ShrinkTheWeb (STW) Website Previews Plugin


This plugin allows any WordPress user to easily add thumbnail previews of websites right in the content of their posts using a simple [stwthumb][/stwthumb] format. Loads of examples are available within the plugin documentation (you’ll see it when you activate the plugin).

The plugin requires a free or paid account from the thumbnail provider service No purchase is required to use the plugin or the free service.

Other Cool Features

  • Supports caching screenshots locally.
  • Option to enable mouseover previews (you see a screenshot of a link if a website visitor hovers the mouse over any external links on the site).
  • Option for capturing inside pages (rather than just the homepage of a website).
  • Plenty of examples in the plugin documentation
  • Plugin automatically shows you which features are available based on your account type.
  • Custom thumbnail image quality.
  • Alt and Title attributes support via shortcodes.
  • Custom filename option support via shortcode for SEO purposes.

Supported STW PRO features

  • Full length image captures (PRO upgrade feature)
  • Custom thumbnail sizes in addition to the standard STW thumbnails
  • Custom Browser Resolution (PRO upgrade feature)

Take a look at ShrinkTheWeb for more information Shrink The Web.


  • An example of how easy it is to use the embedding feature when writing your posts
  • An example of an optional mouseover preview bubble
  • An example of an embedded website preview in post ( in this case)
  • The ShrinkTheWeb WP Plugin admin settings page.


Is it possible for STW to add more of the STW PRO Features to this plugin?

Yes, but priority is based on demand or a financial sponsor for the project.

Do I have to pay for your service in order to show website previews?

Generally, no. Most of our users sign up for free and never pay any fees. Higher volume sites, companies, or power users may actually hit some of our high limits and need to pay for bandwidth or “capture generator” upgrades to keep up with their requests. Additionally, some users may wish to add unique PRO features to their sites and those are an optional upgrade.

Where have all of my settings gone from pre V2.0?

If you’ve just uploaded the latest version of this plugin to your WordPress website, you just need to deactivate and activate the plugin. The settings will be migrated automatically. If that does’t work, then just set your settings again.


Great plugin, invaluable!


Firstly I'd like to commend the developers of this plug-in in their support. It's clearly phenomenal.

In terms of the bad reviews on this plug-in, they are a little misleading. The plug-in is developed by the website ShrinkTheWeb, which is a third-party website. It works best with this website, however, there the free version can still be used. If you hope to use this amazing tool professionally then a premium version would be required. It really makes life so much easier.

The plug-in will soon be updated, which will release more features. I've checked the competition and this is the best service to be used with WordPress.

Thanks again for your awesome support.

Its not free....


.... it cost 10,-$/month.
Always the same. First they write FREE FREE FREE, and after the installation, you see how much it real cost.

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  • Updated settings form to accept Secret keys up to 32 symbols length (letters, numbers, special charecters).
  • Made minor fixes.


  • Fixed readme.txt and plugin documentation.


  • Added Custom Size Captures PRO feature support.
  • Added Custom Browser Resolution PRO feature support.
  • Added Custom filename option support via shortcode for SEO purposes.
  • Added Alt and Title attributes support via shortcodes.
  • Added surrounding DIV to IMG output.
  • Updated documentation.


  • Added an admin option to use HTTPS in requests.
  • Updated Form Builder Library to v0.28.
  • Moved the “Custom Quality” option to free options block since it’s not a paid upgrade any longer.
  • Added support for “Custom Size” PRO feature.
  • Added an “Embedded” option to the “Cache Days” option.
  • Removed the “Inside Pages” option, because it works automatically.


  • changed shortcode default to [thumb] (plan to support [stwthumb] if detected, else support legacy [thumb]).
  • rearranged admin panel settings.
  • changed labels on admin panel settings for accuracy.


  • added new shortcode [stwthumb]


  • fixed PHP 5.4 fatal error


  • purged the whole PVP code out


  • Complete overhaul of the plugin to make it really easy to use, with new documentation and features.
  • Addition of support for free STW account.
  • Settings automatically enable/disable based on your account type
  • Added thumbnail caching support for Basic and Plus accounts.
  • Detailed Error Logging when using caching mode, to help you solve problems quickly.


  • Changes a few parameter names that may eventually be deprecated


  • Changes request from to


  • Fixes a minor security oversight regarding our service (overcome by “locking to” specific domains/IPs at our site).
  • Introduces streamlined code.
  • Adds support for some PRO Features, such as “Specific Pages”, “Full-length Captures”, and “Custom Quality.”


  • This version made Mouseover Preview bubbles optional and added support for Embedded website previews (shown in posts themselves).


  • This version supported Mouseover Preview bubbles showing website previews over links.

Contributors & Developers

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