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Spinkx Content Marketing Plugin, is a ‘Free Traffic Builder’, ‘SEO Backlinks’, ‘Revenue Generation’ & ‘Social Viral Posts’ creator plugin. Earn revenue now, by displaying campaigns run by other users and also run your own campaign for your clients across the Spinkx network and deliver results with accurate analytics. Traffic Building is done using ‘Traffic Exchange’ so it doesn’t cost any money to promote your posts across the websites who use Spinkx as well. This Feature also builds SEO Backlinks for your sites when Boost Post is running.

Plugin Features

1. Traffic Building Features

1.1. Get Free Traffic to your website, by using ‘Boost Post’

Get Free Traffic to your website, by using ’Boost Post’. When you Boost your Post the Headlines, Image & Description start displaying on the Spinkx widget of other user websites who use Spinkx plugin as well, helping build a global network of dynamic link exchange. The better your post headlines the more clicks you get back.

1.2. Automated SEO Backlinks

When you boost your posts and they are visible on other sites Spinkx widget, you have automatically generated Backlinks. These work for enhancing your SEO, and the quality of the backlinks are such that they appear only on relevant category sites as your. You can choose the category of sites when you are Boosting Posts and the internal backlinks work too from your own sidebar (for which you don’t need to use Boost Post)

1.3. Earn Free Boost Credit Points (Just like a game!)

Earn Free Traffic credit points by allowing other bloggers to display their posts on your sidebar. Each display earns you points, which you can use to Boost your own posts free for life. You would never need to spend money again to get more traffic & visibility. *You could totally turn this feature off, but then you will exhaust your Boost Credit points and may have to buy points to get more global reach.

1.4. Reduce Bounce Rate by upto 60% & increase user engagement by upto 30%

The Spinkx widget when placed on your Sidebar or Below Post, automatically displays highest quality stories(trending posts) or highest CTR post on your sidebar. Doing so we encourage the user to not leave your website after reading just one story but engage or click on more stories on the sidebar. When engagement increase, the Bounce Rate reduces. We apply ”machine learning” to filter this data to display intelligently to your site visitor, without burning your servers CPU or memory.

1.5 **NEW FEATURE** Now Social Share multiple links of the same post (with different image and headlines but same landing page) and get Free organic social traffic multiple times for the same post by creating ‘Variations’. Count clicks to your website for each social platform: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest.

2. Monetisation Features

2.1. Earn 80% of campaign revenue =
We share 80% of revenue form sponsored content or affiliate campaigns. We run affiliate campaign for our clients, and when they are visible on your sidebar as “Sponsored Posts” you earn revenue. These campaigns may run on CPM or CPC and we give out 80% of the revenue to you in real-time and you could totally transfer the money to your bank account or PayPal.

2.2. Run you own Campaigns globally

Run Campaign and earn more money! Become an ad agency! You can now run digital campaigns from the Spinkx dashboard for your clients and take advantage of the growing global ad network of Spinkx. So keep your cut and share the rest with other blog sites who help deliver the campaigns. Native ads are the highest performing ads in the industry.

3. Content Marketing Features

3.1. AB testing of your content Headlines & Featured Images

Variation Headlines in your Content Playlist allows you to create more creative headlines for the same post. You can use Different Images for each Variation Headline created with a different description. They appear on your sites Sidebar – helping you understand over a period of time, which works better. The same variations are also visible on other sites when you have boosted the post. Our “Machine Learning Algorithm” automatically give more impressions to the higher CTR Variation Headlines to return back more clicks & traffic.

3.2. Content Analytics

Content analytics as seen from dashboard or from content playlist helps you easily identify which is your most read content, so you could write more of similar nature. you just get to know your users mindset better.

3.3. Run Video & Gif’s on your Sidebar or Footer widget

Set an animated GIF file as your featured image and it appears on the sidebar widget as animated. This definitely attracts more eyeballs to your content post.

3.4. Youtube Video marketing and promotion on your site side bar now released with version 2.0

3.5. Mobile Widget

Newly made in version 2.0 for enhanced visibility of posts on Mobile Devices. You can set this feature on/off from Widget Settings Page of the Plugin.

4. Design & UI Features

4.1. Fluid Pinterest style, masonry layout on your sidebar or footer

Make your site look good, with appealing content, displayed attractively. It’s fluid HTML5 layout works on mobile too (please make sure that you sidebar is visible on mobile mode). The images are automatically resized and the CSS of your theme remains the same. However, we have included a full design your widget the way you want tools within the plugin itself.

Important notes about the sections above:

  • The Spinkx Sidebar is completely customisable as per your choice, in terms of design & categories of content allowed.
  • It is at your discretion & allowance completely to show a fellow bloggers post on your sidebar or switch off the feature entirely.
  • Similarly the feature to show native advertisements on your side bar can be off or on as per your choice
  • You can even block, specific URL’s, Words or Categories to display on your sidebar.
  • All ad campaigns are manually verified by our TEAM before they go live.
  • Each Spinkx Registered Website, is targeted with Country of Origin, Language, Gender, and age restricted content.
  • The Content Playlist is automatically populated with posts written within 6 months & that have featured image. To add more Variation headlines, you must have more images present in your post.

** NB- Spinkx Plugin is designed to track any BOT activity, Fake Clicks & Impression to advertisements or boosted posts. We ONLY track real users & thus the accuracy & performance of your Posts & advertising in our network. We Reserve the right to BAN any such BOT based activity or any provocative & obscene content from our network. You may do what ever you may like with what ever content in your own sites sidebar – no restriction or ban on them. And FREE to use for life. We do not deactivate this features if you don’t buy or pay for the plugin. However the expenses of running content analytics for your site still costs us money to run on our servers.**

** We are always delighted to provide free training to all who want to use this plugin. Kindly get in touch with us through our Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/SpinkxWP/ or Website – www.spinkx.com

Detailed usage of the plugin, training & Videos are available on https://www.Spinkx.com


  • Front-end Display of the Widget
  • Content Playlist, Boost Post & Variation Headlines
  • Dashboard & Analytics for your Posts
  • Widget Advanced Settings for Content Display
  • Widget Design & Display Settings


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/spinkx-client-wp directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Register your Site on “My Site” & fill in accurately your website category, geography, age limit of content & language of your site.
  4. Go to Widget Design & Copy the Short code – which should look like this – [ spinkx id=”xx” ]
  5. Go to ‘Appearances > Widgets’ of your WordPress Sidebar and scroll to the bottom add “TEXT” to your Main Sidebar.
  6. Give this a Heading like “Trending Stories” (or any of your choice) and paste the shorcode below the title space.
  7. You widget should now be live on your sidebar
  8. Go to “Content Playlist” and you will see all your stories already fetched in for you. PLEASE NOTE – Your post MUST have “Featured Image” & must not be more than 6 months old. Incase your posts are more than 6 months old, you can re-publish them on a current date to show up in the Content playlist tab.
  9. The DEMO widget is full feature active, if you want to edit content setting or design you can click on “Widget Design” & go to settings for any changes you may want.
  10. Your Dashboard on Spinkx Shows you analytics.
  11. If your Website has earned money or wants to run campaign, we must verify manually the authenticity of the Individual, Bank Accounts or Business, so you may need to email us a few documents for verification etc.


What happens after 30 days of FREE trial of all Features?

None of the features are blocked after the Trial, except for being able to BOOST your own posts or Transferring revenue earned to your bank account. You can continue to accumulate points & revenue. But you will be able to use those features only after a purchase. (Exceptions are always there)

Can i use this plugin only to for my Sidebar widget & Not boost posts & earn revenue.

YES! it free for life

Are all external posts or ads targeted & relevant?

YES ! all external posts are targeted as per the category you have chosen for your site. However further refinement of external content being displayed can be managed from “Widget Design” Section.

Can i get a personalised Training on how to use this plugin and make it a success advertising Business?

YES ! We support you in all your Endeavours with respect to this plugin or WordPress. We do a free trouble shooting with respect to installation for you.


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Contributors & Developers

“Spinkx Content Marketing” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




Release Date – 21 June, 2017

  • Registration Bug Fixing
  • CSS Bug Fixing


Release Date – 09 May, 2017

  • Add Money button added
  • Campaign optimise type Reach/Engagement added


Release Date – 03 May, 2017

  • Added Social Viral Post creator
  • Faq tips for Boost Post & Campaigns
  • Fixed registration bug


Release Date – 26 April, 2017

  • UI & UX Improvement
  • Campaign section completely redesigned
  • Distribution Logic enhanced
  • Registration via Google added and FB login improved


Release Date – 10 March, 2017

  • Multi-site user registration enhancement
  • Widget creation after registration flow change
  • Campaign – add money button added
  • Mobile widget bug fix with caching enabled websites


Release Date – 07 March, 2017

  • Change Flow of site registration process
  • Minor Bug Fixes – plugin activation error fixes


Release Date – 06 March, 2017

  • Minor Bug Fixes – content playlist loader & post sync


Release Date – 04 March, 2017

  • Mobile Widget release
  • Youtube video marketing release
  • Frontend Content Unit Views & Age of post added
  • Bug Fixes & speed enhancement
  • Content playlist pagination
  • HTTP & HTTPS url support


Release Date – 24th December, 2016

  • Added support system
  • Show Statistics for last 30 Days on Content Playlist, Widget and Dashboard Screens


Release Date – 16th December, 2016

  • Bug Fixes – version compatibility with wordpress version 4.5
  • Help Message added on Boost Post & Content Playlist
  • Free Points Offer added on Plugin Buy option


Release Date – 13th December, 2016

  • Initial release