WordPress CDN and Image Hosting Plugin – Sirv


Accelerate your website with Sirv – the most complete image hosting, optimization and CDN plugin for WordPress.

It performs every best-practice optimisation your website needs. Resizing, optimizing and serving images in the most optimal image format, on-the-fly over a fast global CDN.

Major features of Sirv image management:

  • Insert images at any size.
  • Automatic image optimization.
  • Incredibly fast WordPress CDN.
  • Responsive images to fit any screen.
  • Delivers images in WebP when possible (~50% saving).
  • Lazy loading speeds up your page, loading images when needed.
  • Stunning image zoom effect for hi-res images.
  • Lifelike 360 spin to rotates objects in 3D.
  • Add image watermarks to images.
  • Add text captions to images.
  • Protects images with automatic backups.
  • Use Sirv for all your websites, apps, eBay & social media.

See the complete list of features of Sirv’s fresh new take on image hosting.

Free and paid plans are available, depending on your needs. See “Price Plans” below.

Synchronizes your WordPress Media Library

Automatically deliver your existing WordPress media library images, without lifting a finger. Sirv can automatically copy your media library to Sirv, from where they’ll be served as highly optimized images across Sirv’s fast, global WordPress CDN.

All these images (and more) can be automatically served by Sirv:

  • Featured images
  • WooCommerce images
  • Jigoshop images
  • Gallery images
  • Images added automatically via other plugins or scripts

Simply enable the Sirv CDN after you’ve installed the plugin.

Image hosting

Sirv is an image hosting service. Use it for all your websites, not only WordPress but all your other sites too. To use this WordPress image hosting plugin, please create a free Sirv account.

After installation, you’ll have the option to embed images directly from your Sirv media library or from your standard WordPress media library. Rely on Sirv as your WordPress CDN, to speed up your image loading and reduce the load on your own WordPress server.

Upload and download images to Sirv though your browser or by FTP or S3 (FTP/S3 settings are on your Sirv account page).

Purely designed for image hosting, Sirv gives you much more than standard WordPress hosting. Any image can be immediately embedded into your website with image zoom effects, resizing, watermarking and 360 degree spin. Images are pixel-perfect to fit each users screen, optimized for rapid-loading to create responsive images and lazy loading images for media-rich websites.

Dynamic imaging permits images of any size to be served on-the-fly. Without any noticeable delay, new images are regenerated within 0.15 seconds. That’s more than twice as fast as the blink of an eye.

Incredibly fast, use Sirv to:

  • Resize images
  • Crop images
  • Add watermarks
  • Add text
  • Serve as WebP, JPEG, PNG
  • JPEG optimization
  • PNG optimization
  • Resize image canvas
  • Add borders
  • Add a vignette
  • Blur effects
  • Greyscale and sepia
  • Brightness, contrast, exposure and more…

The best WordPress image optimizer – you don’t need to lift a finger. Just install the plugin and Sirv will automatically create and serve the smallest possible file-size (without looking over-compressed). The default settings are perfect for most sites and if you want to get under the hood, every option is very easily adjusted.

Browse all the dynamic image processing options.

Optimal format (every time)

WebP is probably the best image format you’ve never heard of. Incredibly, it has the same quality of a JPEG, yet its 50% smaller in file-size (on average).

Sirv is intelligent enough to always serve the smallest possible file format that each of your users’ browser supports. For Chrome & Opera, that’s WebP. Another reason why your pages will instantly load faster, once you install the Sirv plugin for WordPress.

All this is 100% automatic. Add in lazy loading and responsive images and you truly have the best possible image delivery system for WordPress.

Image zoom

Sirv loves huge images – it can zoom deep inside them very fast. No matter how big, images load fast, just like when you zoom into a Google Map. The bigger your images, the more impressive this image zoom is – perfect if you have really high quality images.

Try demos.

360 spin

Shoppers adore spinning products around to see them from all sides. If you’re selling something online, maybe with WooCommerce, Sirv provides a stunning 360-degree photography experience. Simply upload a set of photos and a 360 spin will be immediately ready to embed in your page. It feels incredible on desktop and mobile alike, especially the big full-screen 360 spin view.

Try demos.

Price plans

Sirv is a professional image hosting and WordPress CDN service. Most websites require a paid plan. Sirv also provides a free plan for light usage (500 MB storage and 2 GB monthly transfer).

  • Free 0.5 GB storage, $0/month
  • Business 5 GB storage, $19/month
  • Business 20 GB storage, $59/month
  • Business 50 GB storage, $119/month
  • Business 100 GB storage, $199/month
  • Business 250 GB storage, $449/month
  • Enterprise: custom plans tailored to your needs. Contact us.

Create a Sirv account.

We believe in fair and transparent pricing:

  • Upgrade/downgrade any time.
  • Start/stop any time.
  • Complete and easy access to your images.
  • No credit card required for the free plan.

Multiple users

All users in your WordPress admin will be able to view and embed your Sirv images.

To give your team access to your account on my.sirv.com, go to the add users section of your Sirv control panel.

Further reading

To keep learning, use these helpful resources:

Next steps…


  • Responsive image gallery, with perfectly scaled images.
  • Zoom deep into images and swap between them.
  • Deep zoom, for big images.
  • Embed perfectly sized images, scaled on-the-fly to suit each users screen.
  • 360 spin that is responsive, smooth and fast loading.
  • Create a free Sirv account: https://my.sirv.com/#/signup
  • Configure the plugin by copying/pasting the S3 settings from this page of your Sirv account.
  • Enable the WordPress CDN plugin.
  • Synchronize your WordPress library with Sirv.
  • Check your stats to see how much storage and transfer you're using.
  • Learn more about Sirv on the Instructions page.
  • Follow links to useful guides and documentation - or contact the Sirv team.
  • Click the Add Sirv Media button to embed images in your page or post.
  • Choose the image(s) to embed in your page/post.
  • Choose how the image(s) should be displayed (static images, responsive images, 360 spin, image zoom or image gallery).
  • Your images/gallery will be shown in your post.
  • Click Preview to see how the images look in your page/post.
  • To upload images to your Sirv library, go to the Media Library page within the Sirv sub-menu (in the left navigation column).


  1. Search for the Sirv plugin via the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the Settings page and copy/paste the S3 settings from this page of your Sirv account. You only need to do this once.

Manual installation

  1. Instead of the quick installation above, you can download and unzip the plugin to your computer.
  2. Upload the sirv folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to the Settings page to enter your S3 connection details.
  5. If you don’t already have a Sirv account, create an account here.

How to embed images

  1. Embed images from your Sirv library by clicking the Add Sirv Media button next to any page or post.
  2. For help, submit the Sirv support form in your control panel.


Installation Instructions
  1. Search for the Sirv plugin via the Plugins section of your WordPress dashboard.
  2. Install and activate the plugin.
  3. Go to the Settings page and copy/paste the S3 settings from this page of your Sirv account. You only need to do this once.

Manual installation

  1. Instead of the quick installation above, you can download and unzip the plugin to your computer.
  2. Upload the sirv folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress site.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Go to the Settings page to enter your S3 connection details.
  5. If you don’t already have a Sirv account, create an account here.

How to embed images

  1. Embed images from your Sirv library by clicking the Add Sirv Media button next to any page or post.
  2. For help, submit the Sirv support form in your control panel.
How do I enable WebP image optimization?

WebP is enabled by default. Sirv automatically optimizes your images in the most suitable format for each users’ browser and screen. WebP is usually the smallest file-size for Chrome and Opera, so your images will be served in WebP format (regardless of what image format your original images are). Other browsers will receive either JPEG or PNG, whichever is most optimal.

Can I serve images from my own domain name?

You can serve images from any domain or subdomain that you own. All you need is an SSL certificate for that domain/subdomain. You’ll update your DNS to point the CNAME to your Sirv account, then all your images will be optimized and served rapidly over HTTPS from Sirv. Follow this short tutorial.

Can I host other files, as well as images?

You can serve almost any file from your Sirv account. Use it as a WordPress CDN to deliver JS files, CSS files, text/CSV/XML files, PDFs, PSDs and more. Think of Sirv as a complete CDN hosting solution for all your files, with the best possible image optimization and delivery.

The plugin doesn’t work with my theme

Sirv works instantly on over 95% of WordPress sites. In case Sirv doesn’t instantly work for you, we can usually resolve that within 24 hours (Mon-Fri). Just send us a message containing a login to your WordPress admin from this secure form and our helpful team will find and resolve the problem ASAP.

Where can I learn more about using Sirv?

The official Sirv Help Center is full of easy advice, including:


Speeded up my site nicely

Your plugin made my images so much smaller! My page had a bad score in Web Page Analyzer and after I installed this plugin it fixed the problem. Before the page was over 4MB in size. Now it is less than 2MB. Very happy, thank you 🙂

Fast Images, 360 product spins, 100% recommended MUST HAVE, Heaps Features

This is the perfect plugin to make all your images rocket fast, you can also link and use 360 view spins of your products.
Heaps of Features, can use Profiles to control all images and so so so much more…
I had been looking for something like this for a long time, this plugin / service has more features then I could ever have imagined.


Perfect Replacement For Photon (Recommended!)

A big plugin like Jetpack slows site down. Jetpack Photon is useful but why keep all other modules when I just need only Photon?

Just switch to Sirv. One free account, One Plugin, Proper Support via email within a few hours and all the Image optimization you’ll ever need.

Sirv saves bandwidth hosting storage space by using its CDN and Image hosting. Sirv CDN resizes all your site’s images to fit device screen width to save data. Image optimization is done automatically in the cloud. So I have deleted all my Image compression plugins.

Its the best feature of this plugin. And all of it is automatic just a one time configuration and inserting of Authorisation Key is required which you get after creating the free account. Just fire and forget. Love Sirv!

If you have trouble with setting up the service contact the support. They helped me set up sirv for my site and answered all my queries. Just give it a try, no loss in trying? I am sure you will love it.

Excellent plugin and support

I have used this plugin to resize the big images of my website. I cannot use small size images as our theme uses different types of woocommerce widgets and same image is used everywhere. This plugin solved the issue by loading properly resized images and they are fast as they load from their CDN. We got a huge speed boost in loading time, GTmetrix, Pingdom FPT, Google Pagespeed Insights and Webpagetest. I will strongly recommend this plugin to every body who desire to have fast loading images.

The support team is excellent as they helped me resolved a css issue causing problems with footer images in less than 12 hours. I will be implementing this plugin in all of my sites. Thanks for this plugin. 🙂

Best image serving/CDN on the market

Sirv is fantastic! I have a lot of images on my website, and most of them are large, which resulted in slow site speeds, even with a CDN. What I love about Sirv is that they offer a CDN service, but also dynamically resize images based on the user’s browser/device, and serve the right file type. It has meant HUGE speed improvements on my website. In addition to this, their WordPress plug-in works a treat. I was worried about having to move my entire media library to Sirv myself, but the plug-in automates this process without any glitches. Support team is also very responsive and fast. Highly recommended!

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Contributors & Developers

“WordPress CDN and Image Hosting Plugin – Sirv” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



= 2.0.11=
* Fixed rare issue with empty _wp_additional_image_sizes variable.


  • Fixed rare issue with some symbols in filenames.
  • Fixed issue with image proportions in Sirv Zoom/gallery.


  • Resolves rare issue of unexpected image crop.
  • Resolves issue with BOM UTF-8 characters.
  • Easy link for posting a review of the Sirv plugin.


  • New design for Sirv Media Library.
  • Instant file and folder searching.
  • Faster image thumbnail loading.
  • Added support to sync file names containing unusual characters.
  • Different optimizations and bugfixes.


  • Fixed issue with synchronizing images from folders with spaces in their names.


  • Fixed issue when spins and galleries doesn’t shows without enable Sirv CDN.


  • Added option to use sirv.js on all pages if responsive images or spins are not loading.


  • Fixed issue with single spins on a page.


  • Updated statistic API


  • Fixed js errors and some issues with responsive images.


  • Fixed small issue with responsive view in editor.


  • Responsive image galleries can now be embedded in pages/posts.
  • Image zoom has 5 new options: thumbnail position; thumbnail shape; mousewheel zoom; immediate fullscreen zoom; context menu.
  • 360 spin has 3 new options: spin method (drag/hover); autospin duration; rotation speed.
  • New “Help” section, with 8 tutorials for popular Sirv features.
  • Animated progress bar during image synchronization.
  • Better logic for image embedding, to save time.
  • Synchronization errors are now displayed, to help identify any issues.
  • Improved logic for profiles, to use the Default profile from your Sirv account.
  • Automatically open the Settings page after plugin activation.
  • Display latest sync status if leaving then returning to sync page.
  • Simplified descriptions for all options.
  • Simplified contact page.
  • New look, with a serving of spaciousness.
  • Plus many refinements and optimizations behind the scenes.


  • Updated “tested up” field. Plugin fully supports WP 4.9.


  • Simplified method to enable/disable WordPress image library synchronisation and Responsive images.


  • Added ability to serve responsive images whenever possible.


  • Removed folder Profiles


  • Fixed issue with creating folders


  • Improved upload files to Sirv.
  • Sync & Cache tab renamed to Synchronization. Completely rewritten and improved for clarity.
  • Removed priority from contact form.
  • Added different optimizations to the code.


  • Fixed issue with custom WordPress path.


  • Fixed issue with global profles.


  • New option to set profiles to your image, with profiles. Useful for adding watermarks, text overlays, image optimizations and otherwise changing the image style.
  • Apply different image styles to Featured Images, Post Thumbnails and Sirv shortcodes.
  • Profiles optimization.
  • CSS fix for shortcodes.


  • Fixed small issue with php lower than 5.5.0


  • New stats section added.


  • Improved WordPress image hosting synchronization options.
  • Simpler instructions for emptying Sirv WordPress image CDN.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Forced images sync functionality added.
  • Address possible issue with unicode symbols in file names.
  • Added uploading images progress bar.


  • Fixed possible issue with sirv options.


  • Removed S3 Endpoint field.


  • Updated “tested up” field. Plugin fully supports WP 4.8.


  • Update cache description.


  • Fixed possible issue in admin area.
  • Update description.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Updated styling to match Sirv palette.


  • Code refactoring.


  • Fixed possible issue with wrong image path.


  • Fixed possible issue with wrong image resize.
  • Updated Cache section on plugin settings page.


  • Added ‘Custom domain’ option.


  • Discontinued AWS SDK usage.
  • Added fix for opengraph images.


  • Updated readme.txt file.


  • Address possible issue with failed https detection.


  • CSS fixes.
  • Corrected issue with disabled field.


  • Fixed issue with disabled option field.


  • Contact form added for easier access to Sirv support team.
  • Simplified S3 configuration.
  • Refined folder searching.


  • Fix media library styles.


  • Added CDN functionality for featured images.
  • Options page redesigned.


  • Fix media library styles.


  • Fix compatibility issue with Yoast SEO plugin.
  • Updated logo.


  • New default style for folder icon.


  • New default style, without shadow around edge.


  • Fix security issue.


  • Fix minor issues.


  • Added ability for 3rd party plugin integrations.
  • Integrated with the “Featured Image From URL” plugin.


  • Better static images support.
  • Fix minor issues.


  • Quick-access embed button “Add Sirv Media” right next to the standard WordPress “Add Media” button when you’re editing a page/post.
  • Media Library page for fast browsing and uploading to your Sirv image library.
  • Easier choice of image effects – embed as Image Zoom, Image Gallery, Plain Image or 360 Spin.
  • Faster image selection using Shift key to choose multiple images.
  • 5-step tutorial with screenshots added to the Settings page.


  • The first release of the official Sirv plugin for WordPress.