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SiteRecording is the most powerful website recording software that allows you to track visitor interactions, evaluate user behavior, optimize the user experience, and boost conversions.

It captures all user interactions on your website, such as mouse movements, clicks, scrolls maps, and more. It then combines and stores the complete data, and interprets the results in graphical representation, so that data can be analyzed easily.

Top Reasons to Use SiteRecording Plugin

  • Track, record, and save unlimited user sessions to see how visitors interact with your site

  • Visualize the complex data easily and analyze them to optimize your website’s user experience

  • Optimize the user experience to increase website traffic and conversion rates

  • Utilize the conversion funnel to know how customers behave throughout the sales process

  • Set predefined conditions/rules for when to record data

  • Track how visitors use your website, including mouse movements, clicks, taps, and form submissions

  • Available at an unbeatable price with a wide range of cross-app integrations

  • Get 24/5 customer support and assistance

(Benefits of) Features of SiteRecording

Behaviour Analytics

Learn how users interact with your website by tracking and recording user behavior to improve the user experience, optimize conversions, and better understand customer needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Increase the leads and evaluate user interests by converting website viewers into potential customers with the help of tracking tools.
Customer Journey Mapping
Optimize your marketing and sales efforts to better align with the needs of your target audience by understanding the customer journey. Use SiteRecording to easily illustrate the various phases that a customer goes through while engaging with your website.

Enhance User Experience

Make your site more visible by testing, analyzing, and improving problem areas to create a better viewer experience.

Real-time Monitoring

Track and monitor the user session recordings in real-time. It allows for the timely detection of any issues or problems so that corrective action can be taken immediately.

Unlimited Session Recordings

Store, manage, and track multiple video recordings from various sources from one easy-to-use dashboard.

SiteRecording is part of 500apps. What is 500apps?

500apps is the world’s first all-in-one suite of 50+ apps catering to different industries to help businesses grow like the Fortune 500. Our apps assist companies in growing like the Fortune 500 and reaching their full potential as they grow.

Pricing & Support:

Download our easy-to-use and powerful Website Recording Software now for just US$14.99 which gives you access to a full suite of All-in-One 50+ applications and some great browser extensions

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Our lower prices do not diminish our commitment to providing superior innovations. At the heart of our pricing model lies extraordinary customer service.

If you still have questions, our qualified Support team will be happy to help you 24×5 through Email, Chat, and Phone so that you can use the entire suite without any issues.

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Is SiteRecording GDPR Compliant?

Yes. SiteRecording makes GDPR compliance easy and secure for its users as we don’t collect or store your personal data.

The extensive list of features and integrations that the Website Recording Software WordPress Plugin offers should make it easy for you to understand why it is the best.

Click here to give SiteRecording a try

If you choose to use the web (or) desktop application, click here to Sign Up!


  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Unlimited Session Recordings


Installing SiteRecording WordPress plugin is easy. Head to the plugin and download it to start your journey of improving website performance.

Here’s a 3 step guide to help you install and activate SiteRecording plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

1.Download SiteRecording WordPress plugin from the dedicated plugins page.
2.Activate SiteRecording plugin from your Dashboard.
3.Get started with

After Installation, see a SiteRecording wizard in your dashboard to get a bird’s eye view of your entire website issues and ways to solve them.


What is SiteRecording?

It’s a tool by 500apps to record the journey of the visitors of your website. The tool helps you understand the page-to-page navigation of the visitors to give you better insights about website optimization.

How does the software work?

Sign-up for software on a click at And, you can integrate this software into your workspace to check the visitor navigation across your website. It’s that simple!

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

Yes. 500apps gives flexibility for our customers. You can cancel subscription any time needed as per your business requirements.

How can it benefit my business?

Tracking visitor journey helps the businesses to understand areas of improvement based on a visitor’s navigation from page to page. Also, you will know how your website is engaging the audience as they slide through.

What are additional benefits I may receive?

Apart from SiteRecording software, you’ll be exploring the features of 30+ apps that integrate into any number of platforms. These apps come at an affordable price with unbelievable value. Visit for more information or write to


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