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  • GrandWP plugin is one of the best and creative plugins to have for the website. With the help of event calendar plugin easily create amazing event calendar projects for your website which can be modified adjusted within a few clicks. Plugin is very easy in usage and is highly functional. Event calendar plugin has all the necessary options and functionality that will make your project one of the best.

  • GrandWP Event Calendar plugin applies no restrictions on the quantity of the created event calendar projects. This means you can display all the upcoming events you have in one project.

  • The events can be displayed as separate projects without creating projects.

  • The colorful and amazing themes will display each project you create in a creative way with colorful bullets. The colors of the bullets depends on the theme you choose to have for the project.

  • GrandWP plugin is an event organizing plugin which give you an option to create and manage event calendars for your WordPress website. The plugin can be used for variety of purposes. Use the plugin to schedule events, meetings, presentations, to display both your personal and company events.

  • The plugin is extremely flexible, which allows listing your projects in just one event calendar page via few clicks.

  • The plugin completely customizable and very simple in usage at the same time. Create beautiful calendars and include all created events at once if you wish the website visitors to see all existing/upcoming.

Plugin is available in the following languages:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Chinese
  • Arabic
  • Japanese

Plugin Key Features

  • Create unlimited number of projects.

This option will be super useful if you are organizing various events and want to share them with your website in one visitors/users in one event calendar. The easiest way to display all the events or event calendars is to use a plugin for that purpose.

  • Week start format. Choose which weekday to display as a week start day.

The plugin this option is created to set week start format according to your website audience. With this option you can decide which week day to display as a week start day.

  • 12 amazing themes..

The plugin has 12 built in stunning themes. You can switch themes depending on your website design. Each of them is unique and will make your website look just amazing.

  • 100% responsive design.

After adding the plugin to your WordPress website, you do not have to worry about the events to be responsive. Created projects will be perfectly displayed on all possible devices.

  • Build in Date-picker to set start and end days.

Use plugins build-in datepicker to set event start and end days and display them as separate events and as a event calendar as well.

  • Intuitive design.

The plugin has is very easy to use. It has a intuitive design which will help you to create events and event calendars within a few seconds even if you are new in the sphere of web development.

  • Simple in usage and easily customizable

The plugin has a simple and highly functional interface which will certainly help you creating amazing event projects.

If something have changed in the event organizing details, you can easily change all the date entered event calendar sections. All options are very easy to change with a few clicks only whenever you decide to.

  • Multiple events for a single day.

Display multiple events in all views. This option will be good for those who have a lot of events to display at once in one calendar. This option is supported for all views.

  • Event calendar plugin offers a big number of free features.

You can create events and amazing event calendars even with the free/lite version of the plugin. The free version of the plugin is extremely flexible and well-equipped with various options to create complete projects.

  • Integrated Google Maps (PRO option)

Event Calendar Google Maps is integrated to help you to display the exact location of the event created. Amazing Google Maps will make events look more professional and complete.

  • Multiple view formats (day, week, month, year views).

Event calendar plugin provides all possible views to choose depending on the event quantity and your website design.

Day view is divided by hours and allows displaying event duration by hours.

With the help of the week view display the most important events in one list. The project is divided by hours from the left side and by weekdays on the top.

Use month view to show all existing event for the whole month within one project. This view is divided by weekdays, month days are displayed inside the projetc block.

The year view displays all events in one project. All 12 month are shown in this view. Use this view to display the most important events for upcoming months.

  • Multiple views.

If you cannot decide which view to display on your website, the plugin allows choosing all available and later switch them in a tab.

  • Featured image.

Choose bright and cool image and set as related image to make the project look cooler. Use plugin this option as a banner. Use any kind of image you wish as an calendar featured image. It will be displayed above the project with full width.

  • Sidebar for upcoming events.

Use plugin stunning sidebar to display upcoming projects in the well-designed way. This eye-catchy sidebar will perfectly suit your website design and will add uniqueness to it.

  • Display out of date (passed) events

The plugin allows displaying out of date (passed) events as well. Depending on the view, it is possible to go back and check all expired events. Use date-picker to change the date and check all all existing events added to project.

  • All browser support
  • Category and tag support
  • One-day and repeated events displayed
  • search option


Matt Blue Demo

Bright Orange Demo

Purple Demo

Scampi Demo

Turquoise Demo

Event Demo

If there are issues with installation process, please click here to contact us.


Set the following values from the General Options to create the event (event can be displayed both as a separate project and as an event which is included in the event calendar):

Start day and Time
End day and Time
Currency of the payment
Currency symbol position

  • Venue (PRO Option)

To use venue feature fully, get a Google API key. After plugin installation, you will see the path to insert the API key to. After inserting Google API key, the plugin allows the map to be displayed on the Front-End. The plugin lets setting venue both by typing the address and by inserting the Longitude and Latitude values.


Event categories are for sorting the event calendars according to the type. Category option is very flexible and allows editing and adjusting the categories with a few clicks only.

The plugin allows adding the following details can be added to the category:

  • Category Name
  • Category Slug
  • Category Description


The plugin offers 12 amazing and colorful themes for the website sidebar and calendar design. The themes are completely different and are designed to add more colors and creativity to your website. Once you set the theme, you can change it whenever you want to change it. The tiny themes have beautiful images specific for each theme and are somehow month related.


After the event is created, you can use event values section to give additional details about the event. Use event calendar plugin venue section to create venues to display the exact location of the event that is planned. This is a cool option provided by event calendar plugin to give as much details as needed.

In the case, if you decide to display Google Maps (PRO option) which is supported by event calendar, you need to generate a Google Maps API key or if you already have one insert it to the required path which you will find on admin page. Event calendar plugin requires a valid API key to be entered to display the Google Map. After inserting all the necessary information to the event calendar address line, Google Maps marker will appear to show the exact location.

Event calendar supports two ways of adding the location. The easiest way to add location is to type the address in the address line. As the event calendar plugin supports Google Maps, possible variants of the address will automatically show up even if you type a few letters only. The other way of adding Google maps to plugin is to insert the exact Latitude and Longitude values.

Event calendar plugin has designed two fields to add the above-mentioned values to display the location. You can choose one of these variants of adding a location to event calendar plugin depending on which method you find easier for you.


This plugin provides 1 block.

GrandWP Calendar



In order to install Lite/Free version, follow the instruction below:

  • 1) Go to Dashboard of your WordPress website > select Plugins and click ‘Add New’
  • 2) Search for “GrandWP Event Calendar”
  • 3) After detecting the desired plugin, click “Install Now”
  • 4) After the installation is completed click “Activate Plugin”
  • 5) The plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu. Now the plugin is ready to be used
  • 6) Please, note that in the case of possible updates you will get a notification in your WordPress website Dashboard (Plugins section)

Plugin install/update via FTP**

If the standard upload methods of the plugin installation are not working for you, try to install via FTP.

  • 1) Find a FTP client
  • 2) Download the ZIP file from
  • 3) Extract ZIP file directory to your PC
  • 4) Upload the newly extracted directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • 5) The plugin is ready to be activated from the website dashboard. After the activation is completed, plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu.

If there are issues with installation process, please click here to contact us.


Does the calendar provide repeating events?
  • Yes, all of the events can be repeated as many times as needed. All that is required is to set the frequency. The plugin will automatically add events to the calendar.
How to change colors of calendar?
  • The plugin has a big number of options to change element colors.
    Calendar plugin comes with 1 default and 12 colorful themes (included in the premium version).
I’ve still got questions. Where can I find the answers?
  • Please open a support ticket in the forum. We will get back to you within 24 hours.
Why should I Go PRO?
  • Premium version of the plugin has great options integrated that will make your events and calendar even better. Among them you will find: 12 beautiful and colorful Themes, Event Venue option to display locations, Year View, Calendar sidebar, etc.
How many Calendar views can I choose to display at Front-End?
  • Plugin allows choosing all existing views at once. The users will have an option to switch between the the selected views.
Can I set a featured image to my event?
  • Yes, the plugin allows adding a featured image to the created event. Simply go to your website dashboard> detect Event Calendar plugin> Events> find “Featured Image”on the right sidebar> click “Set Featured Image”
How can I display the upcoming events?
  • Use Sidebar to display upcoming events. Go to your website dashboard> detect Event Calendar plugin> Calendars> View> Sidebar (PRO option)
How many events can be created and added to project?
  • Plugin applies no limitations on creating and adding events. Unlimited events can be created and added to project.
Can I have a few events in one day?
  • Yes, the plugin allows having multiple events during one day


Recommend it

The events creating is flexible and you can add any event details you want. That is what I was looking for. Looks really perfect.

Breaks Woocommerce

giving this 1 star because this breaks a very vital and often used element within WordPress. Spent a while pouring over plugin's to find that this was the cause of my WooCommerce woes.

Great Performance, Solid Support

The plugin has exceeded my expectations. It's simple, and relatively easy to use. I am not a professional web-developer, but I'm very happy with the results. There was a glitch in the implementation on my site, that support diligently helped me work through and solve.

Very nice plugin

This calendar plugin really deserves giving a try. I initially was planning to demonstrate future events on my website and I am really satisfied with the results I got. Works really nice, especially like the repeat option and love the design as well.

Easy plugin with colorful and amazing layouts

I randomly picked this plugin among other to test and see if it meets all of my expectations. And Yes! I liked the easy design that makes everything clear. The plugin has a few amazing and colorful layouts to display the events. The coolest thing is that the colors of the layout can be changed completely. It looks just perfect with my colors.
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Contributors & Developers

“Simple Event Calendar – Responsive Event Calendar for WordPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



= 1.0.9=
* We have added the plugin to post and page block section. It is supported in the block.


  • Admin bugs fixed.


  • The plugin now is translated to 9 languages.


  • Style fixes in front-end.
  • Admin become more comfortable.
  • Plugin become translation ready.


  • Bugs fixed


  • Admin bug fixed


    1. Added shortcode in sidebar area
    1. Add repeat event by week
    1. Add localization in js files
    1. Add featured plugins page
    1. Add ask for review banner
    1. Fix bugs for day and week events in frontend view
    1. Added functionality in day view for mobile size
    1. Improve popup functionaly in day view
    1. Fix minor bugs and css in datepicker
    1. Fix Bug in admin page for empty phone entry
    1. Create and fix bugs for tablet and mobile size for full responsive view
    1. Fix css conflict with wordpress themes


    1. Added option to display only one view
    1. Added Themes section
    1. Sidebar section is separated from the view section
    1. Horizontal post view is added to admin page
    1. Minor bug fix in Day, Week views
    1. Added “Back to calendar” button to event page


    1. Added shortcode in sidebar area
    1. Add repeat event by week
    1. Add localization in js files
    1. Add featured plugins page
    1. Add ask for review banner
    1. Fix bugs for day and week events in frontend view
    1. Added functionality in day view for mobile size
    1. Improve popup functionaly in day view
    1. Fix minor bugs and css in datepicker
    1. Fix Bug in admin page for empty phone entry
    1. Create and fix bugs for tablet and mobile size for full responsive view
    1. Fix css conflict with wordpress themes


  • Launched.