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Donations Made Easy - Smart Donations

The all in one donation plugin, create different kind of donations, set goals, monitor your results, donation forms, thank you emails and more...

Smart Donations

Want to see a demo? check out the video tutorials here: http://rednao.com/smartdonations.html

For support and feedback please visit http://rednao.uservoice.com/ i will be glad to help you or see your idea!!

The all in one donation plugin, create different kind of donations, set goals, monitor your results, create donation forms, set thank you emails. Currently it supports paypal, wepay and five different styles of donations:

  • Classic Donation.- The classic paypal or wepay button, When The user clicks the button he will be directed to the paypal/wepay page and he will define how much he want to donate there. (Paypal or wepay)

  • TextBox Donation.- A paypal or wepay button with a text box so the donors can pick right away how much they want to donate. (Paypal or wepay)

  • Three Buttons Donation.- Three donation buttons (they dont have to be paypal buttons, you can customize them) each one with a different amounts (that you define) so the donators can donate with one click. (Paypal or wepay)

  • Slider Donation.- This has an slider that the user can scroll to donate more or less money (you define the minimun and maximun amount), it also has a happy face that gets happier or not that happy depending on the donation amount. (Paypal or wepay)

  • Forms.- (Pro feature) You need to ask something to the donors? then Forms donations is the way to go, you can create a custom form the way you want it (you can add text boxes, drop downs, checkboxes etc). Once you get a donation you will get an email with all that information. (Paypal only)

PayPal also support IPN notifications so you can keep track of all the donations, you can show a donation goal meter or analize how well you have been doing in a period of time.

Also you can customize the paypal currency that you want to use for each donation button.

*You can find more here:Smart Donations

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.0.1
Last Updated: 2015-2-22
Downloads: 45,042


4.2 out of 5 stars


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