Simple Custom Content


Simple Custom Content (SCC) enables you to add custom content to all of your WP Posts and RSS Feeds. Additionally, SCC provides several shortcodes for adding custom content to individual Posts, Pages, or any location in your theme template. This plugin is ideal for adding copyright information, official policies, disclaimers, credits, thank-you messages, custom links, special offers, and anything you can imagine.


  • Custom content can be text and/or markup
  • Display custom content automatically on all WP Posts
  • Display custom content automatically on all RSS Feeds
  • Optionally display custom content only in Post Excerpts
  • Optionally display custom content only in Feed Excerpts
  • Provides setting to reset all plugin options to default values
  • Provides Shortcodes to add custom content to specific Posts and Pages
  • Specify location of custom content (before content, after content, or both)
  • NEW! Option to limit custom content to WP Posts
  • NEW! Option to allow custom content on WP Pages

Automatic Custom Content

For each of the automatic inclusion methods (WP Posts and RSS Feeds), you can specify where you would like to display the custom content:

  • Before content
  • After content
  • Both before and after
  • Do not display (disable)

Post-Specific Custom Content

Here is a summary of the SCC Shortcodes, which may be used to display your custom content based on where it is viewed:

  • [scs_post] – display custom content when post is viewed as a WP Post
  • [scs_feed] – display custom content when post is viewed as a RSS Feed
  • [scs_both] – display custom content when post is viewed as either Post or Feed
  • [scs_alt] – bonus shortcode displays content exactly where it is included

Check out the screenshot to get a better idea of how it works.

Support development of this plugin

I develop and maintain this free plugin with love for the WordPress community. To show support, you can make a cash donation, bitcoin donation, or purchase one of my books:

And/or purchase one of my premium WordPress plugins:

  • BBQ Pro – Pro version of Block Bad Queries
  • SES Pro – Super-simple & flexible email signup forms
  • USP Pro – Pro version of User Submitted Posts

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  • Simple Custom Content: Plugin Settings (panels toggle open/closed)



  1. Upload the plugin to your blog and activate
  2. Visit the settings to configure your options

More info on installing WP plugins


Visit the plugin settings to define custom content for each of these SCC Shortcodes. Then add the shortcodes to any WP Post as desired.

For example, let’s say that you want to display a copyright statement in specific posts when they are viewed via RSS Feed. First you would visit the plugin settings and define the [scs_feed] shortcode with your copyright message. Then when writing a post that should display the message, you would add [scs_feed] to the desired location (e.g., at the bottom of the post). Once the post is published, your copyright statement will be displayed whenever the post is viewed as a RSS Feed.

Likewise with the other shortcodes, they display your custom content depending on where the post is viewed: WP Post, RSS Feed, or both. Visit the plugin settings for shortcodes and more information.


To upgrade SCC, remove the old version and replace with the new version. Or just click “Update” from the Plugins screen and let WordPress do it for you automatically.

Note: uninstalling the plugin from the WP Plugins screen results in the removal of all settings from the WP database.

Restore Default Options

To restore default plugin options, either uninstall/reinstall the plugin, or visit the plugin settings > Restore Default Options.


Simple Custom Content cleans up after itself. All plugin settings will be removed from your database when the plugin is uninstalled via the Plugins screen.


How do I change the priority of the custom content filter?

You can use the scs_content_priority filter hook, for example:

function scs_custom_content_priority() { return 999; }
add_filter('scs_content_priority', 'scs_custom_content_priority');

This can help if you want to display your custom content at the very end of the post, after any content that may be added via other plugins, etc.

Questions? Feedback?

Send any questions or feedback via my contact form. Thanks! 🙂


Does As It Says & Outstanding Support

Plugin does just as it says and delivers it without problems. When I came across a few things that I wanted the plugin to do that it didn’t do the support from the developer was simply outstanding. Fast and efficient replies. It’s now the perfect plugin for my needs.

Celebrating 3 Years of Simple Custom Content!

Simple Custom Content was launched in October of 2012, and has been rocking custom content ever since! So huge THANK YOU to everyone who uses the plugin — here’s to another 3 years of Simple Custom Content!! 🙂

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Contributors & Developers

“Simple Custom Content” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added option to display custom content only on posts
  • Added option to display custom content on pages
  • Added scs_content_priority filter hook
  • Refined display of plugin settings page
  • Updated plugin author URL
  • Changed stable tag from trunk to latest version
  • Refactored add_scs_links() function
  • Updated URL for rate this plugin links
  • Removed default abbr styles
  • Regenerated default language template
  • Tested on WordPress version 4.7 (beta)


  • Streamlined and optimized plugin settings page
  • Replaced _e() with esc_html_e() or esc_attr_e()
  • Replaced __() with esc_html__() or esc_attr__()
  • Added plugin icons and larger banner image
  • Improved translation support
  • Removed local translations in favor of GlotPress
  • Changed text-domain from “scc” to “simple-custom-content”
  • Added more allowed tags and attributes to custom content
  • Generated new translation template
  • Tested on WordPress 4.6


  • Changed the WP Menu item from SCC to Custom Content
  • Fixed mismatched Text Domain and domain parameters
  • Added option to include custom content in feed excerpts
  • Fixed bug by changing “scs_feed_none” to “scs_post_none”
  • Clarified some information on the settings screen
  • Clarified example text/markup for default options
  • Increased the size of textareas in plugin settings
  • Improved appearance of the plugin settings screen
  • Replaced icon with retina version
  • Added screenshot to readme/docs
  • Added retina version of banner
  • Reorganized and refreshed readme.txt
  • Tested on WordPress version 4.5 beta


  • Updated heading hierarchy in plugin settings
  • Updated minimum version requirement
  • Tested on WordPress 4.4 beta


  • Tested on WordPress 4.3
  • Updated minimum version requirement


  • Tested with WP 4.2 + 4.3 (alpha)
  • Changed a few “http” links to “https”


  • Tested with latest version of WP (4.1)
  • Increased minimum version to WP 3.8
  • Renamed plugin title in WP menu
  • Removed deprecated screen_icon()
  • Added Text Domain and Domain Path to file header
  • Added $scs_wp_vers for minimum version check
  • Streamline/fine-tune plugin code
  • Changed text domain from scs to scc
  • Added .pot translation template in /languages/
  • Added $allowedposttags to wp_kses() validation
  • Exclude pages from simple_custom_content_posts()


  • Tested on latest version of WordPress (4.0)
  • Increased min-version requirement to WP 3.7
  • Added conditional check for min-version function


  • Bugfix: now using isset() for toggling admin panel custom classes, resolves PHP error “undefined index”


  • Tested with latest version of WordPress (3.8)
  • Added trailing slash to load_plugin_textdomain()
  • Fixed 3 incorrect _e() tags in core file


  • Tested with latest version of WordPress (3.7)
  • General code cleanup and maintenance
  • Removed closing ?> from simple-custom-content.php
  • Added line to prevent direct loading of the script
  • Added uninstall.php file
  • Added “rate this plugin” links
  • Added i18n support


  • General code check n clean
  • Improved localization support
  • Overview and Updates admin panels toggled open by default


  • Added margins to submit buttons


  • Refactored Authenticate plugin and renamed to Simple Custom Content