webZunder Sharing Icons


Add social sharing icons to your WordPress, so your readers can better interact with your page and share your posts.

You can choose which social sharing icons and where the icons should be displayed.
You can add the Screen name of the user to attribute the Tweet to and add an account, which should be suggested to follow, after sharing a post.

Supported Social Networks are:

  • twitter
  • facebook
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Xing
  • Pinterest
  • tumblr
  • vk aka vkontakte
  • WhatsApp

Also, you have the option to share via email.

The Plugin is compatible to the webZunder Open Graph Plugin.

The Icons which are used are FontAwesome Icons.

There is no tracking. These are just sharing buttons.


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  • Plugin Option page
  • Plugin Extended Option Page
  • Push your own online marketing with webZunder and the webZunder plugins


  1. upload the sosh-icons folder into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. activate the Plugin through the Plugin menu in WordPress
  3. configure the plugin by going to the Sharing Icons menu that appears in your admin menu


install the plugin directly through the WordPress Dashboard


Are the icons responive?

Yes, the Icons are responsive but when all icons are displayed, it doesn’t looks nice. You could let it look better with Custom Css.

Can I change the appearance?

Yes, just insert custom css.
You can style following classes: buttons, sosh-cta, twitter, fb, googleplus, xing, linkedin, pinterest, tumblr ,vk, whatsapp, mail

Is the plugin compliant to the German data protection?

The Icons won’t send user information to the Social Networks, if there are not been clicked. But we won’t say Yes because German law is a bit tricky 😉 So you will Use this Plugin on your own risk.

Does your Plugin use Canvas Fingerprinting?

We don’t use or support canvas fingerprinting.


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Contributors & Developers

“webZunder Sharing Icons” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  1. [Bugfix] Facebook Sharer Bug


  1. [Bugfix] Facebook changed the parameters for sharer.php.


  1. [Bugfix] If an Image is at the beginning of the text the icons will now work again. Thanks saetchmo for the hint.


  1. added new Font-Awesome Version
  2. added WhatsApp
  3. [Bugfix] If Call to Action isn’t defined there is now a predefined text
  4. [Change] the Call to Action is no longer a span. It’s now a div.

  1. Added the option to add a call to action to animate the readers to share the content

  1. Added the option to display the icons also on excerpts

  1. [Bugfix] changed the image handling.

  1. [Bugfix] removed some debug data


  1. [Improvment] Now you can choose where the icons should be displayed.
  2. [Improvemnt] Tested with WordPress 4.0 RC2. So the plugin is ready for the future 😉

  1. [Bugfix] some changes caused error messages when older php versions in use. thanks Dennis.


  1. [Bugfix] If plugin updated and new icons are available, they won’t be displayed without your selection
  2. [Improvment] Tested with WordPress 4.0 Beta2 and added little version handling for future Development
  3. [Improvment] When Plugin is uninstalled, all options will be deleted out of your database, so your database won’t be cluttered


  1. [Bugfix] Now the default settings won’t display all icons after first installation.
  2. [Bugfix] if no icon selected there won’t be displayed a empty “buttons” div


  1. Inital Commit into WordPress Repository