This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Slideshow Gallery Pro


Enjoy Slideshow Gallery Pro? Satellite takes off where Slideshow Gallery Pro reached it’s limits.

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Installing the WordPress Slideshow Gallery Pro plugin manually is very easy. Simply follow the steps below.

  1. Don’t download

  2. Get Satellite “Slideshow Satellite”



I want the Premium Edition of Slideshow Gallery Pro

It’s on the Members page at C-Pres

Why did you retire this project?

Too many limitations with how it was built and I didn’t like the name. So I decided to do the whole switch at once.

Contributors & Developers

“Slideshow Gallery Pro” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



  • Retired plugin


  • Added Slideshow Orbit Javascript Library
  • Fixed preloader bug
  • Added Premium Edition Configuration Section
  • Choose admin author or editor for plugin cabilities
  • Added ability to turn off vertical centering if buggy
  • French and Russian translations!!!


  • Fixed Quotes in title bug
  • Fixed dashes bug
  • added [gpslideshow] as an embed


  • Thumbnails now are all square and can be up to size 100
  • Positioning issues fixed centering images vertically & horizontally (less reliance on DOM)
  • align=left and align=right added for slideshow embed
  • Thickbox galleries now allowed
  • Added Caption Link Feature Switch
  • Upload directory now variable
  • Dropping thumbnails bug fixed
  • Fixed delete bug
  • Fixed image upload bug (spaces and periods)


  • Thumbnail resizing
  • Information Bar Options (Always Show & Show on Hover)
  • Minimize Information Bar Height (cancel out theme styling)
  • Custom Slide Description no longer required
  • Fixed the nolink issue


  • Hardcode Update: Set multiple custom values (1-10) (full edition only)
  • Hardcode Update: Set width and height in slideshow() function (full edition only)
  • Center Slideshow images vertically – good for long and skinny images
  • Add ability to change page link target
  • Add “No Link” functionality to all slideshow instances
  • Now using slideshow background as letterbox


  • Changed ‘slideshow’ function to ‘sgpro_slideshow’ to not have as many conflicts
  • Added PrettyPhoto and Shadowbox functionality
  • Fixed page linking for Manage Slides


  • Fixed bug dealing with basic edition custom slideshows


  • Added SSL Capability for domains using HTTPS
  • Added multiple custom slides with multiple ordering for Full
  • Added extra image options for Full
  • Added “slug” in embed for adding pages based off slug rather than post_id
  • Added “thumbs=on/off” in embed for chossing whether or not to display thumbnails per instance
  • Fixed thickbox close and loading images
  • Fixed the nolink issue for both customs and wp-gallery
  • Updated class to _construct


  • Re-tweaked some of the bugs


  • Fixed Order Custom Slides
  • Fixed Margin-top Issue
  • Updated Manage Slides Page (Upload & Look)
  • Updated to spinner
  • Updated transition – smooth instead of snapshot
  • Updated to thickbox instead of lightbox
  • Fixed bad calls of < ?php
  • Fixed auto=off bug


  • Fixed the custom h3 issue
  • Fixed the custom image linking issue
  • right aligned image issue
  • Configuration first!
  • Deprecated author levels
  • Hardcoding for custom Manage Slides
  • Fixed Autoslide issue


  • Fixed a scrolling bug for when there are few thumbs
  • Add ‘include’ to embed (an addition to ‘exclude’)
  • Cleaned code for excluding and embedding
  • Added ‘nolink’ embed. Set to true and you won’t have any link in the middle!


  • Renaming from ‘2’ to ‘Pro’ bug issue fixed

1.0 Renamed to Pro

  • [slideshow w=”500″ h=”200″] Make your slideshow size customized per instance
  • Vertical/Portfolio images show in their entirety
  • IE Issue Fixed
  • Last thumbnail dropping issue fixed (added 3px buffer in gallery.js)

=Slideshow Gallery 2=

1.2 Beta

  • Link images to pages from the post gallery. Caption field is for the page link.
  • CSS is fixed to have better backgrounding for switching to white themes
  • Auto Slideshow is now a feature you can turn on or off depending on the slide. [ slideshow auto=”on” ]
  • NextGen Gallery Config Menu overlapping issue is fixed.


  • Fixed the thumbnails to display at startup for Chrome and Safari
  • Fixed bug in the js file for lightbox


  • Created it so captions was an option that you can turn on or off from [ slideshow ]


  • Upgrade Manage Slides to work with the plugin nomenclature.


  • Made it so if you pull a slideshow from a different post it still allows comments.
  • Updated FAQs


  • Made it so the slideshow worked 🙂


  • Initial release of the WordPress Slideshow Gallery 2 plugin
  • Based on the popular and amazing slideshow: