Smart Dashboard Extras


This Plugin comes handy with set of WordPress hooks, to customize admin interface elements in your WordPress dashboard. This also adds some extra important features that you always wanted to have.

Currently the Smart Dashboard Extra plugin supports following features:

Admin Features

  1. It adds the contributors the ability to upload media
  2. Limit contributors and authors to their own post
  3. Notify website administrator when another Administrator logged into WordPress admin dashboard

Dashboard Customisations

  1. Remove default WordPress logo from the in the admin bar
  2. Remove “Dashboard” sidebar menu links for non admin users.
  3. Remove contextual \”Help\” links
  4. Remove all dashboard widgets for non admin.
  5. Customize or hide “Thank you for creating with WordPress” in footer
  6. Remove WordPress version in the footer for non admin

(There is an associated screenshot which points out these different sections.)

Note: These settings are global and will affect all users who are able to visit the admin pages.

Links: Plugin Homepage | Plugin Directory Page | Author Homepage


  • A image identifying the different dashboard customisations that can be selectively enabled or disabled by the plugin.
  • A image identifying different dashboard items you can customize.
  • A image identifying the additional settings to add more features such as turning on/off email notification.
  • A image identifying sample email notification received when an Admin logged in.


Does this plugin allow for each admin user to customize the admin interface to their individual liking?

No. The settings defined in this plugin is apply for all users. Please note, some of the features are limited to user role.


  • Initial release.

Contributors & Developers

This is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.

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