Software License Manager


Software license management solution for your web applications (WordPress plugins, Themes, PHP based membership script etc.)

This plugin is very useful for creating a license server and doing the following via API:

  • Create license keys in your system (license server)
  • Check the status of a license key from from your application (remotely)
  • Activate a license key from your application (remotely)
  • Deactivate a license key (remotely)
  • Check a license key (remotely)
  • Track where the license key is being used.

You can also create license keys manually from the admin dashboard of this plugin.

Please note that this plugin is ONLY for developers

Check license manager documentation to learn more.

Integration with WP eStore plugin

Check WP eStore integration documentation

Github repository

If you need some extra action hooks or filters for this plugin then let us know.

Arbitrary section

See the following sample/example for multi-site environment/setup:


  1. Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress admin area
  2. Click the upload tab
  3. Browse for the plugin file (
  4. Click Install Now and then activate the plugin



Installation Instructions
  1. Go to the Add New plugins screen in your WordPress admin area
  2. Click the upload tab
  3. Browse for the plugin file (
  4. Click Install Now and then activate the plugin



I have to say, this plugin is AWESOME! The developers even added some hooks into it when I asked them about integrating my plugin with the “Software License Manager” and “WooCommerce”. They had those hooks created in not time flat! This allowed me to now create license keys for my plugins via WooCommerce after the order is completed. It’s working great and I didn’t have to go pay $129 a year for the “WooCommerce Software Add-on”. If anyone want’s to use this plugin and keep their WooCommerce store, then get my free addon plugin here:

Great work !!!

Thank you so much for your hard work and making it available for free. Good job guys. Wish you best of luck.

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Contributors & Developers

“Software License Manager” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Updated slm-api-utility.php to add Content-Type header to the API response.


  • The slm_create_new api call will no longer show an error code incorrectly.


  • Check for existence of company_name query value before using to fix undefined index error when it doesn’t exist.
  • Add ability to specify product_ref when creating license via API. Thanks to @maddisondesigns for the update.


  • Fixed undefined index warning “enable_auto_key_expiry”
  • The product_ref field is now available in the add/edit license menu. Also, this value is output with the “slm_check” API call. Thanks to Tobias Hildebrandt for implementing this.


  • Added a new error code for the following condition:
    If maximum activation has reached and the license key is used on the domain (where the request came from) then it will return a new error: LICENSE_IN_USE_ON_DOMAIN_AND_MAX_REACHED


  • The integration with WP eStore cart will create multiple licenses when a customer purchases more than 1 quantity of a product.


  • The API response will now include a numeric error code (in the event of an error). Thanks to Steve Gehrman.


  • The registered domains (if any) of a license key will get deleted when that key is deleted from the manage licenses menu.
  • Added wp_unslash() for firstname, lastname, registered domain and company name. Thanks to @sgehrman.
  • Added a new action hook (slm_license_key_expired) that gets triggered when a license key expires.


  • eStore integration update: changed expiry date field to accept number of days so the plugin can dynamically calculate the expiry date for the key.


  • Updated the eStore integration so a custom “Expiry Date” value can be set in the product configuration.


  • Updated the eStore plugin integration so a custom “Maximum Allowed Domains” value can be specified in the eStore product configuration.


  • Added new action and filter hooks in the add/edit interface so an addon can extend the functionality of that interface.
  • Added nonce check in the add/edit license interface.


  • Added a new feature to enable auto expiry of the license keys. You can enable this option from the settings.
  • If you don’t specify a expiry date, when adding a manual license key, it will use the current date plus 1 year as the expiry date.
  • Increased the width and height of the “Registered Domains” box in the edit license interface.
  • Added a new table column product_ref in the license keys table.
  • Added couple of new hooks in the plugin.


  • Added integration with the squeeze form submission of eStore plugin.


  • The license check query now outputs the date values also.
  • Improvement for the WP eStore integration.


  • Added a filter to remove any null values from the DB insert query parameter of the API Utility class.


  • Replaced “esc_url()” with “esc_url_raw()” in the sample plugin.
  • Updated some CSS in the admin interface for WordPress 4.4


  • Added new hooks before the API query is executed. This allows a developer to override the API query and do custom stuff.
  • Added a new API to check the details of an existing license key.


  • The license key is also included with the response sent to the new license creation request. Below is an example response:
    {“result”:”success”,”message”:”License successfully created”,”key”:”5580effe188d3″}

  • You can now pass a pre-generated license key to the license creation API using the “license_key” parameter in the request.


  • Updated the sample plugin code so the query works better.
  • Added the ability to reset the debug log file from the plugin settings interface.
  • The item_reference value will be stored in the database (if sent via the activation API query).


  • Added the option to search a license key from the manage licenses interface.


  • Updated the license key creation API check to use the value from “Secret Key for License Creation” field.


  • Added more sanitization.


  • Fixed a bug with the bulk delete license operation.


  • First commit to wordpress repository.