Slickr Flickr


  • Displays Flickr photos as a gallery, a galleria, or an unbranded slideshow (i.e. not Flickr’s own slideshow widget)
  • Uses “slickr-flickr” shortcode to make it as easy as possible to show your Flickr photos on WordPress
  • Works well in posts, pages and text widgets in the sidebar, at different sizes, with portrait and landscape photos
  • Sorts photos by date, title or description
  • With or without captions, photo descriptions and links back to Flickr
  • With manual or autoplay slideshows
  • Works with various LightBoxes such as Evolution LightBox, FancyBox, Highslide, LightBox Plus, Pretty Photo, Slimbox, ShadowBox, Shutterbox and ThickBox.
  • See for tutorials on using the plugin
  • See for Pro Edition Priority Support and Bonus Features
  • New release 2.5 has option to hide error message when no photos are found

How to Use The Plugin

The Flickr show is inserted into a post or a widget using the slickr-flickr short code.

For example, to show my pictures from Flickr that have been tagged with “bahamas” I use : [slickr-flickr tag=”bahamas”]

For the full list of Slickr Flickr parameters go to

How to Set Up The Plugin Defaults

If you don’t want to specify all the settings for every Flickr slideshow or gallery you can set up some defaults. The default value is used when you have not specified a value on the individual slideshow, gallery or galleria. All the following settings are optional; we only strongly recommend you set the Flickr ID to save having to set it on every use of the plugin.

  • Go to the “Settings” section, and choose “Slickr Flickr”
  • Enter your Flickr Id (the ID is of the form 12345678@N00) and choose whether it is a user or group id
  • Enter your Flickr API Key (optional)

For more information on the other defaults you can set up, go to


Here are some of the useful Slickr Flickr WordPress Plugin links

  • Plugin Home Page
  • Plugin Help and Support
  • Plugin Tutorials
  • Slickr Flickr Pro


  • Example of more than one Flickr Gallery and more than one Flickr Slideshow in action on a single page
  • Example of a Flickr galleria (a display including a large photo with thumbnails below)
  • Example of an overlaid lightbox which appears on clicking a thumbnail


See for the full list of questions and answers about Slickr Flickr

  • How do I find my Flickr Id? – see

  • Changes to my photos on Flickr do not appear instantly in the Slickr Flickr Slideshow or Gallery – see

  • How many photos can I display? Only up to 20 photos are displayed when using your Flickr ID to access photos but you can access up to 50 photos in you specify your Flickr API Key or have unlimited numbers of photos if you upgrade to Slickr Flickr Pro – see


Great plugin with great support


Been using this product for about a year and recently it started acting strangely on our site. I contacted the developer who quickly debugged the issue to find that it was actually my theme causing issues with some custom css. Not only did he find the issue, but he quickly suggested a fix that worked great. Very happy with the support and the plugin works as advertised. Thanks!

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Updated for WordPress 4.3


Fix issue with reading checkbox options


Fetch all Flickr photos over HTTPS to prevent Mixed Content warning on SSL only sites


Fix fatal error – many apologies


  • Added option to hide error message when no photos are found
  • Added option to have your own error message when no photos are found
  • New admin settings page with tabs
  • Updated for WordPress 4.2.2

See full version history at

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