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Calendar Event

Calendar Event plugin is a highly configurable product which allows you to have multiple organized events.

WordPress event calendar is a FREE user-friendly responsive plugin to manage multiple recurring events and with various options.

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Spider Event Calendar is a highly configurable plugin which allows you to have multiple organized events in a calendar. This plugin is one of the best WordPress Calendar available in WordPress Directory. If you have problem with organizing your WordPress Calendar events and displaying them in a calendar format, then Spider WordPress Calendar Plugin is the best solution. Maybe you just want to have a quick look at your calendar to remind yourself about the future appointments? It will be great if calendar extension will be able to show all events, display them in a widget as a beautiful and customizable calendar on your website. Spider WordPress Calendar is an extraordinary user friendly calendar.
There is also a possibility of displaying the events in a list view. The product includes a widget called Upcoming events, allowing to have a specific number of upcoming events arranged in ordered or randomized option.
Possibility to add multiple events for a single date, including events from different categories. You can display the calendar in a smaller format for all pages using the Calendar widget.
Different categories created for the calendar will be displayed as a legend below the calendar. This will allow the users to manage the types of the events they are looking for.

Features of Spider Event Calendar:

  • 100% responsive. Fully compatible with all mobile devices.
  • You can add unlimited number of calendars, event categories and unlimited number of events for each calendar.
  • WordPress Calendar can be used as a widget as well.
  • Separate upcoming events widget to display upcoming events in a list. The widget features are customizable.
  • With a simple click on the date on the Calendar you will see the events and their descriptions recorded for that day.
  • Possibility to set the month and the year initially displayed on the calendar (option to display any particular month instead of the current month on the calendar).
  • Possibility of displaying events repeating on a specific day of week on a weekly, monthly and even yearly basis.
  • Possibility of displaying single-day events.
  • Possibility to choose month display format in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Option of displaying from one to four views (Month, List, Week and Day).
  • Possibility of setting one of the view options as a default one.
  • An option to create categories.
  • Possibility to assign a category for each event.
  • Option of having different colors for each category.
  • Filtering possibility in the front end: when clicking upon the category legend it will display events of that category only.
  • Possibility to display multiple events for a single day.
  • Possibility to include custom HTML, e.g. images in the event description.
  • Possibility of defining the default view, as well as view options for the calendar widget.
  • Colors and fonts of the Upcoming events widget can be customized from the widget area.
  • Possibility to include only the events and not the calendar as whole in a list form with Upcoming Events widget.
  • Calendar widget uses lightbox for displaying events similar to the large calendar.
  • Possibility of searching and browsing event in the back end for easier and quick editing.
  • Possibility to display events of only specific categories, when pressing the mentioned category labels below.
  • Possibility to use the same color for the event categories (legend display below the calendars) for a uni-color design.
  • Support for both 12-hour and 24-hour time options.
  • All categories legend for displaying all events or returning to original state after hitting a specific category
  • Support for recurring events

Upgrade to WordPress Calendar Pro to add features:

  • Spider Event Calendar allows you to change the colors of the calendar and fit it to the colors of your website.
  • Spider Event Calendar has 17 standard themes included in extension package for the plugin and 6 themes for the widget.
  • You can set width of the Spider Event Calendar in the widget and in the WordPress calendar plugin as well.
  • You can change calendar date color, font size and font family in the popup.
  • Possibility to change arrow color and background color in the popup in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to change popup background color in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to define the height and width of the popup in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to define the number of displayed events in the popup in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to change next, previous and current month font size and color in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to change current day cell border color in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to define the main border radius, color and width in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • You have also possibility to change popup window parameters in the Spider Event Calendar.
  • Possibility to add new themes based on the default theme.
  • Possibility of displaying/hiding the category legend below the calendar widget.
  • Possibility of selecting the start day of the week (Monday, Sunday).
  • Possibility to select calendar date style in the popup.
  • Possibility to set a number of events to be displayed within a single day


If you think you found a bug in Spider Calendar or have any problem/question concerning the plugin, please check out Support Forum in our website. If you do not find a solution here, do not hesitate to contact us at info@web-dorado.com.

Supported languages

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Turkish (tr_TR)
Ukrainian (uk_UA)
Vietnamese (vi)

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 1 week ago
Active Installs: 30,000+


4.4 out of 5 stars


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