Slideshow Satellite


Satellite’s goal is to present a responsive and beautiful slideshow experience to visitors of your WordPress site.

Choose from multiple easy to use themes like Slideshows with full thumbnail displays, Flipbooks for that animated-gif style slideshow, or the brand new Infinite Scroll!

As of August 2015 – Premium edition is available for free for everyone!

Use either your WordPress Media Galleries or our own highly customized Gallery Editor.

Videos, Feature info, Developer Information and more :

Easily embed using our slideshow button. Otherwise, to embed into a post/page, simply insert [satellite] into its content with optional post_id, thumbs, exclude, include, caption, and auto parameters. Check out the Slideshow Satellite Manual on the plugin details page (linked above) for code examples.


  • Slideshow Satellite with bottom thumbnails
  • Slideshow Satellite with "Full Right"


Installing the WordPress Slideshow Satellite plugin manually is very easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Option 1) Search Satellite in WordPress plugins, find Slideshow Satellite and install!

  2. Option 2) In your WP Dashboard goto Plugins and Add New. Then click Upload

  3. Upload ‘’, Install & Activate.

  4. Configure the settings according to your needs through the ‘Satellite’ > ‘Configuration’ menu

  5. Add and manage your slides in the ‘Satellite’ > ‘Manage Slides’ section (Or just use the built in wordpress gallery)

  6. Put [satellite post_id="X" exclude="" caption="on/off" thumbs="on/off"] to embed a slideshow with the images of a post into your posts/pages or use [satellite gallery=X] to embed a slideshow with images in ‘Manage Slides’

  7. For the most up to date list of options available please goto: and check out the manual

  8. Premium Edition: You will download the premium edition from the website directly after paying and setting up your user account. Check your spam folder for your password!!

  9. Premium Edition: Just make sure the /pro/ folder is in your /wp-content/plugins/slideshow-satellite/ directory and you’re set!


I am having some issues with my plugin, whats a good first look?

Start with ‘Reset to Defaults’ on the top of your plugin configuration page.

Still having some major issues, next?

You may be dealing with a conflict with your theme or other plugins. To really test, if it works with Twenty-Eleven theme and no other plugins active it’s a conflict.

It’s not that serious, just a little funky

Oh, well have you checked out the Manual?

How can I display the slideshow in a sidebar as a widget?

Install the plugin Advanced Text Widget and put the embed code in there. We would suggest using the Premium Edition as you can specify width and height in the embed.

All the images show up on the page, this ain’t no slideshow!!! Oh, and I’m running the slideshow through the template in PHP or through another plugin

The slideshow isn’t loading your JS or CSS most likely! That’s because the plugin doesn’t know it’s being called. It’s looking for the [satellite reference and not seeing it. [satellite display=off] in an area being called by the loop on that page or just going to Advanced Settings and turn ‘Shortcode Requirement’ to off.

I’m seeing a non-stop loading icon on the page

You’re most likely dealing with some javascript weirdness. Check using Firebug and ask for help in the forums. Your theme or another plugin might be working improperly with Satellite

Can I display/embed multiple instances of Slideshow Satellite?

Yes you can, but you have to have the Premium Edition

What if I only want captions on some of my pages

Set your default captions to off; for any slideshow you put on your page use [satellite caption=on] – Captions can also be set at the Gallery level

How do I find the numbers to exclude (or include)?

Not as easy as it used to be! Go into the Media Library. Choose an image you want to exclude and click on it and notice your address bar: “/wp-admin/media.php?action=edit&attachment_id=353”. Therefore, [satellite exclude=353]

What sizes can my thumbnails be?

For WordPress Image Gallery the max is 100, for the Custom Galleries the max is 150 pixels. The thumbnail must be at least 10 pixels.

How do I show multiple galleries on a single page in a tabbed view?

If you have the premium edition and multiple custom galleries setup do this [satellite gallery=5,3,4,8] and they will display in that order

The slideshow loads a little funky, I fear it’s the theme

With premium edition, you can load the plugin after the theme loads by using the splash screen [satellite gallery=2 splash=on]

Premium Questions

My plugin breaks when I install the premium version

Many times this has to do with how it was uploaded… Delete all the slideshow-satellite files from your plugins directory (this can be done by clicking ‘Delete’ from the Plugin Page menu) Then use the Plugin Page -> Add New -> Upload -> to upload the file

You may also want to “Reset Configuration” from the Configuration page


After reviewing many similar plugins…finally!!

After my site stopped working correctly with the NextGen gallery plugin, I was looking for a simple and straightforward slideshow with scrolling thumbnails which was easy to manage and which had a nice design. I went through at least a dozen different slider and image gallery plugins and this was the first one that was quick and painless to install and that simply worked flawlessly out of the box. Hope that it will be updated for future WordPress versions.

Would love a Next and Back button on the enlarged image

Hello, first off I would like to thank Satellite a lot for saving my ass 😀

Secondly if Satellite won’t mind, I think adding a back and a next button on the zoom image mode would make the plugin perfecto, I’m loving the slideshow with the thumbs on the right 🙂

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Contributors & Developers

“Slideshow Satellite” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • PREMIUM RELEASE August 2015
  • All premium capabilities are now added for everyone to use!
  • Fixed all PHP 5.5 issues
  • Added support for HVM


  • Fixing needing to save gallery before it loads bug
  • Fixing premium width on shortcode not required bug


  • getimagesize Bug Fix
  • Adding Post Types to Gallery options
  • Fixing Thumb Right/Left
  • Adding Thumb Right/Left to button
  • bug with mysql_list_fields fix


  • Fixed Transition = none bug
  • Fixed tinyMCE dialog box insert slideshow bug
  • Fixed Checkbox issue on custom gallery


  • Ordering slides fixes incl. ajax update
  • Fixed slide saving
  • Adding Alt Text


  • Fixed Save Gallery Bug
  • Fixed Extendability Bug



  • The Extendable Release – Support for Twenty Fourteen Theme
  • Allows for other plugins to add functionality to Satellite
  • Everyone can have multiple slideshows now
  • [satellite play=off]
  • Slideshows stop when you leave the browser window
  • Fixing many bugs
  • Config/Admin fixes and updates


  • WP 3.6 Release – Support for Twenty Thirteen Theme
  • Reuse existing images in your slideshows
  • Fixes jQuery problem
  • Updated Satellite website (new links)


  • Add Stretch and Center
  • Lightbox Readiness
  • Timing issue with no caption
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Slideshow Themes Added: Infinite Scroll & Flipbooks
  • Infinite Scrolls for Admin Slides
  • Updated Admin Sections: Quick Edit & Gallery-Slide Connection
  • jQuery IE 7&8 issue


  • Fixed thickbox issue
  • Fixed Twenty-Twelve Admin CSS issues
  • Preloading upgraded for minimal images & quicker load time
  • Premium added ‘infocolor’ capability to pair with ‘infobackground’


  • The Responsive release!! – Regular;Multi-Gallery;Full-Thumbs
  • Resizing Images
  • Watermarking Images (Premium Only)
  • New Transition: None – good for flipbooks
  • Preloading now works! Premium can change how many images preload
  • Fix Clean Start
  • Add Change Font per Gallery
  • Adding More Ordering Options
  • Adding Bulk Slide Updates – Resize & Watermark
  • Fixing Delete Images – actually deletes now!
  • Making PHP not “necessary” for CSS


  • Adding back in Shortcode Requirement
  • Fixing Captions on the Right
  • Adding Navigation Opacity
  • Adding “Clean Start” for hover effects
  • Adding always show play/pause button
  • Kanji & Russian & Multilingual Support! UTF8 titles and descriptions


  • Added More Gallery capability for call to action
  • Navigation hidden to start
  • Added more unique caption functionality to Galleries
  • Added transparency capabilities
  • Added an extra fade capability, “Fade Empty”, and changed name of prior to “Fade Blend”
  • Fixed captions to display through animation
  • Added splash and load through AJAX for premium
  • Added multiple gallery options when comma-delimited


  • Added Galleries
  • Added Bulk Image Upload
  • Fixed Transparent Caption Backgrounds
  • Added Text on the Right for Galleries
  • Full Left & Full Right on General Config
  • Slides no pause when image is clicked


  • Fixing for WordPress 3.4
  • Premium /pro/ directory copying feature for Automatic Updates
  • Fixes for Full-Right Scrolling
  • Fix all PHP errors


  • Added Caption Hover!
  • Added Random capability
  • Toggle Requirement of shortcode to load js and css
  • Added multiple title sizing including ‘Hidden’
  • Minor bug fixes including Directory Separator
  • Added Premium edition notifier of new versions


  • Created easy out for tinyMCE bug
  • Fixed some minor thumbnail issues
  • Cleaned up Config Page
  • Added more Caption options
  • Update database to varchar textlocation
  • “No link” fix
  • Navigation Arrows push out


  • Initial Plugin Release using a customized ZURB Orbit javascript slideshow
  • Created easy one-click transition from Slideshow Gallery Pro
  • Took best ideas in the world, created some more, and added some rad spice.