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September 3, 2016
It works very good, there's one problem I'm having and it is that I cannot delete messages on my inbox! The rest works great!
September 3, 2016
Love the design and implementation of this plugin. It matches the design and layout of the backend posts and comments so it's aesthetically pleasing. This is a new plugin (as of today's date - July 2916) and so I expect the few issues that I've experienced so far will be fixed in coming updates. Thinks that I think need fixing/changing/doing better: Email notifications on/off for EACH user in their preference panel. (so far I've not actually got the email notifications to work at all!). Default 'keep forever' for both inbox and outbox (at the moment the default seems to be to soft delete after a short time. Frontend 'NEW MESSAGE' widget Groups use yes/no (so the groups dropdown is not always showing in the compose message page) Groups setup for admin only - so groups are hidden for non-admin users. If a user enters a name that doesn't exist then the system should alert. At the moment I can send a message to users who don't actually exist in the database. the choice for each user to 'not include' their name from the member's dropdown in composing page and a choice to 'block this user from sending me messages'. great plugin with HUGE potential keep up the good work.
September 3, 2016
Fantastic job, keep it up. I have already used this plugin in one of my works. It operates smoothly.
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