then there will be a single order having all the 6 products.

C) Split according to attribute
In this condition products having the same attribute will be clubbed into a single order and different orders will be created for different attributes also the products that do not have the chosen attribute associated with them will be clubbed into a single order.

Like, if an order has 6 products out of which 2 products have desired attribute associated to them and rest four have no desired attribute, so now the order will be split into 2 different orders, one having products with desired attribute and one having products without the desired attribute. For example, our store has multiple warehouses and we want to split orders based on warehouse options.

We can do this through our extension in the following ways:

We create a warehouse attribute. In this warehouse attribute, we create various options like warehouse A, warehouse B and warehouse C. This warehouse attribute is assigned to our used attribute set. We create products and assigned a requisite warehouse. Now a customer has placed an order with 5 products

Product A belongs to Warehouse B
Product B belongs to Warehouse A
Product C belongs to Warehouse A
Product D belongs to Warehouse C
Product E belongs to none of the warehouses
In this case, our order will be split into 4 different orders:

Order 1 having products of warehouse A, i.e Product B and C
Order 2 having a product of warehouse B, i.e Product A
Order 3 having a product of warehouse C, i..e Product D
Order 4 will be of none of the warehouses, i.e Product E

Please use premium version.



  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/’ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the /Plugins/ screen in WordPress
  3. Split sub menu will show in the to Woocommerce menu.
    1. Default.
    2. Split if attribute exist.
    3. Split according attribute.


July 2, 2020
I installed the free version and it crashed the site. Had to go into CPanel and rename the plugin folder to bring the site back. I reached out to SunArc to get the paid/premium version. It wasn't listed on their website anywhere. They appear to currently be primarily a Magento Development House. So I jumped into a web chat with them. The representative told me I could PayPal them $99 and they would send me the premium version. She said that they would help if the premium version also crashed the site or caused any issues. Even though I really like the IDEA of this plugin, I'm not just going to send $100 to some random company on the Internet, whose free version crashed the website. So I give it 3 stars currently. It should maybe be 1 star right now, as the free version doesn't really appear to do anything right now (it may in the future - SunArc said in chat that they are currently working to develop other plugins). So I think this could be good, but feel like right now it's not ready for prime time.
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