This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Social Marketing


Social Marketing is a lightweight plugin that handles the heavy lifting of getting your marketing content onto Facebook, Twitter and Tumbr. It’s one quick and easy step to:

  • Market yourself and your service
  • Use WordPress as a marketing tool

Install directly from your WordPress administrator plugin menu for fastest path to happiness. Or click the Download button to install manually. See how quickly you can get started with Social Marketing. Install and configure in less than 2 minutes and any content you publish is available to your social media accounts.

Market your Business

Businesses, WordPress developers and frequent bloggers rely on Social Marketing to get the message out – quickly and easily.
See how easily WordPress becomes your social media creation tool:

  • Consistent content: Your website automatically updates your social media sites.
  • No separate login or sign up: It’s all managed from within WordPress.
  • Flexible: Manage Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr posts separately
  • Better Control: You control the visibility of the posts across social networks
  • Integrated instructions: All instructions are available on screen as you need them.

Social media just became fast, easy and stress-free.

Download and install Social Marketing now.

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Your time is precious. The Social Marketing plugin quickly and automatically sends your content from WordPress to Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter.

Here’s how we help you save time:


Getting the word out about your latest news, events, promotions or sales is now quick and easy.

  • Decide on your message and promotion,
  • Choose which category to post it to.
  • Social Marketing posts your content or promotion without having to login to multiple social media sites.

WordPress Web Site Developer

Expand your customers’ options by offering a web site which
automatically keeps their social media sites up to date. Your customers will thank you for saving
them lots of time and effort. And your service will be more valuable to them.

WordPress Blogger

Increase the visibility of your blog quickly and easily. Download and install the
Social Marketing plugin and the world can quickly learn about your thoughts and ideas.

Key Features

  • Consistent content: Your website automatically updates your social media sites.
  • No separate login: It’s all managed from within WordPress
  • Flexible: Manage Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr posts separately
  • Better Control: You control the visibility on the posts’ status across social networks
  • Integrated instructions: All instructions are available on screen as you need them.

Dramatically extend the reach of your content without taking all your time to do it. Social media just
became fast and easy.

Download and install Social Marketing now.

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  1. Manage your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social marketing in a single place
  2. Assign categories to your Facebook page or Twitter account
  3. Every new post is automatically sent to the correct social media marketing destination.

To become part of the beta google analytics program, send an email to

  1. Improvements to the social media configuration page.
  2. Easier connection management.
  3. Easier category assignment.
  4. Post publishing status shown for every connection.

  1. Regression fix when users have role change (not sending external id like needed)
  2. Validation: Compress call stack when doing error check so that more of call stack is recorded.
  3. More information in error logging.
  4. Minor fixes: to notification when activating plugin, PHP 5.4 type notice fix
  5. Fix to diagnostics page (using old api call to test server)

  1. Check to make sure the wordpress version is at least the minimum allowed before activating the plugin (prevents odd errors)
  2. Additional security checks on activation/deactivation.
  3. bug fix : to better schedule delayed publishing

  1. On initial registration, only register minimum number of users. Other users are registered if/when they do an action that requires communicating with
  2. Regression: under some circumstances a user would lose the ability to publish to
  3. Numerous small fixes to errors reported by the plugin

  1. Issues when people upgraded but did not complete the registration screen.

  1. Check box to turn off automatic publishing.
  2. More reliable Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr setup.
  3. Revamped publishing UI.
  4. Improved regitration process.
  5. Better error reporting.
  6. Various stability improvements and bug fixes.
  7. Improved diagnostics

  1. Add ‘Automatic publishing’ checkbox to allow users to unselect a post for being published. This saves a user from having to constantly cancel publishing if the user did not want a give post published to social marketing sites.
  2. PHP bug fixes to make post publishing more reliable.
  3. Help page is now automatically generated from the FAQ page.

  1. Added error handling code so that any problems with plugin will not affect the site functioning.
  2. Added automatic error checking and reporting.

  1. Fix php issue (only shows up on some versions of php as an infinite loop)

  1. Fix to work with WordPress 3.6 under certain configurations : thanks to JC Crawford of Mind Style Transformations for reporting this and working with us.
  2. Fix description text (thanks to Andreas Andreou )

  1. Diagnostic screen fixed
  2. Remove check on number of external connections
  3. Better error message about external service authorization being a problem.
  4. Post status to post opens new window

  1. fix problem that made it hard to reconnect to social marketing sites when there were authentication issues. Thanks to Matt Zimmerman of Equipment Superstore for reporting this issue.

Maintanence Release:

  1. Fixed configuration issues with languages that require UTF-8 ( Thai ). (Categories were not properly registering on the server)
  2. When server cannot be contacted because it is being updated, the plugin will now look for the status message.
  3. Warn sites that are multi-homed wordpress that the plugin does not support those sites now. (we have not tested it)
  4. only register users that have an email address ( users without an email address can not publish content social media sites)

Server forces upgrade to this version

Maintenence release to address:

  1. issues with communication with the server.
  2. improve the settings page to display additional information

  1. performance improvements
  2. Blank websites now allowed


To install the Social Marketing plugin

  1. Login as an administrator to your WordPress site
  2. Go to the WordPress Plugins menu
  3. Select “Add New” in the plugins submenu to get to the “Install Plugins” screen
  4. Search for ‘Social Marketing’
  5. Install
  6. Activate Social Marketing through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress


How the Integrated Google Analytics

There are 3 parameters we supply.

  1. (our service)
  2. utm_campaign=(social media)_(account or facebook page)
  3. utm_source=(the social media site)

For example a facebook page named ‘Music Lover’ will supply this information to your Google Analytics account.

  2. utm_campaign=facebook_com_music_lover

Google description about these parameters.

KISSMetrics explains in more detail how to use the custom google analytics parameters.

Note: This feature is in beta and not yet available for all users and it will be a paid feature.


We regard user confusion as a bug.

If you find any part of the product confusing or frustrating – please let us know. In particular for text or error messages if you have a suggested alternative we would love your suggestion.

Complaints about confusion are treated seriously and are not ignored.

Feature suggestions

If you have a feature suggestion we would love to hear it as well.
We can’t promise that we will implement the feature – but we will respond to you.

When sending a feature suggestion please:

  1. A brief description of your business problem the feature helps solve.
  2. A ‘Use Case’ – briefly explaining how you would use the feature.
  3. How valuable is this feature – and yes we do mean money. We need to rank features in order of implemention. We need to pay mortgages and feed our kids. If the requestor volunteers to pay for the feature, that tells us we are not wasting our time.

We will be offering paid features soon. Not every feature will be available for free. If a feature is suggested that ends up being a paid feature, the first suggestors will be offered an opportunity to test out the feature for free. A discount may also be offered. We are working out details, so this is not a commitment

Which Posts are sent to the service?

Only published posts in categories assigned to social marketing sites are sent to the web service for distribution to your social marketing sites.

Multi-site WordPress

Not supported at this time.

Plugin fails to install
  1. Make sure that WordPress is installed at an URL that is publicly visible. For example, if WordPress has its site as “localhost” the plugin will not work because the cannot contact the plugin.
Content is not published on Facebook, twitter, et. al.
  1. Make sure that the Facebook Pages, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts have been assigned at least one category.
  2. Make sure that Facebook, allows the application to access your account.
  3. Social Marketing does not work with auto reposting plugins. These are plugins such as wp-robot that bring in content from other websites and repost it. This is intentional and will not be “fixed” (at least in the free version):
    1. Facebook and Twitter frown on duplicate content and treat our service as a spammy service if it posts duplicate (spammy) content. This creates work on our part.
    2. Dealing with Facebook and Twitter issues are costly.
    3. We will create a version of the plugin that works with auto reposter plugins but that will be at a cost. (since facebook esp. will have issues).
Something Else?
  1. Contact us at
  2. Include your name and contact information ( sometimes a phone/skype conversation is easier / faster than emails ).
  3. Timezone and times that are good to call you.
  4. Your web site url ( so we can look up your account )


You have to register.

I'm just looking for something to broadcast to social media. No one needs to register for that. The plugin is so slow and nearly impossible to setup.

Not working, no support

Don't waste your time trying to reach the support after the plugin installation failed and be sure, it will fail! The developers took the plugin down because it was a free version.
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  • Fixed breaking change introduced in previous release.

  1. Fixed possible wordpress slowdown on plugin errors.
  2. Fixed a bug on image processing for Facebook.

  1. plugin automatically retries publishing a post if the server was down. Before the plugin would just give up if the server was not available.

  1. Improved social preview rendering.
  2. Minor bugfixes.

  1. Fixed social preview button.
  2. Beta-features page for BETA program subscribers.
  3. New google analytics beta feature: track where your visitors come from and what social media is the most effective.
  4. combine diagnostics page with the feedback page.
  5. users were not able to refresh their api_key after the initial plugin registration.