This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.



SMF2WP is a simple one way bridge from Simple Machine Forum (v2.0.1 tested) to WordPress (v3.2.1 tested). This means, this one uses databases of SMF Forum and sync to WP database every time a user performs log-in action in both WP and SMF. To get this working, it is highly recommended that you have a fresh install of WordPress with an install of SMF. Also, WP and SMF must be installed in same domain, and should not be being accessed through a subdomain, though it still work. For example, if your website contains of WordPress for news and SMF for forum, if your news is, then your forums should be somewhere like

This plugin will do these following tasks:

  • If a user log in WP, then that user will be logged in SMF using SMF2API.
  • If a user logout WP, then that user will be logged out SMF using SMF2API.
  • If a user log in SMF, will be logged in WP as well.
  • If a user log out SMF, will be loged out WP as well.

IMPORTANCE: After installation, please read OTHER NOTES for further instructions.

This new plugin only was tested by me at our organization website! Please keep in mind that I am not responsible for any data loss that might occur through your use of this plugin! Please see the plugin’s website, and report bugs for a better version!


*** I spent a lot of time for this plugin, please consider donating or at least giving me some encourage comments at my Website SMF2WP ***

Every time a user logged in SMF forum, same username (will be created if not exist) will be logged in WordPress. Because SMF is placed in higher order, so user in WordPress will be changed to SMF with same role.

For example, you have an administrator named “admin” in wordpress, after SMF2WP fully activated, the SMF user named “admin” can login as that administrator. So be careful!

Demo Sites

Well, have a look at


I need help or found a bug!

Go here and comment me about it:

How do I active SMF2WP?

Read Installations.

How do I know URI to forum

For example, if you access your blog from, your wordpress installation is at, your forum at Then URI will be: ../forum

If you need helps, go here and comment me.



Increase stability


Increase stability


Fix different database bugs. Thanks to NgocTu@vysa for report this bug


  • Upgrade for SMF 2.x Version. Do not use SMF 1.x version with this plugin.


Fix WAMP parse error bugs.


  • Fix Login twice bug, thanks to Matt L.
  • Change login Logic, so it may be come more stable.
  • Change auto-login, auto-logout Logic
  • Change plugin URL
  • Fix several bugs


Change name to avoid name conflict
Fix several small bugs
Remove unwanted comment


  • Based on Jonathan “JonnyFunFun” Enzinna’s version

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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